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How to Integrate SecurePay Payment Gateway in WooCommerce Stores?

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Payment Gateway In WooCommerce

SecurePay is one of the most reliable payment gateways introduced by the Australian Company OLB Group, Inc. It is an ideal way of connecting an online platform to a secure server that can address various e-commerce needs. The extension is a perfect solution for organizations and businesses of all kinds and sizes. Merchants are facilitated with complete payment solutions that can ease the online sale-purchase process for the businesses. The system enables them to start their business within a week’s time.

Being a leader in Australia’s online payment market, SecurePay’s experience spans over 15 years. The platform has experience of helping more than 40,000 organizations with their unique e-commerce requirements.

What Plugin is used for SecurePay Direct Post Setup?

SecurePay Payment Setup uses WooCommerce SecurePay Payment Gateway plugin. With installation and setup of this plugin the merchants can accept customer credit cards. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up the plugin. The system checkout process is eased to a great extent with SecurePay. Before we talk about the process, let’s first tell you why this gateway is a decent choice for your eCommerce store.

Benefits of SecurePay Online Payments

Simple application process – SecurePay Payment Gateway allows businesses to facilitate their customers with good selections of payment options including PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners and Club International. Customers can make the purchase without any hassle. It further helps businesses to gain an increased number of sales. The best part is that merchants need not to visit their banks to submit the application. The complete process can be initiated online.

Easy integration – The payment gateway also offers the benefit of quick integration. You can easily integrate the system with multiple e-shopping carts. Plus, users can access all major banks (particularly Australian) easing the process of receiving payments for merchants.

Security of online transactions – With online payment gateway in use you are guaranteed to have safe and secure transactions. It also protects customer information from unauthorized access and fraud. SecurePay is easily manageable. Customers can access the account related data any time. Additionally, it offers the benefit of reporting. The details therein allow individuals to manage transactions and build strategies effective for business marketing.

User-friendly for both customers and businesses – SecurePay opens multiple payment options for online purchase. Customers can pay via bank transfer, credit card, COD, or in person. One of the greatest advantages of the online gateways is that you can reap the benefit of all the methods collectively.

Additionally, SecurePay easily works in combination with multiple payment platforms. By integrating the platforms with this payment gateway a businesses’ customer count is sure to increase in their customer count (irrespective of the payment option they choose according to their bank account suitability. Paying for their online purchase will be easier. Also, the process of payment through SecurePay is user-friendly, quick, and safe.

Additional benefits – SecurePay is supported on Mac and Windows. It can be deployed on Cloud Hosted platforms and offers impeccable English language support. The online gateway comes with Quote-based and One-time payment pricing models making it easier for merchants to manage the cost. It’s an ideal option for Freelancers, Small/Medium Business and large corporates. You can rely on this payment gateway for detailed online reporting, online payments, PayPal support and more.

SecurePay Payment Gateway Installation Process

  • Download the SecurePay Payment Gateway plugin.
  • Open “” file and then upload it to the directory. Find WordPress > Content > Plugins.
  • Go to the “Plugins” menu for activation in WordPress.

SecurePay Payment Gateway Plugin Setup Process

  • Find Store > WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout.
  • Select SecurePay payment gateway by selecting payment gateway.
  • Customize the Test Mode, Title, Merchant Pass, Merchant ID, and Currency.
  • Now select ‘Save Changes’ for saving the SecurePay information.
  • Now use frontend SecurePay.

Integrating WooCommerce SecurePay Payment Gateway in Website


  • SecurePay Payment Gateway Plugin for WooCommerce.
  • SecurePay account (in a Australia based bank).
  • SSL certificate.

Follow the below listed steps for integrating SecurePay Payment Gateway –

  1. Sign in to your WooCommerce WordPress Website
  2. Go to WooCommerce Menu > Payment > SecurePay payment gateway
  3. Check ‘Enable SecurePay Payment Gateway’ box
  4. Add SecurePay Merchant ID and SecurePay Password
  5. Select ‘Save Changes’

Finding Secure Pay Merchant ID

Merchant ID can be found in SecurePay account by logging in to your account using this link.

Once you sign in to your SecurePay accounts find your account’s Merchant password and ID.

What to do if you find Live Mode ‘Invalid Merchant ID’ Error

Here are the reasons if you find ‘Invalid Merchant ID’ error –

  • Check whether your ‘Transaction Merchant ID’ has 7 characters (For example – XYZ0022). Accounts having Merchant ID of 3 characters wouldn’t be accepted (for example – XYZ). In this case you’ll need to connect with SecurePay customer care for a valid LIVE Merchant ID.
  • After you enter the ‘Transaction Merchant ID’ make sure you forget to untick ‘Test environment’ box.
  • It is important to install a full-proof SSL certificate on WooCommerce site. Plus, ensure the server has TLS1.2 support.
  • If you are facing errors make sure the plugin is downloaded or installed from the official WordPress plugin manager. Do not consider any other site for plugin download.
  • Disable plugins which aren’t necessary. Switch your account to WordPress theme (default).


Being one of the most reliable payment gateway plugins SecurePay can meet your unique business needs efficiently. However, some third party themes or plugins added to the site may cause some issue. Therefore, it is wise to conduct test transaction. In case the plugin fails in the testing system disable some plugins or try changing your website’s theme. For assistance or support services related to SecurePay Direct Post, you may consider WPCustomify team.