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Easiest Ways to Fix Email Notifications in WooCommerce

This error can take birth to a minor issue like not proper WooCommerce email settings. While you’re doing the email settings in WooCommerce, there are two things to keep in mind. The first one is the Email sender option and the second one is Individual notification emails. If these settings are not done properly, email notification in WooCommerce can fail.

Don’t worry. We are going to fix email notification in WooCommerce the error just now.

To find out the errors in the email sender settings, just log in to the WordPress Dashboard, go to WooCommerce, and pick the Setting option. Now, click on the Emails tab and scroll down to find out “Email Sender Options”.

Fix Email Notifications in WooCommerce


Once you spot this option, ensure that the “From” name and “From” address are properly set up.

Here, From Name refers to the name of the people to whom you allow to see when the emails are received. During the set-up of From name, make sure that special characters like “@/.&-” are not mentioned in it. Use a simple and straight name like Jack. Using jack@xyz will lead to email notification failure.

The same sort of attention is needed in From Address. Make sure it’s error-free and has no characters. If there are errors, correct them and click on Save Changes.

Once you’re sure that there are no errors in the Email sender option, pay attention to the Individual notification emails and check whether or not it’s set up correctly.

You can find out all the notifications emails in WooCommerce > Settings > Email. Look closely and find out with which email you’re facing the email notification failure issue.

Make sure the email is enabled and then check the accuracy of the recipient’s email address. Click on Save Changes and check whether or not the issue is fixed.

Solution 2 – Check whether not the emails are entering to Spam folder

Your WooCommerce email notification can get failed if the emails are going to the Spam folder of the recipient. This could be because of the blacklisting of the web IP address.

Resolving this issue is easy as you need to contact your web host, explain the problem, and wait for their action. If a web host can solve this issue then it’s great. If not then it’s better to switch to another host.

Once the web host is changed, the next step is to install an SMTP plugin. WP Engine is a great choice to make as it features strong spam filters and high-end security standards. Their servers are safe enough to keep email abuse incidents at bay. You can do market research on this and can pick any other web hosting service provider as per your choice.

Solution 3 – Use a recipient address that has a different domain

Sometimes, failure in receiving email notifications in WooCommerce could actually be a one-sided affair. Your customers will be receiving the notification but you’re not getting the updates/notifications for the customers’ activities.

This happens all the time and upon digging, it figured out that this issue takes place when the sender and the recipients’ email addresses are using the same domain.

For instance, if the sender’s email is and the recipient’s address is then this issue can occur. To fix the email notification issue, just change the domain of the sender. To make this happen:

A. Go to the WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings.
B. Click in the Email and select the email notification that you need to fix.


Fix Email Notifications in WooCommerce


C. Select the recipient email address and add a different domain.
D. Go down and select the Save Changes option.

The job is done. Now, check whether or not the issue is fixed. If yes then it’s time to rejoice. If not, read the other possible solution.

Solution 4 – Take the help of the SMTP Plugin

If nothing worked and you’re still struggling hard to fix the email notification issue then the issue could be because of the email server of the web host.

To fix this issue, you must try using the SMTP plugin. We are suggesting this way out because WooCommerce shares emails using the wp_mail() WordPress function.

WordPress then calls on PHP for sending the emails and PHP further calls on the web host servers that you’re using.

Fix Email Notifications in WooCommerce

With the help of a reliable SMTP plugin, the email sending notification will not be diverted to the web host email server. Rather, it will go to the SMTP plugin where it will be queued for sending.

When web host email servers are not involved in the email sending process, the error will no longer take place.

The Final Say

Email notification is one of the most useful of the WooCommerce plugin as it keeps businesses posted about every single activity of the customers. It’s a great way to keep the customer aware of the services and facilities that have a positive impact on customer retention.

By any chance, if you’re not receiving email notifications, don’t get worried. In this post, we shared the most viable ways to fix email notifications in WooCommerce errors. They all have been tried and tested by many and won’t disappoint you.

If you’re still facing any troubles, contact us, and we will be happy to help.