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How to Get Your WordPress Blog Listed in Google News?

Google dominates the major market share of search engines. This is the reason why bloggers and businesses seek alternative ways to increase website traffic.

The best way to get your content noticed is by getting your WordPress blog listed in Google News. This step will improve your visibility as Google gives higher priority to top stories.

Earlier, bloggers or businesses had to go through a long process for being considered for Google news listing. However, since 2019 things have become quite easier for bloggers and entrepreneurs because Google changed its policy.

To be a Google news publisher, you just need to comply with Google news publisher guidelines. Additionally, you need to ensure that your content is of the best quality.

What is Google News?

Google News is a phenomenal approach by Google to display the latest stories and news for its users. The main intent of this concept is to give recent news headlines and updates from all across the globe. This concept was introduced in 2022.

Google News has plenty of sources for content. You can check the Google news publisher’s content in numerous languages. For this, you need to click the dedicated tab “News” in Google and check for the latest news/ topic.

Google News

Google News is a syndication platform that categorizes and collects news stories. Even though there are huge benefits that you can enjoy by featuring in Google News. But, getting your content features and submitting your website are two different scenarios.

Wordpress Blog Listed in Google News

You can even know about the recent news for the keyword ‘Top stories’. This news will appear in Google’s featured snippets.

Why should you consider getting your WordPress blog listed in Google news?

It is one of the credible windows that people look for. Getting your website or WordPress blog listed in Google news can improve your organic traffic. It is the best way to reach maximum audiences.

This approach can build the authority and credibility of your business brand. The reason being your content/ site will more likely be displayed next to leading brands. It is a great message that the content displayed on your website is quality and trustworthy information.

Apart from this, you will see a great positive impact on your SEO. Publishers will be picking your content as a source. A great way for backlinks. Hence, your WordPress site will also rank for other keywords too.

Eligibility and Requirements

Google news publisher guidelines or policies must be followed by the publisher. Google has specified the guidelines for the content. Your content must adhere to the conditions mentioned in this policy, otherwise content will be rejected.

Tips to submit your business website

Use the Google news publisher center and fill in all the essential details. This includes the URL of your website, topical category, etc. The verification may take 2-4 weeks. So, be patient!!

In the Publisher Center, you need to tap the button, “Verify in Search Console”.

You do not have to submit your website to Google News to get categorized and indexed as a news publication. But, it is recommended to do so.

  • Create a Google News Sitemap

This is the first consideration that you need to pay attention to. To Google News, you need to submit the website once you set up the news sitemap.

Google identifies new content and displays the content using a sitemap. AIOSEO is one of the amazing tools that you can use to create a Google News sitemap.

  • Submitting WordPress website

When you are done with your sitemap, you need to submit your site to Google News.

For this, visit the website of Google Publisher Center. Login via your Google account. You will see a Welcome Note. Tap “Got It” to get your WordPress Blog listed in Google News.

Publisher center

Next, press ‘Add publication’ shared on the menu.

Google Publisher Center

You will see and popup. Here, you need to share the title of your WordPress blog. Make sure to choose the location and enter its URL.

When done, check the box. This certifies that the Google news publisher is permanently and principally located in the country they have chosen. Then tap the button “Add Publication” to get your WordPress blog listed in Google News.

Add publication

To the Publisher Center, the publication will be added. Next, tap the button ‘Publication settings’ to get your WordPress blog listed in Google news.

From the dropdown, choose your “Primary Language” and edit the Publication name (if you want). You can even edit the location.

You can tap “Verify” if you have not verified your site earlier. On a pop-up, you will be asked to open Google Search Console. Here, you need to do the verification of your website’s ownership.

Once verified, browse to Publication Settings and check for more options. Tap “Next”. You can implement a logo in the next step.

When done, hit the button, “Save” to get your WordPress blog listed in Google news. Next, click “Edit”.

Fill in all the Basic details such as meta description. This is one of the strategies that WordPress SEO experts apply so that users find the content easily.

Next, choose the class of the Publication.

Basic Information

Scroll to “Distribution Settings”. Here, you can choose the preferred countries. Otherwise, your publication will be available in all countries.

When done, hit “Next”.


In Google News, you will have to Add Sections. Here, you can add your feed, web location, videos, etc.

Hit the ‘+ New section’ and go for your preference. You get the upper hand to restrict sections for specific people. For this go to the settings of “Access groups”.

Acess Groups

Tap “Next” when you are done with your access group settings.

Google News Publication status

Under ‘Google News app publishing status’, you can review the issues such as finding the missing items This is the best way to test the application.

Before you submit for publication, scroll down to the section and hit ‘Testing your publication’ and ‘Follow publication’.

Testing your Publication

Next, press the button “Publish” and check the box.

You are done!!

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