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Header Sticky

This is a premium module, available with Customify Pro. You would need to activate the module from Appearance > Customify Options  > Header Sticky

You can find the Header Sticky option in the Customizer on Appearance → Customize → Header →  Header  Sticky.

Setting Header Row Sticky

Header Builder designed with 3 rows (Header Top, Header Main, Header Bottom), so you can set sticky for each row you want.

To enable sticky for header row, choose a header row and then check to option e.g Sticky Header main.

Setting Header Row Sticky Styling

NOTE: Sticky Styling option apply when header row stuck only.

Each subsection header row find settings “Sticky Settings” then click to the pencil icon to toggle advanced settings for row when stuck. You can customize: color, background, border, …

Advanced Settings

  • Show header sticky when scroll up only: If check this option sticky header only show when you scroll up.
  • Stuck Wrapper Styling: When your header row(s) stuck, you may need add some style for all of them, let add here.