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Top 10 WooCommerce Coupon Plugins to boost sales in 2022

Nowadays, people are always on the lookout for exclusive deals, vouchers, and discounts. So, you can say that coupons are the driving force to earn exclusive deals and customer loyalty. As per the sources, 90% of shoppers utilized coupons in 2020.

Note:- You are missing great opportunities if you fail to include them on your e-Commerce website.

Key takeaways:

  • Coupons are the best way to drive clients and expand the customer base.
  • Coupons can assist you to introduce new products
  • Encourage new customers.
  • It attracts existing clients to purchase from your store.

WooCommerce is an incredible eCommerce solution. It can be utilized for any online platform. Business owners initiate this solution because of its open-source nature.

The eCommerce plugins work flawlessly with WordPress. It has raised its fame because of its adaptability and adjustability. The statistics of WooCommerce make it a superior comprehension in the digital world.

According to SoftwareFindr, six percent of online sites and twenty-six percent of online use WooCommerce to develop a strong eCommerce business.

Using WooCommerce and WordPress coupon plugins is the game changer if you are running an online business. It is a powerful yet simple way to boost engagement and solidify loyal clients.

What must you contemplate for WooCommerce coupon plugins?

There is a huge range of WooCommerce and WordPress coupon plugins. You can use a handful of factors like discounts types, budget, and WooCommerce-specific features. Perhaps you must look for a straightforward and basic solution for displaying and developing coupons on your website.

Tips to provide coupons to attain maximum potential clients for your WooCommerce website

Now, you have learned about the solid foundation regarding WordPress coupons plugins. Let us check some prominent ways that guarantee a great discount option that works with the customers:-

  • Easy to find products:

Have an awesome coupon for the product? Do your clients face difficulty tracking down your product? If yes, then you are nothing but a failure. You need to develop an easy deal so that your clients can directly get to you and finalize their purchases

  • Import coupons for your clients

It is not good if your visitors hunt on your website for codes. You need to place the coupons, discounts, or sales at the center of the website. This will capture the interest of the client.

  • Keep relevancy

You must present the coupons that are relevant to the products that your clients have purchased. This is applicable for those products that are available in the shopping carts currently.

  • Customization of the coupons

The coupons that you provide your user are the development of your brand. If you use strong copy, it can make your potential users endure like they are getting rare deals.

  • Do not overdo it

If you overload your website with vouchers and deals, it will make things less exclusive. Try to experiment with attractive and varied messages & coupons. It will make things fresh.

  • Make a deal

Nowadays, many visitors do not have any trouble sharing their email addresses. It is not simple to provide your clients with special discounts to secure sales. You need to have a proper strategy and finesse to retain, engage, and acquire potential clients.

Top 10 WooCommerce Coupon Plugins

1. WooCommerce Discount Rules by Flycart


This WooCommerce Coupon Plugin goes past the basic coupon-based discounts. It provides you with huge loads of features.

It assists you to build dynamic discounts and pricing in the WooCommerce store.

Now, these conditions are based on the following:-

  • Roles of the users
  • Categories
  • Quantity
  • The email id of the customers
  • History of the purchases
  • Shipping address
  • User roles
  • Products
  • Variants
  • Attributes
  • Order total

So you can build for mass tiered pricing deals, cart discounts, or total-based discounts.

You can set discount rules to automatically apply or after utilizing a coupon code. A similar coupon code can likewise be utilized to activate different discount rules.

The fundamental benefit of this coupon plugin is that it permits you to make discount rules in three basic steps.

The odds of clients forsaking your store cart will be negligible. It is in light of the fact that the plugin assists in displaying the discounts right on the cart or product page.

You can purchase this WordPress coupon plugin for $49 per year.

2. YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

This is one of the best WooCommerce Coupon Plugins. It empowers you to provide your site visitors with the opportunity to buy gift cards to your WooCommerce store.

Yith woocommerce

Ideally, you can send these gift vouchers to new potential clients who will make purchases. They will become loyal adherents of your brands. This is a gainful methodology for lead generation.

For instance, you can make digital and physical gift vouchers. It will permit your clients to set their own gift voucher sums. There are numerous other features also that you can enjoy.

3. SUMO Coupons – WooCommerce Coupon System

Sumo Coupons

SUMO Coupons is the best WooCommerce coupon framework. This WooCommerce Coupon Plugins is best for your online store. Using SUMO Coupons, you can give your clients great coupons for Sign up, social media promotions, Product Purchases, and writing Reviews.

It contains three coupon modes, they are:-

  • Email Coupon Mode
  • Credit Coupon Mode
  • Auto Apply Coupon Mode

You can provide fixed discounts and percentage discounts through coupons using this system of WooCommerce coupons.

4. Ninja Popups

This is a one-of-a-kind WooCommerce Coupon Plugins. It allows you to add vouchers to pop-ups that it showcases to your WordPress site guests. You can make your popup utilizing the visual editor. You can take advantage of new themes for added creativity and inspiration.

Ninja Coupons

Also, there are eight opt-in panels to choose from seventy-four animation effects.

This dynamic WooCommerce coupon plugin is mobile-friendly and responsive. It can be deciphered utilizing the WPML plugin. It even coordinates with well-known email service providers.

Additionally, you can coordinate your cherished social media networks. It includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest

Ninja Popups isn’t an explicitly designed WordPress coupon plugin. But you will love its adaptability.

5. WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards

This WooCommerce Coupon Plugin is a complete answer for compensating clients to your online store.

ultimate points

With this WordPress coupon plugin, you can relegate points to product categories and individual items. You can design the settings to permit your clients to impart points to different clients. You can deduct the points and manually add them to the accounts of the customers.

The fundamental benefit of utilizing this WooCommerce coupon plugin is that it makes it simple for you to secure new clients. It can likewise assist you to build product reviews and boosting referral marketing.

6. WP Coupons and Deals

Your search is over if you are seeking a powerful yet simple WordPress coupon plugin. You can add discounts and vouchers to your site’s pages and posts.

coupons deals

Unlike other WooCommerce coupon plugins, this one is designated explicitly for affiliate marketers.

It is intended to assist to promote deals and affiliate vouchers. WP Coupons and Deals secures your deals by guaranteeing guests to click on your affiliate links.

7. Coupon Creator

This WordPress plugin is a simple-to-utilize custom post type with a couple of settings to design. You should simply generate a shortcode. You can place your coupon on any page or post you need.

Coupons Creators

With this WordPress plugin, you can display your coupons. You can display and create WooCommerce-explicit coupons. You can exploit the speedy and mass functionality of the expiration date.

8. Social Offers

Social Offers

It is a strong WordPress coupon plugins. This plugin likewise upholds additional premium applications. For example, an email list builder for expanding supporters or a Live Chat function.

9. Code Shop for WordPress

It is a strong WordPress coupon plugin that allows you to offer the following categories.

  • Licenses
  • Coupons
  • vouchers

You can provide these directly from your websites. It interfaces flawlessly with payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Stripe.

Code shop

It allows unlimited campaigns. You can convey coupons, vouchers, or permit codes by means of email. You can even convert it into numerous languages for reaching a worldwide audience. Hence, you can create more revenue.

10. Coupon Wheel For WooCommerce and WP

Coupon Wheel For WooCommerce and WP will take you back to your childhood. Do you remember spinning a fortune wheel to get your favorite toys and candies? With this WordPress coupon plugin, your clients will enjoy fortune with different limits.

The most outstanding aspect of this WooCommerce coupon plugin is the discount wheel. Hence, your clients can display the exit intent. This WordPress plugin is viable with iOS and Android devices.

You can try these and make your online business phoenix amazon your competitors.

How to integrate WooCommerce with Coupon Plugins?

First, you need to “Enable coupons

For this visit “WooCommerce” and choose “Settings”.

Click “General” and tap “Enable coupons”. To do this, you need to choose the box “Enable the use of coupon codes” in your store.

Enable Settings

Next, we need to manage the General Settings

To do this go to “WooCommerce”. Then tap the button “Settings”. Click the tab “Smart Coupons”. You will see the settings of Smart Coupons as shown in the image below:-

Smart coupon seattings


  • The generated amount for store credit: Enable/ check “Include tax in the amount of the generated store credit”. If it is unchecked/ disabled then the credited amount will be less than the amount paid by the client.

● Display Coupons: This is a section where you can do the settings related to displaying coupons.
● You can include the details related to the coupons on your product page.

Woo logo

You can display the coupons available to your shoppers on their accounts. For this click “My Account” and tap “Coupons page”.


You can even list the coupons listed by other people. To do this, click “ My Account”. Next, you need to tap “Coupons page”.

Coupons Received

You can display the used or invalid coupons. Tap “My Account” and click “Coupons”.

invalid coupons

You can also display the description of coupons along with the coupon code.

Edit coupon

In conclusion!!

It is just a common misconception that coupons are used by shoppers who look for bargains. But in a real-time scenario, it is highly appreciated by all types of customers.

Consider checking the following stats if you have doubts regarding this:-

  1. 96% of shoppers will love to use coupons if they already have one.
  2. 49% of users look to shop at discounted rates.
  3. 79% of millennials and Gen Zers check for discounted programs or loyalty from their favorite brands.

With pandemics on the rise, shoppers look for ways to purchase online. Shoppers are struggling hard with the economy. Hence, as the business owner, it is vital for you to consider the strategies. Employing coupons for your eCommerce store is one of the best strategies that you must take for your business. This will assist you to earn long-term acquisition of customers, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Planning to implement WooCommerce Coupon Plugins for your WordPress site, hire WP Customify. With us, you can get support services, configuration support, etc. We can help you streamline and design your WordPress upkeep and site maintenance. Hence you can pay special attention to boosting the conversion and driving traffic. Contact us today!!

How can I do Klaviyo WooCommerce integration?

Marketing is one of the key factors and strategies to run a successful eCommerce business. It is prudent to run email marketing campaigns because it assists you to stay closer to your clients. You can update your potential clients regarding the upcoming discounts, sales, promotions, announcements, etc.

Agree on it or not, email is one of the best marketing channels that can effectively manage the marketing funnel. This includes the post as well as the pre-purchase phase. It is an adhesive way to hold your customers and business together.

This strategy will keep your client informed about every update related to your business. It will allow you to build trust among the common buyers. Further, it will help you to improvise the sale and develop trust with the customers.

Why should you go for email marketing for your business?

For this, let us check some statistics why you should go for email marketing for our eCommerce store:-

  1. DMA Insight shares that over 99% of buyers check their inboxes every single day.
  2. eMarketer reports that 80% of business owners believe email marketing is the best tool to retain customers.
  3. 59% of users shared that email marketing has influenced their decision on the purchase.
  4. Almost 42% of buyers in America have subscribed to email marketing to receive special discounts and offers.

Now, you need to invest significant money and time to market for your eCommerce site. Klaviyo is an amazing platform for email marketing. It allows the companies to attract and interact with their clients.

Klaviyo WooCommerce integration can assist you to run your eCommerce business successfully. The best part is you can send/ forward personalized emails to your clients. All you need to do is analyze their behavioral data and purchase history.

It can even provide personalized features for automation and assist you to maintain the historical data in full sync.

A brief introduction

1. WooCommerce

Since 2011, WooCommerce has served both large-scale and small-scale businesses. It is an amazing WooCommerce plugin that can convert your website to a proper eCommerce website.


Source: WooCommerce

It can assist you to add the basic functionalities to your eCommerce store. This includes order management, payments, shipping, and many more. The best part is that people without any coding knowledge can also maintain their websites.

According to the sources, almost 99% of eCommerce websites in WordPress are using WooCommerce. It is because it is quite easy to set up and maintain. You can even enjoy the user-friendly interface. This platform even supports paid and free extensions.

This can assist you to transform your store using advanced features. WooCommerce also can feature data analytics and reports. It can even give you a holistic view regarding the performance of your eCommerce store.

WooCommerce’s key features

You can call it an ultimate plugin. It can convert your website quickly.

  • Reporting

Your users can analyze and see the best winning products, categories, Sales stats, and many more. This platform can make your data available and thus you can build great insights from it. You can even optimize your eCommerce store.

  • Inventory management

This platform will give updates regarding the low stock. Moreover, you can keep track of your stock level. This platform will even hide the products that are out-of-stock automatically.

  • Pre-built themes

It allows you to use the themes of WordPress and can instantly set up your store. You can manage all sorts of categories based upon your requirements and industries.

2. Klaviyo

It is a cloud-based platform for client growth and email marketing. Klaviyo can assist you to get more clients and retain them to grow your business. It can assist the store owners to give a personalized experience to their clients across numerous channels of marketing tools. This includes web, in-app notifications, SMS, and many more.


You can send automated emails to your clients based on their abandonment carts, purchase history, product recommendations, etc.

Klaviyo’s key features

Klaviyo is the best way to automate your targeted email campaigns.

  • Reporting that is based on RoI

It comes with reporting and analytic tools for the eCommerce website. You can do the tracking of how your SMS/ email is performing. And thus, you will get better insights into marketing.

  • Strong segmentation

One can send their user’s personalized ads and emails. It can develop segments by employing user data to target potential clients.

  • Automation:

It comes with common flows of eCommerce and one can customize it completely. You can use the features such as the Drag-and-drop option. You can develop the clocks to map the experience of your end clients for your message.

Advantages of Klaviyo WooCommerce integration

Let us see some of the benefits of doing Klaviyo WooCommerce integration:-

  • This integration will assist you to integrate the historical data and allow your user for monitoring. The naive data will be synced with the real-time.
  • It will allow your users to forward targeted emails. This will be based upon their purchase history and behavior.
  • So, whenever the user places an order for the new product, they will receive the email. Apart from this, they will be updated with an email regarding the discounts on the other new products.

Steps for Klaviyo WooCommerce integration

Step 1: Installation of Klaviyo WooCommerce integration

1. Firstly, log in to the WordPress account.
2. Click on the options “Plugins” and choose “Add New

Add Plugins

3. On the search bar, tap the word “Klaviyo”.

upload Plugin

4. Tap the button “Install Now”. Next, tap the option “Activate” for Klaviyo WooCommerce integration.


Step 2: Configuration of Klaviyo WooCommerce plugin

  1. Login to the Klaviyo account.
  2. Next, you need to navigate to “Account” and click “Settings”. Browse for the option “API Keys”, click it for Klaviyo WooCommerce integration.

Public api key

3. Visit back to your WordPress site and navigate for the option “Plugins”.
4. Just under the settings of Klaviyo WooCommerce Plugins, you will see an option “Settings. Go for it and open the settings of the Klaviyo WooCommerce plugin.

klaviyo settings

5. Next, you need to paste the copied public API Key. This you can copy from the field of text against “Public API key”. This is also termed as Site ID.

Public api keys

6. Look for the option in the box for “Enable Klaviyo signup forms’.
7. Next, you need to complete your list of preferred IDs in the field of text. For this, you need to enter on “Klaviyo List ID for Email”. It will assist you in the collection of email subscribers.
8. Followed, you must check for the option “Subscribe contacts to email marketing”. Here you need to change the settings as per your business prerequisites.
9. Next, tap on the button “Save Settings”.

Step 3: Enable the Klaviyo WooCommerce integration

1. You need to look for “WooCommerce” in this step and click on the option “Advanced”. Click “Rest API”.

Rest Api

2. You need to develop a new API Key for Klaviyo WooCommerce integration. Next, click on the button “Add key”.

3. In this step, you need to complete the details:-

  • Under the option of Description, you need to enter the details regarding your “Klaviyo WooCommerce”.
  • For the section user, you can choose the option as any other or keep it as default.
  • You need to choose the option between “Read” or “Write” under the option “Permissions”.

Woocommerce settings

4. Tap on the section “Generate API Key”. Here you will get your Customer Secret and Consumer Key.

key details

5. You need to visit your Klaviyo account.
6. Navigate to the options “Integrations” for Klaviyo WooCommerce integration.
7. Tap on the button “Add Integration”.

Add Integration

8. It will get you to settings of “Klaviyo WooCommerce Integration”.
9. In this very step, you need to give the URL of your store. The “Store URL” is the URL that your clients will be using.
10. Next, you need to paste the generated consumer key.
11. Complete all the details as per the prerequisites. Then tap on the option “Connect to WooCommerce”.

Integration Settings

You are done with Klaviyo WooCommerce Integration!!

In a nutshell!!

Klaviyo WooCommerce integration can assist to develop a memorable experience. You can understand listening cues from your clients, subscribers, and visitors. You can turn valuable information into relevant messages.

Do you have an engaging and unique shopping experience for your clients? Hire WP Customify!! We can deliver you a functional, responsive, and impeccable eCommerce store with powerful themes, rich interfaces, etc.

Top reasons that you must consider us

  • Seamless maintenance and support
  • Reduced time for development
  • Agile approach
  • On-time delivery of project

Why Can’t I View Product Pages of WooCommerce?

Have plans to set up a Commerce business? If yes, it means you have to have proper strategies to tackle numerous unexpected requirements while running the business. Nowadays, most business owners raise concerns that they cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce. As a result, they lose their potential clients.

So, why can’t you View Product Pages of Woocommerce?

There are numerous reasons that lead to the disappearance of the products on the front end of WooCommerce. It can be because of compatibility issues, setup errors for permalinks, plugins, and many more.

Some problems are difficult to resolve. A good WordPress app design and development team can fix if you cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce.

The other reason can be, maybe your new items are not uploading on your WooCommerce website. There are three main reasons for this:-

  1. Customized page: If you have developed your customized store. There is a 100% chance that the shop page may not have been modified. So, your page might not be updated.
  2. Full Caches: The old version of your site may get cached. Hence, make sure to delete all the caches. Ensure to do it from the servers.
  3. Theme or plugin crash: This issue generally happens when your WooCommerce gets updated to the newer version. It arises because there is a lag from the theme developers or plugins. Hence, it is always best that your plugin authors and theme developers must update the plugins before upgrading to WooCommerce.

How to fix things if you cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce?

It is certain that you may end up with problems if you cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce. Here we will discuss the annoying blocks that you may face.

1. Configuration of product pages

The main point is that you must verify to figure out whether you have used the right store page.

To do this, go to WooCommerce and choose Settings.

Click the Products page. Ensure that the dropdown of the Shop page field is chosen correctly as “Shop”.

Shop page

We will suggest you use the store page or other pages from this section. Similarly, you must do My Account, Checkout, Cart. But ensure to check the tab“Advanced”.

Cart page

2. Compatibility of Plugin

The second reason is your plugin. It may generate the conflict that may cause WooCommerce products not to appear on the shop page. This may generally appear after upgrades.

For this, Apart from WooCommerce, you need to disable all the plugins.

cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce

You must do the verification to check whether the goods are displayed on the store page. Next, activate the plugins one by one. Also, do verify if your store is empty to figure out the issue. You can hire a good WordPress development team to resolve the problem.

In place of removing the plugins, you must disable them. At the initiation of each installation, you might have changed the settings to fit the characteristics of your store. If by any chance you deleted the plugin, you have to start the complete process again.

Now if you delete the plugin, this means that you have to repeat the entire process again.

If you have plans to disable numerous plugins then,

Visit Plugins and click Installed plugins. Here you can manage the systems to set up the store.

cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce

Make sure that you check for all the plugins.

Scroll the dropbox and tap “Deactivate”.

deactivate Plugin

3. Updation of Store Permalinks

After the installation of WooCommerce or the addition of items to the store, the shop page may be blank. Permalinks may be the culprits behind it.

To check this click Settings and tap Permalinks. This you will get on the WooCommerce dashboard. Next click “Save Changes”.

permalink settings

4. Visibility of the catalog

This might be the next reason for a blank page. The issues when your catalog visibility setting is set as hidden.

For this, visit WooCommerce and on the dashboard, click Items. Choose the product that does not display on the Shop page. You will see the Catalog Visibility over to the right column.

Choose whether you need to appear on the page results or on the shop page. You can even choose individual choices such as search results only.

Tap OK for the update of the product.

cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce


To conclude, we hope that this article on Why Cannot I View Product Pages of WooCommerce has helped you to fix your trouble.

If you are still facing trouble, bring back the best shopping experience with WP Customify. We are an innovative WordPress design and web development team. We have spent an extensive year developing the best solution that improves the store’s experience.