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Why Can’t I View Product Pages of WooCommerce?

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cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce

Have plans to set up a Commerce business? If yes, it means you have to have proper strategies to tackle numerous unexpected requirements while running the business. Nowadays, most business owners raise concerns that they cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce. As a result, they lose their potential clients.

So, why can’t you View Product Pages of Woocommerce?

There are numerous reasons that lead to the disappearance of the products on the front end of WooCommerce. It can be because of compatibility issues, setup errors for permalinks, plugins, and many more.

Some problems are difficult to resolve. A good WordPress app design and development team can fix if you cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce.

The other reason can be, maybe your new items are not uploading on your WooCommerce website. There are three main reasons for this:-

  1. Customized page: If you have developed your customized store. There is a 100% chance that the shop page may not have been modified. So, your page might not be updated.
  2. Full Caches: The old version of your site may get cached. Hence, make sure to delete all the caches. Ensure to do it from the servers.
  3. Theme or plugin crash: This issue generally happens when your WooCommerce gets updated to the newer version. It arises because there is a lag from the theme developers or plugins. Hence, it is always best that your plugin authors and theme developers must update the plugins before upgrading to WooCommerce.

How to fix things if you cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce?

It is certain that you may end up with problems if you cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce. Here we will discuss the annoying blocks that you may face.

1. Configuration of product pages

The main point is that you must verify to figure out whether you have used the right store page.

To do this, go to WooCommerce and choose Settings.

Click the Products page. Ensure that the dropdown of the Shop page field is chosen correctly as “Shop”.

Shop page

We will suggest you use the store page or other pages from this section. Similarly, you must do My Account, Checkout, Cart. But ensure to check the tab“Advanced”.

Cart page

2. Compatibility of Plugin

The second reason is your plugin. It may generate the conflict that may cause WooCommerce products not to appear on the shop page. This may generally appear after upgrades.

For this, Apart from WooCommerce, you need to disable all the plugins.

cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce

You must do the verification to check whether the goods are displayed on the store page. Next, activate the plugins one by one. Also, do verify if your store is empty to figure out the issue. You can hire a good WordPress development team to resolve the problem.

In place of removing the plugins, you must disable them. At the initiation of each installation, you might have changed the settings to fit the characteristics of your store. If by any chance you deleted the plugin, you have to start the complete process again.

Now if you delete the plugin, this means that you have to repeat the entire process again.

If you have plans to disable numerous plugins then,

Visit Plugins and click Installed plugins. Here you can manage the systems to set up the store.

cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce

Make sure that you check for all the plugins.

Scroll the dropbox and tap “Deactivate”.

deactivate Plugin

3. Updation of Store Permalinks

After the installation of WooCommerce or the addition of items to the store, the shop page may be blank. Permalinks may be the culprits behind it.

To check this click Settings and tap Permalinks. This you will get on the WooCommerce dashboard. Next click “Save Changes”.

permalink settings

4. Visibility of the catalog

This might be the next reason for a blank page. The issues when your catalog visibility setting is set as hidden.

For this, visit WooCommerce and on the dashboard, click Items. Choose the product that does not display on the Shop page. You will see the Catalog Visibility over to the right column.

Choose whether you need to appear on the page results or on the shop page. You can even choose individual choices such as search results only.

Tap OK for the update of the product.

cannot View Product Pages of Woocommerce


To conclude, we hope that this article on Why Cannot I View Product Pages of WooCommerce has helped you to fix your trouble.

If you are still facing trouble, bring back the best shopping experience with WP Customify. We are an innovative WordPress design and web development team. We have spent an extensive year developing the best solution that improves the store’s experience.