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How to integrate Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WordPress website?

Nowadays, eCommerce websites have to take a lot of effort to attract customers and make sales. WooCommerce is an adept and user-friendly plugin. It can help you to build a WordPress business website into an eCommerce website.

Integrating WooCommerce and WordPress websites with other services and apps will improve the flexibility of your store. For instance, Near-Field Communication payments are getting more popular day by day. You can integrate Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WooCommerce website. Or else, you can do WooCommerce Clover integration, WooCommerce Amazon & eBay integration, etc.

Apple Pay is a prominent payment gateway. Of late, this digital wallet has played a significant part in sales conversion. It is forecasted that Apple Pay users will grow to 56.27 million by 2025. Hence, it would be great if you set up Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WordPress site if you are running a business online.

Apple Pay and WooCommerce compatibility

You cannot integrate any payment gateway to the WooCommerce website unless it is supported by WordPress. You need to take the support of a third-party service. Apple Pay will allow your clients to do their translation using credit and debit card details.

Apple Pay has great prominence because it is constructed on the ecosystem of iOS. Hence, the majority of users trust this mode of payment. Most people are well aware of the security that this ecosystem offers.

How to integrate Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WordPress website?

You will have to manage three elements to integrate Apple Pay on WooCommerce and WordPress websites. They are:-

  • An account of Stripe
  • Stripe for the plugin-” WooCommerce”
  • WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce: Installation and Configuration

You need to set up a store in WoCommerce. Hence, do the installation and configuration of it.

You need to have sleek designed product pages. It must also have things like shipping rates and tax calculations. Next, you need to implement a payment gateway that receives Apple Pay.

Stripe: Activate and Install it for the WooCommerce plugin

You can get support for Apple Pay from the Stripe payment gateway to integrate Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WordPress website.

The process of setup is intuitive with reasonable fees. It is the most reputable processor.

Initially, you have to do the installation and activation of the Stripe WooCommerce plugin.

Use another tab to sign into the account of Stripe. Complete all the details like company name, details of banks, etc.

When done, visit the dashboard of WordPress.

Linking WordPress website and Stripe

You need to visit “WooCommerce” to integrate Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WordPress website. Then click “Settings”.

Dashboard Settings

Tap the tab “Payments” and it will reveal all the available methods. It includes Cheque Payments, Stripe, etc.


Navigate to the payment option of “Stripe Credit Cards”. In the titles, you will see more fields with Stripe. Skip these!! Make sure to turn on the basic functionality of Stripe Credit Card before you proceed.

Turn the switch to “ON” for Stripe Credit Cards to integrate Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WordPress website. Next, tap the button “Manage” or “Set Up”.

Stripe and credit card settings

Use API Keys to link Stripe

Visit the section “API Settings” to integrate Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WordPress website. Now if you are set for payment collection, drag and switch to “Live” near the field of Mode. If you are not set, leave it as “Test Mode”.

Hit the button “Click to Connect” for the field of Connect Stripe Account. You will be guided to a web page, you have to log in to the Stripe account here. Please note it will connect WordPress with Stripe here.

Click to connect

You will see the page for connection of a third party through WordPress. It will pull up the Stripe account till the time you are logged in. Now, if you get prompt messages for login in between, make sure to do so.

When logged in, pick the Stripe account you wish to integrate into the WooCommerce site. Tap “Connect” to integrate Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WordPress website.

Select Account

You will see a checkmark in green color. You will also see the message “Stripe Account Has Been Connected”. It will generate the Secret Key and Publishable Key automatically. It will be added to the fields in the dashboard of WordPress.

Test key

Press “Save Changes” once you navigate down to the page of WooCommerce Payments. This step will make sure to secure the Stripe Keys within WordPress. It will prepare them for processing the payment.

Save Changes

Activating the option WooCommerce Apple Play

Since the integration of Stripe is already done with WordPress, it will enable to process the of credit cards. This will occur when the client does the checkout in the store.

This is an essential step. Hit “Apple Pay” to integrate Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WordPress website. But, you need to work on a few more steps.


Browse back to the dashboard of WordPress. Click “WooCommerce” to integrate Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WordPress website. Tap “Settings” and then hit “Payments”.

Underneath the section of Payments, tap “Apple Pay”.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay needs Stripe to authenticate that you are the owner of this domain. Hence, you will be asked for the verification document. You need to upload this in the section of hosted website files.

This will be handled automatically. Just tap the button “Register domain” in the section of Apple Pay. When the registration process is over, you will see a message- “Domain Registered Successfully”.

Register domain

Make sure to run the test before you go live. To do so, head to the dashboard of Stripe. Press “Settings”.

Hit “Payment Methods” and “Apple Pay” to integrate Apple Pay on a WooCommerce and WordPress website.

Under the list of “Web Domains”, you will see your domain name.

Apple Pay Payment

If you cannot find a connected web domain on the dashboard of Stripe or see a failure message, follow the pointers below:-

  1. In WooCommerce Apple Pay Settings, you need to follow the link.
  2. Here, you need to upload the right document for verification manually.

Apple Pay Plugin

Once the verification of the domain name is complete, you will see the checkout module displaying the button “Buy with Apple Pay”.

Add to card with apple pay


It is done!!

Some troubleshoot

If you are receiving errors on the checkout page. It is better to get support for WooCommerce and WordPress from an extinguished team.

Following are some troubleshoots that may be causing the problem:-

1. Your website is not “Live”

Distinct API keys are created for live and test websites. In its Test Mode, Stripe processes the fake transactions. Check if it is in Stripe Test Mode or not

2. Go for the SSL certificate

Acquire an SSL certificate for your WooCommerce site to use HTTPS. Apple Pay especially Stripe blocks the functionality of payment if you do not have an SSL certificate.

So, your website must have “HTTPS://” before your domain name.

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How to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce?

BigCommerce is the best hosting platform and home for 49,795 websites. It is known for its superlative attributes like security, support, etc. But when it is compared to WooCommerce, it is not that popular.

WooCommerce has incredible power, built-in solid features, security, and flexibility. Hence, most businesses migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce.

Advantages of BigCommerce over WooCommerce

  • Synching with WordPress

WordPress is the best CMS that is widely used by most businesses. It powers 41% of the worldwide web. You can manage everything on WordPress from blogs to eCommerce shops.

WooCommerce was introduced by Automatic. It was specifically built for WordPress. Hence, you will get support (in and out) because it is handled by experts who know the entire thing about the platform.

On the other hand, BigCommerce is just designed for eCommerce shops. It is not meant for website and blogging management. You have to use a plugin to integrate BigCommerce with a WordPress website.

Synching with WordPress

WooCommerce can help you to manage orders, add products, and update the settings of shops. You can even create pages, respond to reviews, and craft pages. Now, if you go for WooCommerce payment extensions, you can track deposits and monitor the charges. With it, you can also handle disputes with a seamless process.

  • Affordable

1. Base price

WooCommerce and WordPress are completely free. However, you need to just invest in the hosting plan.

On the other hand, you need to pay for BigCommerce in order to run an eCommerce platform. The plan of BigCommerce starts at $29.95 a month. This varies as per the business size.

2. Load time

If you do not have a website then be prepared to bid farewell to traffic. Even search engines recommend a website that loads quickly. Now, if your website takes extended time, then you will lose all favor for ranking.

BigCommerce takes an average time of 2.2 seconds to load. On the other hand, WordPress takes 1.93 seconds with managed WooCommerce hosting provider.

3. Traffic and SEO Tools

SEO will only help you to make money through your WooCommerce store or eCommerce business.

WordPress websites are built keeping search engines in mind. The code of WordPress websites is lean and designed to load quickly. The configuration of WooCommerce and WordPress is SEO friendly.

It is easy to customize permalinks and URLs. But, if you are handling bulk SEO, then you need to employ plugins to customize meta descriptions and page titles.

Some premium BigCommerce themes include Accelerated mobile pages of Google. This helps in load time and page speed.

How to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce?

To migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce, you need to create a backup of your existing store. It will save you from problems or any potential risks after migration.

  • Back-up products and its images

Visit the BigCommerce’s dashboard. Click “Export” after choosing the “Product” to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce.

View Products

You will see a screen with “Export”. On the section “Template”, choose the option “Bulk Edit”.

Export Template

You will see a pop-up. On that choose ‘Export my Products to a CSV file’.


Your file will be ready in the downloadable form. Next, press ‘Download my Product File.

Check new store

You will be ready with the back-up of your product as well as product images.

1. Back up the data of customer

Visit “Customers” and tap “Export


You have to repeat the same steps.

2. Backup order data

Browse for “Order” and press “Export”.

View Orders

  • Pick Hosting Provider

Since WordPress is a leading name, you can get plenty of compatible hosting providers. You need to choose hosting providers that have:-

  • Built-in performance-boosting caching
  • SSD storage
  • SSL certificate
  • 24/7 live chat support

Next, we will be proceeding to set up a new store of WooCommerce. It will serve as your destination website. If you are already having a website, log in. Otherwise, you need to sign up and create your account.

Choose the option “Add Server” for launching your server.


You will be taken to a page where you need to fill in the details of the server and application.

Application Server Details

Complete all the details and Press “Launch Now”.

In the details of application, choose “WooCommerce”. This will launch your application.

Your server is ready in this stage. Tap “www” and get access to the details of your application. On the page of Access details, tap the URL that you see in the admin panel.

Access Details

You will be taken to the login page where you can see the username and password on the admin panel.

You have to log in to WooCommerce store to check the dashboard of the admin

dashboard login

You are done setting up a new WooCommerce store to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce.

Wordpress Dashboard

3. Selection of Migration Method

You need to pick the most-suited migration method to get a brand-new store ready.

a. For instance, you can use extensions to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce.
b. Set-up of source

You must add the details of BigCommerce API for setting up the source cart.


Complete the source cart URL by pasting the URL of your BigCommerce store. For API path, you need to open the Dashboard of BigCommerce. Choose the option “Advanced Settings”.

Advance Seattings

Tap ‘API Accounts

API Account

  • Next, to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce, click “Create API Account”.

Create API Accounts

Complete all the details asked in ‘Create Account page‘.

In the section of token type, you need to choose V3/ V2 API Token and name it.

Create Account

Change the status to “Modify” and click “Save”.


Your file will be download to your personal computer with the credentials.

Target the Set-up of card

Complete all the information of Target Cart URL and Target Cart Type.

try migration

Download the Connector extension of your choice. You have to upload this to the root folder of target store once you extract the zip file. You can employ any FTP client of your choice to meet your requirements.

Configure Migration

Click ‘Next‘.

Configuration of migration settings

You have to choose your dinctinictive concept to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce i.e to a new store. You can choose “All” or “Few”.


It is easy to migrate the possibilities using extensions. You can also use order status mapping and language to display in your new store.

Additional Option

Migration Initiation

Next, you have to initiate the process of migration. Click ‘Demo Migration‘.

Start free demo migration

Once done you will be taken to the page where must check all the entities that need to be migrated.

Demo Migration

Tap the icon ‘Full Migration‘ to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce.

Method #2: Manual Migration

It is one of the toughest methods of migration. If you hold the technical expertise, you will not face much trouble. But if you lack then hire professional support.

Extract the product’s CSV file

You need to extract the CSV file.

Download plugins

As soon as your download the CSV file, visit the WooCommerce store. Click the URL on the admin panel.

Application URL

On Login page, complete the fields of Password and Username in the log in and Admin panel.

Admin login

Visit “Plugins” and tap “Add New”.


Activation of plugins like WP All Import WooCommerce Add On plugin and WP All Import Plugin should be done once you install it.

Add plugin

Import Products from XML and CSV

CSV file Import

Browse to “All Imports” to migrate BigCommmerce to WooCommerce. Next, tap “New Import”.

All import

You have to upload the CSV file of the product once you enter the Import page.

New Import

Choose “WooCommerce Products” as soon as you upload the file.

New item

Repeat the earlier step.

Upload Files

Do Mapping


Then continue with the earlier steps.

Drag and Drop

You have to manually drap and drop to the columns that are relevant. You must be cautious in this step.

Configure to step 4

You have to continue to earlier step when you are done here.

Import Settings

You need to drag & drop the ID of the product in Unique Identifier. Also read about how to use WooCommerce shortcodes.


Next, press “Continue” to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce.

Confrim and Run

Press ‘Confirm & Run Import‘.


You are done!! You have successfully migrated from BigCommerce to WooCommerce. Next, you have to do the verification of the migration.

In a conclusion

We hope this simplified guide would have helped you to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce.

If you find trouble to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce, hire WPCustomify.

We are enriched WordPress development company with a strong base worldwide. Our WordPresss developers are talented and experienced. They are proficient enough to work on the most complex tasks.