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How can you integrate Clover with WooCommerce?

It is quite difficult to manage a retail and online store in unison. No doubt!! This is a time-consuming process.

But you can automate the entire process with the right software and tools. You can sync the backend tasks. And can manage operations and save resources/ time.

WooCommerce is the plugin for e-commerce. It is a WordPress site for small-scale and leading online retailers. This plugin has been quite popular because you can customize and install it easily.

With POS, things have become quite easy. It offers a space for transactions. The users (clients) can make their purchases using this WooCommerce Payment Gateway Integration. This is the best lifesaver that can help you accomplish your dreams and wishes.

For many, merchant services are a nightmare. It involves many factors. By employing WooCommerce Clover integration, you can manage customers’ data. It assists in the inventory and can manage sales.

Table of Content

  1. What is Clover?
  2. Does WooCommerce integrate with Clover?
  3. Why should you integrate Clover with WooCommerce?
  4. Features of WooCommerce Clover integration
  5. How to integrate Clover with WooCommerce?

So, What is Clover?

You can term this as an all-in-one system. It is the replacement of the POS system, terminals, and register. This is a powerful tool that can buzz up your sales and check your inventories.

One can even manage their employees, accept payments, track the revenues and check the reports. There are plenty of apps available, from where you can take advantage. With WooCommerce Clover integration, you can customize the businesses as per your wish and rule.

Clover POS is fully scalable and customizable. But you need to take the support of accessories, apps, and addons. It is a cloud-based POS system of POS. This means that you can make changes or access the data from anywhere. You can also enhance the management of the store.

Using Clover WooCommerce integration, you can speed up the process of payments. Thus, you can easily accept gift cards, credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, and many more. These contactless transactions and payments make the process secure, quick, and easier.

Looking for other possible choices for Clover? Set up for Klara to WooCommerce. This is another trending gateway for online payment.

Does WooCommerce integrate with Clover?

Well, the answer is “Yes”. But, you need to use the plugin for WooCommerce integration into Clover. You can set this up within 5 minutes. It transports and syncs all the data and files from Clover to WooCommerce. Thus, you can manage the site easily.

There are three types of data files that you can use to export and import information using this plugin. These are as follows:-

       1. Inventory

You can easily manage to import the inventory that is listed in the Clover to WooCommerce. It does not import multiple products as single products. Hence, it is not possible to merge them into single relevant groups.

For instance, you imported a product. It will be assigned with the Clover ID and will be marked as the Clover Item.

You can import stock count, items, price, attributes, IDs, and import categories. In addition with a click, you can easily export to Clover POS from WooCommerce.

    2. Customers

One can easily manage to import Clover customers and list them as the clients of WooCommerce. This can assist you to manage the profiles of your customers. So, whenever the order is placed, the count of the product stock will be deducted automatically from Clover POS.

    3. Orders

You can export and import orders from and to WooCommerce and Clover POS. Whenever the order is generated in WooCommerce, it will be updated on Clover. You can manage them on your dashboard.

Why should you integrate Clover with WooCommerce?

   1. Sell

You can sell plenty of products in more than one place.

   2. Automated update

One can update the quantities and can prevent stock-outs and overselling.

   3. Improvise client satisfaction

You can attend and fulfill the orders raised by the users (clients). Using Clover WooCommerce integration, you can manage things in a structured and accurate manner. Besides, you can also transfer the data of the sales automatically.

    4. Elimination of double data entry

You can save time to manage the data from your brick-and-mortar as well as an online store. With WooCommerce integration into Clover, you can easily regulate everything in one place.

    5. Tracking

One can keep track of the inventory and sales across vivid channels. Employing WooCommerce Clover integration, you can quickly enable the features. This includes multi-location inventory and in-store pickup

    6. Intuitive and easy-to-use

Clover can be easily integrated with advanced technologies. Hence, you can easily sync it with tablets, smart devices, and smartphones.

    7. Offers security

Hackers and cybercriminals are one of the main reasons why businesses do not love to go online. With Clover WooCommerce integration, you can read the readers using the features of built-in encryption. Hence, you can be secure in your dealings

    8. Data-driven WooCommerce stores

Using Clover WooCommerce integration, you can assist the store owners. They can record and analyze the sales, products, customers, and so on.

Features of WooCommerce Clover integration

  • You can list the products automatically from POS in WooCommerce.
  • You can sync the inventory between WooCommerce and Clover.
  • Can manage to transfer the customer data and sales to Clover POS from the WooCommerce website.
  • Quickly manage the prices, customer data, and inventory. You can sync sales across physical and multiple online stores.

How to integrate Clover with WooCommerce?

Step 1: Signup and activation

Initially, you need to sign up and check into Kosmo Central’s dashboard. Once you are here, you will come across two menus.

  1. Action
  2. Tasks

Start with “Actions” and choose the type of data you look for to sync into Clover POS and WooCommerce. First-time users will come across the pop-up, “You haven’t created any action”. Check the image below to understand this more clearly:-


Tap, “Create Action”. You will see different icons of variant apps. Then choose the task “Clover”. You need to scroll down and choose multiple options.

Create Action

Step 2: Giving access to Clover POS

Once you click Continue, you will be directed to a section that states“Grant access”. You can give a name to your Clover and then eSync. Fill in the following details “Give your Clover account a name in the eSync”.

You have to paste the URL in “Clover URL” in the second box. When you are done, tap “Next”.Then you need to log in to Clover’s account again. If you have more than one merchant account, then you need to pick one that you need to integrate with eSync.

Grant Access

Choose “Add a different account” and tap “Continue”. If the eSync is not installed then you need to choose “Connect”, and tap “Accept”. Click “Open App”.

It will formulate you to eSync. Then the Clover account will appear on your lists. Under the section connection choose “Create Action”.

Step 3: Choosing Merchant

You can choose the merchant at this stage. The developers from a leading WooCommerce design and development company will use Clover’s OAuth. This will assist you to access the merchant’s data.

Step 4: Creating action for the WooCommerce

For instance, you need to choose Portland eSync. This page is similar to the earlier steps. The page will display the merchant that you have chosen before. Once you click, you are done with the first connection.

Tap “Continue”, you will be directed to the second connection.

Since you have to target the connection between WooCommerce and Clover POS, Go for “WooCommerce”.

Choose first connection

You will cross two connections: WooCommerce and Clover. Tap “Grant Access”.

Clover Access

Step 5: Give access to WooCommerce

You must name your account in this section. Enter your WooCommerce website’s URL in the next section.

Clover WooCommerce integration

Fill in the customer key and create API KEY. This, you can see under the Admin Panel section.

Complete the details in the third box, termed “Enter Consumer Key”. Apart from that, you will see “Consumer Secret”. To access these keys, you must first navigate through the settings of WooCommerce.

The WooCommerce REST API will work on the basis of one key system. This is the charge of all the controlling access. You must link these keys to your user WordPress website.

In case you want to develop and manage these keys for certain users of WordPress, follow the next steps.

Go to your account “ WooCommerce”, choose “Settings” and tap “Advanced”. Click and “REST API”.

Rest Api

Next, choose “Add Key”. You will be formulated to a screen where you need to tap “Key Details”.

Generate api key

Add “Description” and choose the “User”. You need to choose the level of access for the API keys entered. This encloses “Read/Write”, “Read”, or “ Write” accesses.

After this, you will find the details of Consumer Secret and Consumer Key. This will also come along with “QRCode” and “Revoke API Key”. You can type the details of “Consumer Secret” or “Consumer Key” in the app using the API of WooCommerce. The app can also ask you the URL in such a scenario.

Key details

After you successfully generate your API keys, copy and paste to the third box and the fourth box. Once you complete the details, tap “Access Account”.

Visit the next section. Here you will see two connections as Clover and WooCommerce. Tap “Continue”.

Clover choose second connection

This will take some time! You need to choose actions (as displayed in the image below).


Choose “Clover sends standard items to WooCommerce” and tap “Continue”.

You will come across a section “Save action” wherein you have to fill in the action name. Tap “Save action” and the changes will be made.

Under the section of modified action, you will see “Configure”. Click it!!

Step 6: Do the configuration

Here you need to go to the action configuration’s settings. You must choose a date. Now, you can easily send the updated date after the selected date in Clover.

Then, tap “Save Clover Settings”.

action configuration settings

Save the settings once you are done and scroll down.

You will see “Back to Dashboard”, Tap it. You will be formulated to go back to the dashboard.

Click “Action” before choosing the tab “Configure”. You can do modifications by tapping the section “View/Edit”. Next Click “Clover Settings Saved”.

Step 7: Creation of tasks

Go back to the dashboard and select “Tasks”. Select “Create Task”, and click “Add Action”. You need to do this till the time you come across a button “Success”, click it!!

Scroll down and check for the section that states “Task Name”. Here you can address the name of the task and click “Save Task”.

Save Task

Choose “Run” and schedule the task. Mark the box “Everyday” and choose the frequency to run the task. Then select “Apply”.

Every day

Next tap “Activity” and select “Download Log File”. Once you are done with downloading tap “Action” and choose “Clover”. You must pick the merchant at this stage.

While at the second connection, choose “WooCommerce” and click “Continue”. Similarly, complete the other actions as well.

You are ready!! Hearty Congratulations !!

In a nutshell!!

You cannot ignore the fact that Clover WooCommerce integration has added numerous benefits for the sellers. WP Customify is an established design and development company, having a strong presence worldwide. We have certified professionals who are adept to carry out the most tasks and support services.

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