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How to increase WordPress website CTR?

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WordPress website CTR

Valuable content with superior quality is considered The Ultimate Path To Achieving Great Goals. It will help to rank prominently on search engines. Now, this does not guarantee that users will click on your link just because you are appearing in search results.

Some make the mistake of tweaking the descriptions and titles of their web page to boost their organic CTR. Well, it is a wrong practice. There are plenty of factors that affect the CTR of your website significantly. Fortunately, they are within your control. You can optimise it easily to improve organic clicks or increase WordPress website CTR.

You need to understand this general rule! Visitors turn into readers and then your loyal customers.

CTR is the main director that takes the lead in this situation. Hence, it is recommended to improve organic CTR. This will build your presence in the internet world, increase website traffic, and generate revenue.

An introduction to organic click-through rate

It is defined as the users (percentage) who tap on the link that appears in the search results.

For instance, your blog appeared 100 times for a specific keyword. And 5 users clicked on your link to read the blog. So, the click-through rate for your log will be 5%.

The algorithms of search engines use organic CTR to evaluate the website’s/ web content’s performance in the search results. The pages with higher CTR do great on the search result.

CTR and search engines are intimately connected. So, the better the CTR you possess, the greater the chance to get traffic to your website.


Prominent tools to increase WordPress website CTR

1. Google Search Console

Tools such as Google Search Console is a great assistance for knowing the performance of the website.

Make sure to check and select “Average CTR”. You will see a detailed report while you scroll down. Under the tab “Queries”, you can check the keywords for which you are performing great. This will be marked with the position, average clicks, CTR, and impression.

a. Figure out the content with low CTR

Visit the “Search Analytics Report” of your Google Search Console. Next, you have to turn on your CTR filter.

Search for the pages with low CTR and ranking well. Why?

Well, it denotes that your page is ranking higher but nobody is tapping on your snippet. Hence, it is recommended to improve the snippets and increase website traffic.

Search Analytics

b. HTML improvements

Browse to “HTML Improvements” on the Google Search Console to figure out meta descriptions and SEO titles. Check for long, short, and duplicates, and fix them to increase WordPress website CTR.

2. Yoast SEO

  • Improve the Meta Descriptions or SEO titles

You can use the Bulk Editor of Yoast SEO to edit the meta descriptions or SEO titles. You do not have to visit each page individually to manage this. Rewriting is the best way to increase WordPress website CTR.

The Bulk Editor will not help you with the focus keywords. Rather, it will tell you whether your meta description or SEO title is too long or short.

  • Craft the title

Yes, you can use this tool to craft your title. You can research your primary and secondary keywords and craft the elements.

Other Tools:-

You can even use the tools like UberSuggest, AIOSEO, etc., to increase WordPress website CTR.


Top ways to increase WordPress website CTR

1. Employ Long-Tail Keywords

You need to use long-tail keywords to increase WordPress website CTR. This should be especially implemented in your title tags and headlines. These types of words are descriptive in nature. Hence, it will match the search intent.

When a user comes across your descriptive long-tail keyword, they will click your URL.

2. Craft powerful meta descriptions

This is a just answer for those who want to improve organic traffic. Compelling meta descriptions are a great source to increase website traffic. These are the best mediums that will help your users understand what your business page is all about.

Your keywords must be displayed strategically so that the users may know that your web page is the right answer for them.

Strategic steps:-

Answering queries

Answering the queries of the user in the meta description is the best way to win half battles. It will boost your organic click-through rate.

Relevant and specific

You only get a bandwidth of 160 characters to share your message in a meta description. Hence, share your message as relevant and specific as possible.

Persuasive language

It is better to use persuasive language. You can use sentences that can emotionally target the user. Through your post, you can improve organic CTR and increase website traffic.

3. Use structured data

This is one of the best ways to let the search engine know about your message. Using the tools, you can change the content into code that can be processed by a search engine easily.

This approach will help search engines display interactive and rich search results. They are termed rich snippets.

With rich snippets, you can:-

  • Appear higher on SERP
  • Appealing than the plain URLs
  • Shares your content details at a glance more effectively

Using structured data will increase WordPress website CTR as users are prone to divulge interactive content.

4. Mobile Optimization

It is no BIG NEWS that people are more prone to using smartphones than desktops. And the recent trends clearly depict that mobile devices will continue to hold their position. This is the reason why it is advised to optimize the page for smartphone devices to increase WordPress website CTR.

5. Value-added URL Slugs

WordPress is one of the best platforms that employ SEO-friendly URL structure. You can generate meaningful URLs with this.
You can use a “URL slug” to generate your WordPress page title/ post automatically.

A leading WordPress support company like WP Customify can help to increase WordPress website CTR. We are a highly acclaimed service provider that provides WordPress help all across the globe. Our developers are available 24×7 and can help to increase website traffic more strategically.