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Build a successful business with Printful WooCommerce integration

Customized mugs, t-shirts, shirts, etc., with fun logos and cartoons, are in rage today. Individuals love expressing their individuality through sassy puns, quotes, superheroes, and statements.

Nowadays, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs are launching their eCommerce websites online.

Printful WooCommerce integration is the best solution for fewer investment businesses. You do not want to invest capital in warehouses and machines.


a. Printful

Printful is an effective online app that delivers printed products to clients. It is a dropshipping and service provider of print-on-demand. This superlative app assists online merchants to sell custom designs to their clients.

You can integrate this app with an eCommerce store or online store. Using this, one can deliver printed items like on-demand printed phone cases, posters, etc., to their clients.

You do not require to give any upfront or setup cost for machines or accessories.

Printful is a commercial company that has warehouses worldwide. Hence, the products can get quickly shipped to the customers. It can bypass the duty and shipping fees on items available locally.

This brand provides the best-quality photography, design, and branding service. It will make your product appealing. Printful has set no limits for the minimum orders.

b. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a customizable platform. You can easily build your eCommerce store on WordPress using WooCommerce.

You have to download this plugin in order to use its functionalities and features. You get the basic functionalities of eCommerce like order management, payment, categories, taxes, etc.

“Do you know that more than 90% of businesses with eCommerce websites use WooCommerce?”

You do not have to be a pro in technical or coding to set up a WooCommerce store in WordPress. It is leveraged with tools like drag-and-drop. This will help you to customize and move your store.

You can implement numerous functionalities by using built-in extensions of WooCommerce. You can even get your store’s performance. For this, WooCommerce offers Reporting and Analytic tools.


a. Printful

This magnificent tool provides on-demand services. You as a store owner can save plenty of money. Some features of Printful are shared below:-

1. Complete automation

You can do Printful WooCommerce integration and automatically import products from your store. The process fulfillment is quite easy and quick.

2. Design Tools

This platform has Design Makes. It allows you to build unique designs from shapes and clipart. Through Getty images, you can access 80+ million images.

3. Integration

Printful lends great support for Integration. You can integrate it with most online marketplace and e-commerce platforms. Most businesses go for Printful WooCommerce integration because of this. Printful offers accessible and flexible services to most owners of an e-commerce website.

b. WooCommerce

WooCommerce makes the best platform for online merchants. The store owners can set up e-Commerce websites and sell services and products. Some features of WooCommerce are shared below:-

1. Reporting
The users can keep a track of winning products, sales stats, etc. WooCommerce offers a Reporting tool for this.

2. Secure Payments
This platform provides methods of multiple payments. This includes COD, bank transfers, credit cards, etc. The store owners get the privilege to integrate numerous platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

3. Dynamic Pricing
WooCommerce can calculate the delivery charges and tax rates automatically.


Printful WooCommerce integration allows the clients to make their orders. Further, make them delivered to Printful.

Once you do Printful WooCommerce integration, you can use the online mock-up generator of Printful. Finally, you can develop your products.

You can work on different types of products with Printful WooCommerce integration. It gives you the privilege to be creative with the clothing of children, women, and men. You can even display your creative side on home goods, accessories, and hats with Printful.

This denotes that you do not have to secure any expensive inventory that takes up your working area. You can promote your store by selling the products through Printful WooCommerce integration.

Advantages of Printful WooCommerce integration

  • Printful WooCommerce integration allows the users to get live shipping rates and settings of automated tax. This is available on all the products through Printful.
  • Printful WooCommerce integration is the best solution to the Printful fulfillment system, importing the orders from the WooCommerce store of WooCommerce automatically.
  • Printful WooCommerce integration is great for order initialization.
  • Printful WooCommerce integration allows the user to avoid unsold product storage, inventory hassle, upfront cost, etc.

Steps for Printful WooCommerce integration

For Printful WooCommerce integration, you need to employ the official plugin. This will help to connect your WooCommerce with a Printful account. With customizable features, you can add multiple products.

Here, you also get the option to track and manage your orders from the dashboard of the plugin.

Click “WooCommerce” and then tap “Plugins”. Next, go for the option “Add New”.

Search “Printful” on the search bar. Once done, do the installation and activation of the plugin.

You need to navigate to “Printful” from the dashboard of WordPress. Finally, press the button “Connect”.

Do you know you can restrict shipping to logged-in users? Check this blog.

Click “Approve” for Printful WooCommerce integration.

Make sure to sign up for Printful. You get the privilege to access all that is available on the dashboard of Printful.

Check the left sidebar. From here you can get the details of your profile, statistics, and view orders.

If you are having trouble viewing product pages of WooCommerce, please check here.

Common issues while doing Printful WooCommerce integration

1. Invalid consumer key

It denotes that you have entered your Consumer Keys incorrectly. For this, you must check your Consumer Secret and Consumer Key.
Visit the admin panel of “WooCommerce”. Navigate “Settings” and click “API”.

Then go to “Keys/ Apps”. Match the Token and Identity in the store settings of Printful.

2. WooCommerce synching causes a 404 error

For fixing this issue, visit the “Settings” of WordPress. Click “Permalinks” and choose “Under Common Settings”. Apart from “Plain” select any link structure. Tap “Save Changes” and reconnect the store of WooCommerce.

3. Too long URL- HTTP Error 414 Request

The configuration of the server does not give support for long URLs. The APIs of WooCommerce use long URLs exceptionally. You need to have a word with the system administrator and raise a request for maximum URL length.

Now, this issue may even arise because of WordPress plugins. For instance, the plugin “iThemes Security” can cause this issue if you have enabled “Filter Long URL Strings”.

4. Invalid signature

This error denotes that the signature you provided is not a great match. Hence, make sure to check the Consumer Secret. If it is the same, please reach out to for troubleshooting.

5. Not enabled REST API and Invalid WooCommerce URL

It causes your page to be returned due to an invalid API. Check the URL to fix the issue. Make sure that URL must not end with /shop/ or /wc-api/v1/.

Final Note

Printful WooCommerce integration is beneficial and simple. Printful provides solutions to shipping and inventory problems. Contrary, WooCommerce offers a robust e-Commerce platform.

WP Customify is an established WordPress development company with immense years of experience. We are known in the market for distinguished WordPress support. If you are having any troubleshooting or have doubts regarding Printful WooCommerce integration, please reach us.


How to test WooCommerce checkout and payments?

Payment facilitation is a critical component for any online business. Nowadays, there is no niche that does not pay close attention to it. There is simply no purchase or customer without it.

But, how can you test WooCommerce checkout and payments? What do your potential leads experience while making their purchase?

Read ahead to find out:-

Why should you test WooCommerce checkout and payments?

Nowadays, most online shoppers love to do their shopping in their own comfort. Be it groceries or buying household essentials, the users turn to online shops.

Check how you can restrict shipping to logged-in WooCommerce users.

If your eCommerce store does not give the users comfort, then you are out of the loop. Your customers may go to your competitors. There are even chances that they may file legal actions against you.

You must have a reliable payment system to run a trusted, credible, and good-ranking store. A broken or slow checkout process can impact the experience of your users. This will create great chaos in your sales.

Ensure that you maintain the security and check the bugs every now and then.

1. How can you test WooCommerce checkout and payments via cheque?

You can test the cheque payments in the simplest way. For this, you need to visit the “WooCommerce Payment Section”. Click on the option “Cheque Payment” and then enable it.

Navigate to your store and place the orders. It will steer to the page of Checkout. Complete all the details such as delivery details, etc. Ensure that you choose the method of payment as ‘Cheque payment’.

Place your order.

Visit the “Order page” and see the orders that are successfully placed. Click on the section “Recent Orders” and check the details of the payment on your admin dashboard. You can see the order was placed with cheque payment methods.
You can even test like this to check the Bank transfers.

2. How can you test checkout and payments using COD?

Visit WooCommerce “Settings” and tap“Payments”. Enable COD, “Cash on Delivery”.

Go back to your online store and order any items from the inventory. Click the option “Proceed to Checkout”.

Your users can complete all the essential details and purchase their desired products. To test the WooCommerce checkouts and payments, you need to fill in the delivery and contact details. You will see that the checkout page by default is showing Cash-on-Delivery. It is because you have enabled this on the WooCommerce payment dashboard.

When done, tap “Place Orders”. It will show the order’s particular like the order number, email, date, costs, etc.

You can figure out if your order page and checkout page are smoothly working. Your clients will get an automatic confirmation message that contains details of the order.

It is very easy to access the details of the order using the dashboard of WordPress. For this, browse “WooCommerce” and click the option “Orders”.

At this time, you can click and check the essential order number. You can see detailed information on your screen regarding the placed order.

For instance, you can check the shipping methods, contact details of clients, and payment method.

You even get the privilege to modify the details (if required).

3. How to use the WooCommerce payment plugin to test WooCommerce checkout and payments?

It is quite easy to set up the WooCommerce payments plugin to integrate debit card and credit card payments. You can even use it easily. This even gives support to Google Pay and Apple Pay apps.

You can use this plugin to view and manage the reports of transactions. For this, you need to use the dashboard of the plugin.

Here, we are using the WooComemrce payment plugin. You can develop a Dev Mode, a test account to test the website’s development.

Firstly, you need to install this plugin- the WooCommerce Payments plugin. Complete all the essential details.

When done, you need to switch yourself to the Test Mode. Visit the option “Payments” and click “Settings”. In the next step, you need to tap “(Enable) Test Mode”. Proceed further when you save these changes.

For testing the card payments using the WooCommerce payment gateway

Once done with the order complete the particulars of your card. Make sure to fill in the expiry date and CVC code (3-digit). Then put your order and get a confirmation for the same.

Browse for “Payments” and then go to “Transactions” from your WordPress dashboard. You will see your orders getting processed forward.

4. How to use a free plugin to test WooCommerce checkout and payments?

Check back to your WordPress dashboard. From there browse for “Plugins” and tap “Add New”.

You need to type WC Order Test on the search bar. WC Order test is a free testing plugin that allows testing the process of checkout. You need to click the button “Activate” once you install the “WC Order test”.

You can use this plugin completely for testing purposes. Browse “WooCommerce” and go to “Settings”. Lastly, you need to click “Payments”.

Order test

You will see the option “Order Test”. Make sure that you enable it and click the button “Manage”.

Check in the setting panel of the WC test. Click “Enable order test gateway” and then tap the “Save changes”.

Order test gateway

Go back to your store and place the product orders. Proceed further and your screen will display the “Order Test Gateway” option.

Tap the button “Place Order”.

Your order

Make sure you jot down the order number and go to the page “WooCommerce Order”.

5. How to use the Stripe payment gateway to test WooCommerce checkout and payments

Stripe payment gateway is a widely used payment tool. This tool is largely loved by businesses because it allows local payments, digital wallets, and card payments using its gateway.

To begin, you must go to the WordPress dashboard. Install the Stripe payment gateway plugin and click “Activate”.

For doing the integration of this plugin for test mode, you must set up the Stripe account. This is for the API kets.

Visit the website of Stripe and create a Stripe account. Browse for “Developers” and click “API Keys”. In this step, you can get access to Secret Key and Publishable Key.

API Keys

Check back to the settings of WooCommerce and navigate for payment tabs. Under this option, make sure you “Enable” the Stripe payment method. Next, tap the button “Set up”.


Here, you need to tap “Enable Test Mode”. Make sure you insert the “Secret Keys” and “Publishable keys”.

Test Key

When you are done pasting it, click the button “Save Changes

Make sure you add and complete all the customers and billing details.

For testing the credit card payment on Stripe, you can formulate the steps stated in the last section. Make sure you add a valid expiry date and CVC code. When you are done, tap “Place Order”.

Your order stripe

Visit the dashboard of Stipe and click the tab “Payments” and check for payments.


If the screen displays your order, this means your payment was executed successfully.

To make this active for your clients, visit “WooCommerce” and click “Settings”. Next, tap the option “Payments” and browse for the Stripe Payment button “Manage”, Click it.

Make sure you “Disable the test mode”. Complete all the details that are asked. Once done, tap “Save Changes”.

6. How can you test checkout and payments using PayPal?

PayPal is a widely popular payment gateway with plenty of followers all across the globe. By default, it is included in WooCommerce with PayPal standard. To do the order testing, you will require a PayPal Sandbox account. Visit the PayPal Developer website and create an account.

For this, go to “Sandbox” and click “Accounts”. Hit “Create account”,

Sandbox Accounts

A pop-up will ask you whether you want to create a personal (buyer account) or business (merchant account). It will also ask about your country and region.

To do the testing, we require both buyer’s and merchant’s emails.

To create a personal account, select the region and country and click “Create”. Repeat the same process for business accounts.

Create sandbox Account

Ensure that the region/ country matches your store’s default currency. Why? Well, you can avoid the orders stating as pending payments.

Next, you need to tap the button “Option” under the section “Manage Accounts”. Select the option “View/ Edit” account for the newly created account of Sandbox.

Sandbox accounts details

This will display all the sandbox account’s account details. Under the tab “Profile”, you can see the password and email address of Merchant & Buyer accounts. Copy them and save them securely. You will need them for testing the orders of WooCommerce in the later stage.

Account Details

How to enable this gateway?

You need to visit “WooCommerce” and click “Settings”. Next, you need to open the section “Payments”.

Looking for ways to configure PayPal for Digital Goods with WooCommerce? Check this link.

PayPal Standard

Make sure to enable the gateway, PayPal Standard. Tap on the Set-Up if you did not set up this payment gateway for your site.

Click “Manage” and hit “Enable PayPal Standard”. You have to add the merchant (business) email of PayPal on the Receiver email and PayPay email. At last, you need to check the option “Enable PayPal sandbox” and “Save the changes”.

PayPal Standard settings

How to test?

Open the public online store. You can even open it from an incognito tab or any web browser.

To continue the payment, tap “Proceed to PayPal”.

Your order paypal

You need to type the buyer’s email address of the PayPal Sandbox account and log in.

Select “Pay with a PayPal balance” and tap “Pay Now” for the payment.

Test Score

You will receive a payment success message.

PayPal Sucess Message

Log in to the merchant account of PayPal. Browse for “Recent History” and check for new transactions. If the recent transaction shows, this means everything is working just fine.

To initiate live transactions, visit “WooCommerce” and click “Settings”. Click “Payments” and the “Manage”.

Untick the option “Enable PayPal Sandbox”, complete all the details and save the changes.

In a conclusion!!

It is recommended to test the WooCommerce checkout and payments every now and then. In fact, you can take WooCommerce support services from a good team.

How can you do WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration?

Nowadays, most businesses have a physical store with a WooCommerce store. Businesses do this generally to tap different kinds of customers.

However, things become quite messy when it comes to inventory management. You need to synchronize all the time. WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration is one apparent solution to this problem.

For instance, if you run out of stock in your physical store. It will be modified on your online store as well. You will be sorted for the back-orders.

How can you do WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration?

There are different types of tools that can assist you in WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration.

Most of the WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration plugins use the REST API of WooCommerce.

For your physical store, you can develop a front-end interface with it. It will be connected to your store’s other data, orders, and inventory. The cashier at your physical store can check out a client using this interface.

This will reflect in the store data as well. They can apply discounts, scan the barcodes of products, and print invoices.

Steps for WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration

Fundamentally, all the processes are similar. But some steps may be different as per the plugin you choose.

  • Step 1: Installation and activation of the prominent WooCommerce POS integration plugin.
  • Step 2: You have to develop the frontend interface and add the items. You can choose the item from a definite class.
  • Step 3: Use API credentials to connect the POS system to the online store data.

Now, the steps of testing may slightly vary. However, you can assign the store’s capabilities to your store cashier. They can do the checkout using card payment or cash.

They can even offer discounts and add special fees before checkout.

There is many WooCommerce Point of Sale integration that allows card processors. They can even support external devices like barcode scanners or printers.

Some WooCommerce Point Of Sale integration plugins

  • WooPOS
  • POSPro
  • WePOS
  • Hike POS
  • Square

Final Note

In a competitive scenario of eCommerce, it is essential to integrate many sales channels. Hence, it is a valuable prospect to connect your WooCommerce store with 1/ more physical stores.

You get many options to achieve this. One option is to do WooCommerce POS integration. There are many prominent systems such as Square or Lightspeed for this.

There is even an alternate option. You can develop an interface on your WooCommerce store. Both options are great but they have their own sets of challenges. Live Chat Support