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How to use WooCommerce shortcodes?

WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce platform. It can enable the user to set up an online store. Yes, there are many users of WooCommerce who have ideas about shortcodes. For them, this platform gives more flexibility to set up the store and create content.

They are versatile tools to display products and control core eCommerce pages to display products. You can include related functions of WooCommerce to WordPress sidebars, posts, pages, and widget areas of your website.

A short introduction to Shortcodes

As the name suggests, Shortcodes are the shortcode pieces. They are wrapped in square brackets. For example, it will appear as [Washington]. The shortcodes assist to condense huge amounts of codes within short phrases.

Shortcodes have a magic wand to do any task. It can make the whole page look like a checkout to a list of products. It can also display video and audio.

For instance, you need to display the checkout for any service page. To do this, you will write code as [woocommerce_checkout].

To exhibit all the products, you will write [products].

Shortcodes are user-friendly and can be placed on any post and page. You do not have to understand or need to be a pro or whatsoever.

How can you add shortcodes to the WooCommerce store?

It is fairly simple to add shortcodes to the WooCommerce store. But it may appear a daunting task if you have no idea how to add it.

Here we will add a simple shortcode to WooCommerce.

  • Shortcodes for WooCommerce store

To do this, visit the “Pages” of your WordPress dashboard. Then click “Add New”.

Here, we decided to build a new page named ‘Products’. If the content of your old page is concerning you, then you need not worry, you can edit it.

  1. You need to develop a block. For this, you need to click the “+”.
  2. On the search box look for shortcodes in the block widget. Then make sure to click to add the shortcodes.
  3. Once you will add it, you must make sure to type your required shortcode.
  4. Click the tab “Publish”. Next, you need to tap the button “Update”.

Here, we will discuss how shortcodes are displayed on some pages.

  • Display shortcodes on sale products

For instance, for the holiday sales, you want to entice more clients. You can easily display the sales products that are prominent.

Investors generally look for a small section on your home page for these products.

Here, WooCommerce will assist which products will be highlighted based on their popularity.


Here in this image, you can see four of the most prominent on-sale products.

  • Featured product

Here, you can add the most selling products to the web page. To do this, visit the dashboard of the admin site. Tap “Products” and then click “Products”. You can see an icon with a “star” image.

So, now if you are planning to add any featured products, you need to click the star icon.

Featured Products

The shortcode will appear something like this:-

Featured Products short code

  • Categories of Product shortcodes

You can produce this list in the standard grid layout.


Image 3 (a)

clothing short code

Image 3(b)

Image 3(b) will be shortcode for Image 3 (a). So, now if you do not like grid layout and want to control other information. You can employ the shortcode of the WooCommerce Product Table. It comes with options for the shortcode category. You can utilize it to list your products in a specific clothing category.

clothing table

You can select what information columns to display. This is a great way to choose the variation and quantities that are from the product table directly. It will help the shoppers to do quick shopping. It will also boost the conversion rate.

  • Tracking the order

You can get these on your confirmation emails and receipts.

Order tracking

  • Display the single item on a post or page

If you are having a WooCommerce store, then there might be a section to share blog posts. These blog posts will be about the services/ products that you want to sell in the market.

For example, you want to embed a product that talks about one of your products/ services.

For this, you can use a shortcode that will display one of your products like this”-

[product id=“any number or icon for product identification”]

Hello world

Now, if you are confused about how to find the identity of the product.

You need to visit “Products “ and click “All Products”. Make sure to hover your mouse on your products. You can see the ID and this is followed by some numbers. These numbers are your product ID.

  • Shortcode on a widget

Nowadays, business owners love to do experiments. Off late, many businesses are displaying the shortcodes to the widget area.
Let’s see how you can implement the sidebar of the WordPress website.

First, navigate to “Appearance”. Next click the tab “Widgets”.

You need to scroll to the “Text Widget”. Choose “Sidebar” and tap the button “Add Widget”.

You can see the widget. Here your text area may appear similar to the post editor. You need to add the shortcode here.

One can see your featured products as below:-

Featured products list

In conclusion!!

The WooCommerce shortcode can assist you to improve the journey of your buyer. This can give you more power to control the core pages of your store. You can insert product details, product categories, or products.

You can see plenty of products at once. It will make it quicker for the clients to navigate through the process of checkouts.
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