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The simple way to do Flodesk WooCommerce integration

Email marketing is one of the prudent strategies employed by businesses nowadays. This strategy is a great source for designing and building alluring emails. You can easily intimidate your users.


The founders, Rebecca Shostak and Martha Bitars launched this tool in 2019. It is best for those who are naive in marketing or do not hold any technical skills/ experience.

This tool is known for its great conversion rates. It has alluring templates with a simple interface. Flodesk is best for like-minded creatives to take a successful turn. This platform is the right inquisitive among various innovative platforms.


It is the best eCommerce platform that offers flexibility and quantified results. WooCommerce is enormously used by businesses because of its security features. It allows customization and modification to the complete store.

Flodesk WooCommerce integration

WooCommerce is a cost-effective solution with advanced inventory management, built-in features, etc. Flodesk WooCommerce integration is the best state of action to connect with the audiences aptly. Hiring WooCommerce support will make things simpler.

Why opt for Flodesk WooCommerce integration?

You need to opt for Flodesk WooCommerce integration for the following reasons:-

  • Develop consistent emails

With Flodesk WooCommerce integration, you can do more than marketing. You can build styled emails easily. You can also easily build layouts.

  • Connect savvy email sections for the online store

Flodesk has a savvy framework. It does not penalize businesses if they have subscribers from varied segments. You can target large audiences to be your email subscribers. You can give them access to your newsletters, coupons, or downloads.

Flodesk utilizes a savvy framework that will not penalize you if you have email subscribers from different segments.

You can send personalized emails to your customers based on their purchasing trends.

  • Per item emails

Assuming your businesses sell actual and computerized products from your online store, follow-up messages are the best way.

Businesses must ensure to send follow-up emails the moment the product is delivered at the customer’s place.

  • Automated email workflows

Flodesk WooCommerce integration allows you to send limitless follow-up email series.

  • Track email marketing analytics

You can simply track the email analytics of your business. It allows you to check if the email marketing program of your business is properly functioning or not.

Since Flodesk segregates confounded analytics such as click-through rates. You can check the order details in a visual and understandable format.

The simple way for Flodesk WooCommerce integration

1. Follow the guidelines for Flodesk installation

Most business owners avoid this. Ensure to follow the guidelines (offered) to add codes to your website’s header.

2. Build the plugin form

Make sure to design the form to integrate Flodesk with WooCommerce. Also, complete all the fields like First Name, Email Address, etc.

You can incorporate as many fields as you wish to ask your customers. Include a checkbox like “by checking this box” for Flodesk WooCommerce integration.

       3. Building form in Flodesk

Try creating the form in Flodesk. Rightly, you will be getting plenty of choices for building forms.

      4. Creating hidden field

Do not stop anywhere in the middle of the Flodesk setup until you get to the pasting code. Hit “Advanced Options“. Pick the option “Get Genesis eNews Snippets” for Flodesk WooCommerce integration. You can hide or conceal any fields in this step.

You can manage this in two ways:-

  • Ninja Forms
  • Gravity Forms

Click the option “Advanced” in Gravity Forms. The box, “Default Value” will be automatically displayed in Ninja Forms.

From Action

Hit the button “Copy” to copy the URL. Technically, you need only value=”reallylongstringoflettersandnumbers”.

This field constrains copying the complete URL. Hence, ensure that you cut out things other than strings that are near the “value= part”.

Hit “Save” for Flodesk WooCommerce integration.

      5. Building Webhook

Webhook allows sending data via a form. The process of building webhooks differs in Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms. Let’s check the process:-


  • Gravity Forms

You can opt for a premium/ basic license for pulling webhooks in Gravity Forms. Hit “Settings” to integrate Flodesk with WooCommerce. Then, hit “Confirmations” and select “Redirect”.

Hit “Pass Field Data Via Query String“. Include capitalization for Flodesk WooCommerce integration.

  • Ninja Forms

Opt for a professional subscription for accessing webhooks. You get multi-page forms, layout, and conditional forms in professional subscriptions.

After purchasing the license, upload the webhook add-ons to the WP site. Do not forget to activate it. Refresh the page after activating.

Click the option “Emails & Actions” for Flodesk WooCommerce integration. Hit the sign “+” for adding a new field. Copy and paste it from the page of Flodesk.

Make sure the remote URL is and post the remote technique. Ensure the capitalization (such as using camel case) matches Flodesk on the key side.

Click “Done” for Flodesk WooCommerce integration and hit “Publish”.

Ninja Forms vs Gravity Forms: Argumentative Topic

You have to build the URL yourself in the case of Gravity Forms. On the other hand, the sections are managed automatically in Ninja Forms.

Make sure that you do not leave spaces for Flodesk WooCommerce integration.

Tap “Save Confirmation” to integrate Flodesk with WooCommerce.

  • 6. Test

Testing is vital to check if the process is simpler in Flodesk WooCommerce integration.

7. Styling the form

Add the shortcodes to forms if you are creating one. You can ignore this step if this is not your first form.

Final Note

Flodesk WooCommerce integration is a fine way to manage on-patterns at the present time. It will allow sending automated emails to your potential clients based on the customer’s interaction with your online store.