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How to Integrate Square Payment Gateway in WordPress Website?

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Integrate Square Payment Gateway

The Square Payment Gateway for WooCommerce is an amazing tool that can be easily integrated into customer data, sales, inventory and other channels. It enables instant acceptance of payments through a single centralized solution. This means WooCommerce store end-users can start using Square right away without waiting for hours. Also, there aren’t any hidden charges. You are charged only when you earn sales revenue.

Thinking about setting up and integrating Square Payment Gateway on the WordPress website? This article will tell why and how you can do that. And if you have already made up your mind and are looking for experts to help you in doing the same, hire professionals at WPCustomify for excellent and fast services.

Features of Square Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

a) Saves Card and Customers Details

Regular customers can easily save and secure their card details. Plus, it also allows them to label their mode of payment making it easier for them to identify the method when needed in future.

b) Authorize Capture

Square allows the merchants to authorize customer order when a transaction is made by the customers and the payment is captured when order is shipped.

c) WooCommerce Pre-Orders and Subscriptions Support

WooCommerce Pre-Orders is an ideal option to add pre-orders buttons in your online store for various products and services. With this extension you can accept upfront payment for the pre-orders and set any time and date according to the availability.

d) Business Security at Zero Cost

Payment disputes are obvious where sale and purchase take place. There is always a risk of issues with the purchase from the customer’s end. Square’s team of professionals resolve the matter by verifying the authenticity of concern raised by customers. The end decision is made by them accordingly.

f) Dispute Dashboard for Easy Work Management

Square’s Disputes Dashboard allows users to submit e-copies of the important documents to the extension. It eases the job of merchants by handling the stressful, time-consuming, and hefty work of sorting bank related issues of the customers.

g) Account Protection and Fraud Prevention

The dedicated fraud protection team of Square ensures complete account security. Not only do they keep 24/7 watch on the account activities but ensure a holistic approach towards the extension’s ecosystem. Plus, they keep analyzing different signals in order to keep themselves abreast of the latest fraud trends.

h) Advanced Data Security

Square’s advanced features enable it to protect all the business related data. It records every business activity and transaction. You need to worry about the safety of your business and confidential info with Square in use.

i) Up-to-date and accurate inventory

Square integration eliminates the need to maintain a manual record of sales and inventory. The extension automates the entire process and helps in keeping the track of the WooCommerce inventory. With tools in use merchants can easily sync any offline or online changes in the stock.

What Plugin is used to Set Up Square?


  • An SSL Certificate
  • WooCommerce version 3.0+
  • PHP version 5.6+
  • WordPress version 4.6+
  • A Square account

Setting up and Configuration Process

  1. The process starts with buying and downloading the plugin needed for integrating Square extension with the site.
  2. “Square For WooCommerce” is the best plugin for the purpose. You may purchase and download it from this link.
  3. After the plugin is downloaded proceed with installing and activating it to your business website.
  4. Next, click on WooCommerce > Settings > Square tab for completing the configuration.
  5. Now Sign in and set up your Square account. Next, select the “Connect with Square” option.
  6. Manage app permissions to connect Square with your website automatically.
  7. Now you’ll be redirected to your website.

How to Manage Inventory and Synchronize Woo with Square?

  1. Find the Product in your Square account.
  2. After selecting the product click on ‘Sync with Square’ option. Note that this option is limited to the products having a SKU and an attribute.
  3. Lastly, click on Update.

Synchronizing Inventory and Products Manually

Wondering how to Synchronize Woo with Square? Follow these steps:

  1. Select WooCommerce, then Settings, and then Square.
  2. Next, click on ‘Update’.
  3. Now select ‘Sync Now’

The above steps help in managing and synchronizing the inventory/products with things listed below –

  • Product Price
  • Product Name
  • Inventory Count
  • Product Category
  • Product Image
  • Product Description

Capturing the Charges

The payments can be captured manually if the ‘Transaction Type’ of the gateway is ‘Authorization’. It can be done from the Orders page on WooCommerce.

Users can capture the authorized transaction for a maximum of 6 days. Post this period you’ll have to ask your customers for transaction re-authorization for capturing payment. You’ll have to follow this procedure for every Square transaction. Note that the amount which is captured has to be similar to the authorized amount. Square doesn’t permit for partial captures.

Automatic Refunds

The refunds can be issued automatically on the website. You won’t have to check in to Square account for refunds.

How to Setup Recurring Payments Setup?

To Set Up Recurring Payments you need to allow the customers to save the payment method and card details in their profile for future reference. It helps merchants for pre-orders and product subscriptions.


Square WooCommerce Payment Gateway makes the eCommerce site both flexible and powerful. All the changes made to the inventory in WooCommerce are synced to the gateway automatically. It is a robust, easy to use, and affordable solution to manage online sales – a perfect package for small business owners, artists, and others. Do you still need more reasons to start using this gateway? We guess not.