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Benefits of Teachable WooCommerce integration

Teachable is Avante-Garde coaching creation and online courses. This tool allows businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs of all sizes to develop personalized coaching products and engaging online courses. You can manage these with quizzes, lectures, and videos.

You can collect your payments using Teachable. Hence, you can manage anything around author payments, taxes, and VAT.

You can easily host your course with these incredible tools.

What does Teachable Offers?

  • User Management
  • Course hosting
  • Checkout system
  • Affiliate management
  • Web development suite

WooCommerce is an open-source and flexible e-Commerce plugin with customizable options. It allows you to add features as well as functionalities to your online store. This plugin can help you to handle humungous endeavors like managing merchandise and other store activities.

Benefits of Teachable WooCommerce Integration

  • Usability

With Teachable WooCommerce integration, you can build your website and manage all the admin tasks. People with no technical knowledge can easily check for click navigation.

You get multi-selection options for making huge changes to the courses that you uploaded earlier.

  • Branding and identity

You can display your content uniquely by integrating Teachable with WooCommerce. You can tweak details more aesthetically.

  • Accepts Multiple Currencies

Any business can easily bestow the advantages and profits from Teachable WooCommerce integration. You can implement different types of gateways like Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

How to do Teachable WooCommerce Integration?

WP Customify can help to integrate Teachable with WooCommerce. You can host your online courses effortlessly. We can help to build your online shop easily. We have specialized experts in fixing technical glitches and complex errors.

WooCommerce Xero integration: How to enable it?

People love purchasing online rather than visiting physical stores nowadays. Hence, businesses must focus on investing time and resources in advent strategies. Leading WooCommerce support can provide you with better assistance and the right marketing techniques to rule the market.


It is an accounting software that is purely based on subscription. Xero was listed as the best accounting software by Business News Daily. Any users having access to Xero’s data file can complete their tasks easily.

Xero is a sumptuous platform and a great resource for growing your business online. You can approach different approaches with minimal effort with this indigenous platform. You can identify as well as analyze the drivers that are key financial and non-financial.

For staying abreast and taking benefit of tech-based opportunities, entrepreneurs are experimenting with every option. Most businesses seek cloud-based platforms like Xero.


WooCommerce rules the online market because of customization options, low prices, splendid features, and functionalities, etc.

There are many WooCommerce Xero Integration plugins that can help in effectively managing financial data.

Is it easy to do WooCommerce Xero integration?

Yes, it is easy and quick to integrate WooCommerce with Xero. You can build invoices in Xero. You can share and track the data on shipping, items, tax, and discounts.

Setting up a Xero account is the first thing to integrate WooCommerce with Xero. Download the .zip file. Upload the plugin and hit the options such as “Install Now” and “Activate” for the WooCommerce Xero integration.

Tips to Integrate WooCommerce with Xero.

Choose the WooCommerce Xero integration plugin to integrate WooCommerce with Xero.

Sign into WooCommerce.

Choose Plugins on your WP account. Tap Add New for WooCommerce Xero integration.

Add plugin

Hit Upload Plugin and click the option “Choose File”.

Press the button “Install Now” for activating the extension.

Navigate to your Xero account, log in, and tap “New app”.

On the screen, you will see the “Xero Developer portal”.

New App

Make sure to fulfill all the prerequisites of the Xero app.

Add new app

Complete the form to integrate WooCommerce with Xero:-

  • App Name
  • OAuth 2.0 grant type
  • Application or Company URL
  • OAuth 2.0 redirect URI

Xero For Woocommerce

Hit the option Create app to integrate WooCommerce with Xero.

My Integration app

Copy the Client id and paste it. Browse the Xero app and hit the option Generate a secret. Navigate back to the Xero account and hit the option Save.

Browse to WooCommerce Xero Admin Panel and hit Save.

Activate the command Sign in with Xero!!

Sign in with Xero

You will be directed to the website

Allow Access

Hit Connect for WooCommerce Xero integration.


Here, you will get confirmation of the status.

Woocommerce Xero Aurtrization

You are done with WooCommerce Xero integration.

Mailjet integration WooCommerce: Complete process

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with purchasers. You can term it as the right adrenaline that can fuel your business adequately. The developers of Mailjet innovate and upgrades their service regularly.

This tool is the right suit for your enterprise needs. You can relish effective services in the WP Dashboard. It will help to maintain the reputation of your brand and is GDPR-consistent. Therefore, best suitable to integrate with any type of platform and CMSs. Most businesses are doing Mailjet integration WooCommerce.

Julien Tartarin and Wilfried Durand are the developers of Mailjet. With it, you can design and track emails easily. You will never think of jumping from this platform because of its superlative functionalities. It was introduced in 2010 and is highly acclaimed as the best email delivery system. Mailjet is a cloud-based email tracker.

Features that you can enjoy with Mailjet integration WooCommerce

  1. You can manage as well as create transactional/ marketing campaigns via email. This can be easily managed through the Admin panel.
  2. With Mailjet WooCommerce integration, you can craft and develop subscription widgets.
  3. You can employ HTML builder/ email manager to craft alluring and engaging emails. Things can be managed from the Admin panel of your WordPress site.

The complete process of Mailjet integration WooCommerce

Log in to WordPress. In the Administrator Profile, hit “Plugins” and then “Add New” for Mailjet WooCommerce integration.

Add new plugin

Click “Install Now” for installing the marketing plugin.


Hit “Activate” for Mailjet.

Activate Mailjet

Set up your account by tapping the option “Setup account”.

Maijet for wordpress

Press “Mailjet” go to “Mailjet settings”. Hit “API key” and add “Secret key.”

Tap the option “Connect”. This step allows you to make the connection with the account of Mailjet.

Mailjet Plugin

Select the email list from the dropdown that you plan to synchronize. If the default list does not suit your business you can create it. For this, hit the option “Create a new list” for Mailjet integration WooCommerce.

Wordpress users

Do not forget to miss the checkbox. Press “Create a new list” for Mailjet integration WooCommerce. Browse to “Apply and Continue”.

Apply and Continue

Navigate to the setting of Mailjet. Hit “Configure” under “Configure WordPress email sending”.

Configure wordpress email sending

Click “Settings” under “Update settings” for Mailjet integration WooCommerce.

Update Settings

Browse to “Sending Settings” for Mailjet integration WooCommerce.

Next, on the option “Enable Sending through Mailjet”, check it. You can forward the email via Mailjet SMTP relay. With this step, you can mark the activities in real-time.

Sending settings

Check the test mail to check if the settings are properly configured.

Browse to “Subscription settings” to integrate Mailjet with WooCommerce. Check the boxes if it is aligned according to your business goals. Go to “User Access” and hit “Save.”

Navigate to “Integrations” and you will see the options like:-

  • “Display ‘Subscribe to our newsletter”
  • “Add subscribers to this list”
  • “Enable WooCommerce Integration”

Click these options and will only work for those who have WordPress or WooCommerce stores.


You can add new people to the new list.

In a conclusion

Mailjet integration is the best way for building efficient email campaigns. Our tech-mavericks are seasoned at solving your technical challenges.

Whether you are looking for any support to set up a new shop or to fix your broken website, we are right behind your back with our WooCommerce support. Connect with us!

A quick way to do MailerLite WooCommerce integration

MailerLite is a magnificent marketing tool that can help you to create aesthetic newsletters. You can easily boost your business using automated e-Commerce campaigns.

This tool allows you to win back the deals that are lost.

Why MailerLite?

You need to consider MailerLite because you can:-

  • Sync the account of MailerLite with newsletter customers and subscribers.
  • Store the details like the information related to orders, Name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Build segments automatically to the subscriber group of MailerLite.
  • Monitor the revenues and emails and understand how it affects sales. Using this, you can optimize the content of email for better business.
  • Import the order information within seconds from an eCommerce store.
  • Integrate images, links, and text directly into the MailerLiter newsletter builder.
  • Send abandoned cart emails.
  • Send automated messages and offers.
  • Generate landing pages and pop-ups.

How to do MailerLite WooCommerce integration?

1. Hit the option “Integrations” from the menu of the dropdown for MailerLite WooCommerce integration. This you will find under the section MailerSupport.


2. Hit “WooCommerce” and click the option “Use”.

Select Woocommerce

3. Browse the section E-commerce Integration and click the option “ON”.

On E-commerce Integration

4. Go to “Your account API key”. Hit “Copy” for MailerLite WooCommerce integration.

Account API Key

5. Visit the WP dashboard.

6. Hit “Plugins” for MailerLite WooCommerce integration and click “Add New”.

Install Plugin

7. On the search field type, “WooCommerce-MailerLite”.

8. Hit “Install” and then “Activate” to integrate MailerLite with WooCommerce.

Mailerlite Plugin

9. Hit “WooCommerce” and click “Settings”.

10. Click “Integrations”.
11. On the Mailer Lite API field, paste the API from 4 Step to integrate MailerLite with WooCommerce.
12. On the MailerLite API field, paste the API. Paste the details from Step No. 4. Click “Validate Key”.

Woocommerce settings

Mailerlite API key

13. Pick the subscribers group for the checkout process.
14. Implement “Consumer Key” as well as “Consumer Secret” to integrate MailerLite with WooCommerce.

Go to “WooCommerce” to get Consumer Key or Consumer Secret.

Hit “Settings” to integrate MailerLite with WooCommerce and then click “Advanced”. Choose “REST API” and navigate to “Key”.

Hit “Generate API key”. Copy as well as paste it.

15. Finally, click “Save changes”.

You are done with MailerLite WooCommerce integration.

WP Customify can help to do MailerLite WooCommerce integration. We are also adept in providing maintenance services. We are 24×7 available for WordPress and WooCommerce support.

The simple way to do Flodesk WooCommerce integration

Email marketing is one of the prudent strategies employed by businesses nowadays. This strategy is a great source for designing and building alluring emails. You can easily intimidate your users.


The founders, Rebecca Shostak and Martha Bitars launched this tool in 2019. It is best for those who are naive in marketing or do not hold any technical skills/ experience.

This tool is known for its great conversion rates. It has alluring templates with a simple interface. Flodesk is best for like-minded creatives to take a successful turn. This platform is the right inquisitive among various innovative platforms.


It is the best eCommerce platform that offers flexibility and quantified results. WooCommerce is enormously used by businesses because of its security features. It allows customization and modification to the complete store.

Flodesk WooCommerce integration

WooCommerce is a cost-effective solution with advanced inventory management, built-in features, etc. Flodesk WooCommerce integration is the best state of action to connect with the audiences aptly. Hiring WooCommerce support will make things simpler.

Why opt for Flodesk WooCommerce integration?

You need to opt for Flodesk WooCommerce integration for the following reasons:-

  • Develop consistent emails

With Flodesk WooCommerce integration, you can do more than marketing. You can build styled emails easily. You can also easily build layouts.

  • Connect savvy email sections for the online store

Flodesk has a savvy framework. It does not penalize businesses if they have subscribers from varied segments. You can target large audiences to be your email subscribers. You can give them access to your newsletters, coupons, or downloads.

Flodesk utilizes a savvy framework that will not penalize you if you have email subscribers from different segments.

You can send personalized emails to your customers based on their purchasing trends.

  • Per item emails

Assuming your businesses sell actual and computerized products from your online store, follow-up messages are the best way.

Businesses must ensure to send follow-up emails the moment the product is delivered at the customer’s place.

  • Automated email workflows

Flodesk WooCommerce integration allows you to send limitless follow-up email series.

  • Track email marketing analytics

You can simply track the email analytics of your business. It allows you to check if the email marketing program of your business is properly functioning or not.

Since Flodesk segregates confounded analytics such as click-through rates. You can check the order details in a visual and understandable format.

The simple way for Flodesk WooCommerce integration

1. Follow the guidelines for Flodesk installation

Most business owners avoid this. Ensure to follow the guidelines (offered) to add codes to your website’s header.

2. Build the plugin form

Make sure to design the form to integrate Flodesk with WooCommerce. Also, complete all the fields like First Name, Email Address, etc.

You can incorporate as many fields as you wish to ask your customers. Include a checkbox like “by checking this box” for Flodesk WooCommerce integration.

       3. Building form in Flodesk

Try creating the form in Flodesk. Rightly, you will be getting plenty of choices for building forms.

      4. Creating hidden field

Do not stop anywhere in the middle of the Flodesk setup until you get to the pasting code. Hit “Advanced Options“. Pick the option “Get Genesis eNews Snippets” for Flodesk WooCommerce integration. You can hide or conceal any fields in this step.

You can manage this in two ways:-

  • Ninja Forms
  • Gravity Forms

Click the option “Advanced” in Gravity Forms. The box, “Default Value” will be automatically displayed in Ninja Forms.

From Action

Hit the button “Copy” to copy the URL. Technically, you need only value=”reallylongstringoflettersandnumbers”.

This field constrains copying the complete URL. Hence, ensure that you cut out things other than strings that are near the “value= part”.

Hit “Save” for Flodesk WooCommerce integration.

      5. Building Webhook

Webhook allows sending data via a form. The process of building webhooks differs in Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms. Let’s check the process:-


  • Gravity Forms

You can opt for a premium/ basic license for pulling webhooks in Gravity Forms. Hit “Settings” to integrate Flodesk with WooCommerce. Then, hit “Confirmations” and select “Redirect”.

Hit “Pass Field Data Via Query String“. Include capitalization for Flodesk WooCommerce integration.

  • Ninja Forms

Opt for a professional subscription for accessing webhooks. You get multi-page forms, layout, and conditional forms in professional subscriptions.

After purchasing the license, upload the webhook add-ons to the WP site. Do not forget to activate it. Refresh the page after activating.

Click the option “Emails & Actions” for Flodesk WooCommerce integration. Hit the sign “+” for adding a new field. Copy and paste it from the page of Flodesk.

Make sure the remote URL is and post the remote technique. Ensure the capitalization (such as using camel case) matches Flodesk on the key side.

Click “Done” for Flodesk WooCommerce integration and hit “Publish”.

Ninja Forms vs Gravity Forms: Argumentative Topic

You have to build the URL yourself in the case of Gravity Forms. On the other hand, the sections are managed automatically in Ninja Forms.

Make sure that you do not leave spaces for Flodesk WooCommerce integration.

Tap “Save Confirmation” to integrate Flodesk with WooCommerce.

  • 6. Test

Testing is vital to check if the process is simpler in Flodesk WooCommerce integration.

7. Styling the form

Add the shortcodes to forms if you are creating one. You can ignore this step if this is not your first form.

Final Note

Flodesk WooCommerce integration is a fine way to manage on-patterns at the present time. It will allow sending automated emails to your potential clients based on the customer’s interaction with your online store.

An exemplary guide for WooCommerce Sendinblue integration

Are you planning to get more out of WooCommerce and Sendinblue? Do you want a smooth workflow that saves your resources and time? Well, you can manage with no coding with WooCommerce Sendinblue integration.

There are numerous perks of implementing WooCommerce Sendinblue integration. They are as follows:-

1. Loading of data in any direction

With WooCommerce Sendinblue integration, you can do data transformations, data filtering, etc. You can update records or insert new records that exist in the target already. As a result, you can import data without developing any duplicates for the present target records.

2. Synching of data two ways

You can do bi-directional synchronization of data between WooCommerce and Sendinblue. In addition, you get the benefit of powerful mapping features with WooCommerce Sendinblue integration. You can also synchronize data with variant structures.

3. Updating and syncing new data one-way

You can modify or upload new data with WooCommerce Sendinblue integration.

4. Mass Deletes and Updates

Here, you can manage all types of DML operations. This includes DELETE and UPDATE. As a result, you can manage operations of mass data or delete mass data.

Key features of Loading data in any direction, Updating and syncing new data one-way, & Mass Deletes and Updates

  • Support for all operations

You can build new records, delete source records, and update existing records from the target. You can also get support for the operation like upsert, which allows you to import the data without creating any duplicates.

  • Preserving data relations

A leading service provider with this feature will help you to build relations between the following:-

  • Imported objects
  • Tables
  • Files

You can preserve everything here.

  • Data Transformation

You can enjoy strong features of mapping for data transformation. Hence, you can easily import the data even when the target and source have varied structures. It allows you to manage data splitting, using lookups, complex formulas, and expressions.

One-way synching of modified data

With upsert support and data filtering, you can configure the imports easily to manage one-way sync. Hence, it is best to integrate Sendinblue with WooCommerce.

Key feature of Synching data two ways

  • Strong Mapping

Adept professionals can help you to custom objects and fields & allow you to sync the data. You can map string expressions and employ powerful mathematical & lookups. You can even map to multiple tables with a single table.

How to integrate Sendinblue with WooCommerce?

In the first step, do the installation & activation of Sendinblue in the WooCommerce plugin directory.

Enter the Sendinblue API key under the account of your Sendinblue. Hit Settings and click the API key to integrate Sendinblue with WooCommerce. As soon as you enter the API key, it allows you to configure any other plugin setting of your choice.

You are done!

In a conclusion

WooCommerce Sendinblue integration makes things easier for businesses. It can help to cultivate relationships with customers and grow businesses. So, make your way to integrate Sendiblue with WooCommerce and grow your business effectively.

You can automate emails as per the actions of your customers. For instance, if they have abandoned some product on their cart, you can automate an email reminding them of that product.

Apart from this, you can segment the list of your customer and send emails to a targeted customer base.

What is WooCommerce FreshBooks integration?

WooCommerce FreshBooks integration allows one to create WooCooomnerce customers as FreshBooks clients. You can link FreshBooks products to WooCommerce products in order to get better reporting.

Your clients can immediately download PDF invoices if the data is entered automatically into FreshBooks. It also allows you to send invoices automatically using “Snail Mail”.

Before we go through the process of WooCommerce FreshBooks integration, let us get deeper insights.


A. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an efficient software for accounting. It is geared for up to 50 workers at small enterprises. FreshBooks has got alluring dashboard from where you can manage all types of operations easily. This software is highly regarded for its user-friendly design and is highly sought after for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration. A person with minimal accounting knowledge can easily manage FreshBooks.

It is the best tool for freelancers who manage easy-to-use accounting systems and invoicing.

B. WooCommerce

One of the most prominent e-Commerce plugins for CMS, WordPress. Large or small-sized businesses that are using WordPress can use WooCommerce. Since its launch in 2011, it has attained popularity among merchants for its simplicity.

Eminent features

A. FreshBooks

This software offers comprehensive support for each aspect of accounting and invoicing. Some of FreshBook’s eminent features are as follows:-

1. Invoicing

You can personalize the layout for each invoice like:-

  • Select alternative currencies
  • Opt for the option to charge late penalties
  • Set reminders to establish automatic payment
  • Add line items
  • Add the logo of your company
  • You can bill a client from the list of your stored clients

We would be recommending generating the categories of tax. For each line item, you have to implement the tax. You also need to specify the tax choices related to your services and goods.

You can also manage prerequisites like:-

  • Terms of Payment
  • Notes
  • Discounts
  • Plans of Payment
  • Attachments to your invoices
  • Deposit requests

Businesses can share the invoices through an email or shareable link. In addition, you can even do the modification of the email by using dynamic fields. It will automatically enter the detail into the email and invoice. FreshBooks is quite easy to set bills on autopilot.

You can craft one invoice in a single go. You can even design templates for recurring invoices in the following cases:-

  • Limit how many invoices are to be sent
  • Schedule the issue dates
  • Invoices that are Issued on a regular basis
  • How frequently do you send the invoices

2. Time Tracking

You can track the timing and charge your clients as per the hours you worked for them. Even though, it is a basic component but is an excellent and great relief for small businesses. Crafting and sending invoices quickly will cut down the time that you will spend on navigating various sections.

3. Expenses

With FreshBooks, you will be able to monitor the finances that you spend on your services/ products. Similarly, it can also track sales via invoices. The process is quite straightforward for adding new costs since you will be including the following:-

  • Classify spending using the pre-selected categories of FreshBooks
  • Taxes
  • Receipt’s picture as evidence of purchase
  • Description
  • Details of the merchant

B. WooCommerce

1. Open-Source

This WordPress plugin is open-source. Hence, you get complete store ownership. It is scalable and flexible. You can access the stored data anytime and anywhere with 100% security.

2. Multilingual website

You can have a user-friendly multilingual website with few clicks. It can translate into 24 different languages. Hence, you can run a global business effectively with WooCommerce FreshBooks integration.

3. Offers secure and flexible payments

WooCommerce can accept bank transfers, credit cards, and COD. Apart from this, you can do WooCommercre integration with prominent payment gateways.

Using WooCommerce FreshBooks integration, one can manage their accounting and do their business instantly.

Steps for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration

In order to do WooCommerce FreshBooks integration, you need to create FreshBooks Classic Account.

In case you are using FreshBooks’ updated version, contact customer support of FreshBooks for shifting your account.

1. Preparing the FreshBooks for smooth running

Browse to the dashboard and download the extension’s ZIP file for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration. On your WP, pick “Plugin” and hit “Add New” for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration. Tap “Install Now” and activate FreshBooks.

To get your FreshBooks ready, you need to adjust some settings.

Go to “WooCommerce” and click “Settings” for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration. Next, hit “**FreshBooks&”.

Sign In to “FreshBooks”. Hit “My Account” and click the option “FreshBooks API” to attain the API URL. In the Settings of WooCommerce, you need to enter the API for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration.

In the image below, you will see the FreshBooks Setting window. It has plenty of fields. In case of any confusion, you can check the explanation or the guide by hovering your mouse over the Question Mark.

API Settings

Fields that you may see:-


In the previous step, you may have received this URL from your FreshBooks account.

    • Authentication Token

You will attain the details in a similar way as the API URL.

    • Debug Mode

This mode can give you assistance if you are facing troubleshooting with this plugin. All sensitive details are not included in the debugging messages before any display. It is recommended to keep the mode off.

    • Default Client

It is a section where you can choose a client for whom you wish to create all invoices. Choose the option “None” if you are wishing to establish a new customer for each client.

    • Default Language

It is a place where you pick your default language for your site and invoices.

    • Send Invoices By

Through which medium one wishes to send their invoices (Snail Mail or Email)? For the option of “Snail Mail”, you need to have a specific stamp number in the FreshBooks account.

  • Implement Order Number as Invoice Number

You can have your order number as an invoice number generated automatically or do it manually.

    • Invoice Number Prefix

In this section, you can enter a prefix or blankly leave the field. In the option, “Prefix + Order number”, just ensure that the characters are not more than 10.

    • Automatically Create Invoices

The invoices are manually or automatically generated here.

    • Automatically Send Invoices

You can automatically submit the invoice and send them manually. You can also save them as drafts for sending automatically/ manually.

    • Automatically Apply for Payments

Manually or automatically apply for invoice payments.

    • Payment Type Settings

You have to pick how each method of WooCommerce payment must be reported as the payment type in FreshBooks. Check the window below:-

Payment Type settings

2. Use Gravity Forms, a third-party plugin

Other than the traditional method for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration, you can try this option. Here, we are using Gravity Forms for reference.

You need to fulfill the small requirements with Gravity Forms FreshBooks Elier plans and add-on on Pro.

Step #1: Start with Gravity Forms

Skip the steps if you already have Gravity Forms.

You cannot access Gravity Forms in the WordPress plugin repository because it is a premium plugin. Hence, you cannot download it from the WP dashboard.

Make sure to download the updated version of the Gravity Forms core plugin for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration. Download the plugin from the Gravity Forms account.


You will get Gravity Forms in the file form.

Go to the WP dashboard and browse “Add Plugins”. Upload the ZIP file and hit “Install” to do WooCommerce FreshBooks integration.

Add Plugin

Do not forget to activate Gravity Forms for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration.

active plugin

Next, enter the license key. This you can attain by browsing the Gravity Forms site’s My Account.

Gravity form license key

Step #2: Get hold of the FreshBooks add-on

As soon as Gravity Forms is ready, it’s time for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration. You have select “Add-Ons” from the dashboard of Gravity Forms.

Search for “FreshBooks Add-On” and hit the button “Install” for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration.

Freshbook adons

Step 3: Prepare FreshBooks

You need to take actions like getting it prepared to use before you start using this accounting software for your WooCommerce store.

Install FreshBooks and activate it.

Activate Adons

Navigate to FreshBooks Settings for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration.

Freshbook Settings

Next, enter the Authorization Token and your Site Name. This you will get under the section My Account from the FreshBooks API section.

Note:- Accurately enter the details.

Next, hit “Update Settings” for WooCommerce FreshBooks integration.

You are done!!

In a conclusion!!

FreshBooks, since its invention has been a great support for small businesses. It is a great tool that can help you with accounting and invoicing issues if you are a newcomer to WooCommerce. It is cost-friendly. Hence, the best options for businesses with minimal capital.

WP Video Tutorial is a leading WooCommerce support service provider with a reach all across the globe. We are proficient in developing and handling complex tasks and troubleshooting. Our WooCommerce is trained on a regular basis to work on advanced updates and innovation.

For any integration or customization, you can reach us at 888 602-0119

Build a successful business with Printful WooCommerce integration

Customized mugs, t-shirts, shirts, etc., with fun logos and cartoons, are in rage today. Individuals love expressing their individuality through sassy puns, quotes, superheroes, and statements.

Nowadays, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs are launching their eCommerce websites online.

Printful WooCommerce integration is the best solution for fewer investment businesses. You do not want to invest capital in warehouses and machines.


a. Printful

Printful is an effective online app that delivers printed products to clients. It is a dropshipping and service provider of print-on-demand. This superlative app assists online merchants to sell custom designs to their clients.

You can integrate this app with an eCommerce store or online store. Using this, one can deliver printed items like on-demand printed phone cases, posters, etc., to their clients.

You do not require to give any upfront or setup cost for machines or accessories.

Printful is a commercial company that has warehouses worldwide. Hence, the products can get quickly shipped to the customers. It can bypass the duty and shipping fees on items available locally.

This brand provides the best-quality photography, design, and branding service. It will make your product appealing. Printful has set no limits for the minimum orders.

b. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a customizable platform. You can easily build your eCommerce store on WordPress using WooCommerce.

You have to download this plugin in order to use its functionalities and features. You get the basic functionalities of eCommerce like order management, payment, categories, taxes, etc.

“Do you know that more than 90% of businesses with eCommerce websites use WooCommerce?”

You do not have to be a pro in technical or coding to set up a WooCommerce store in WordPress. It is leveraged with tools like drag-and-drop. This will help you to customize and move your store.

You can implement numerous functionalities by using built-in extensions of WooCommerce. You can even get your store’s performance. For this, WooCommerce offers Reporting and Analytic tools.


a. Printful

This magnificent tool provides on-demand services. You as a store owner can save plenty of money. Some features of Printful are shared below:-

1. Complete automation

You can do Printful WooCommerce integration and automatically import products from your store. The process fulfillment is quite easy and quick.

2. Design Tools

This platform has Design Makes. It allows you to build unique designs from shapes and clipart. Through Getty images, you can access 80+ million images.

3. Integration

Printful lends great support for Integration. You can integrate it with most online marketplace and e-commerce platforms. Most businesses go for Printful WooCommerce integration because of this. Printful offers accessible and flexible services to most owners of an e-commerce website.

b. WooCommerce

WooCommerce makes the best platform for online merchants. The store owners can set up e-Commerce websites and sell services and products. Some features of WooCommerce are shared below:-

1. Reporting
The users can keep a track of winning products, sales stats, etc. WooCommerce offers a Reporting tool for this.

2. Secure Payments
This platform provides methods of multiple payments. This includes COD, bank transfers, credit cards, etc. The store owners get the privilege to integrate numerous platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

3. Dynamic Pricing
WooCommerce can calculate the delivery charges and tax rates automatically.


Printful WooCommerce integration allows the clients to make their orders. Further, make them delivered to Printful.

Once you do Printful WooCommerce integration, you can use the online mock-up generator of Printful. Finally, you can develop your products.

You can work on different types of products with Printful WooCommerce integration. It gives you the privilege to be creative with the clothing of children, women, and men. You can even display your creative side on home goods, accessories, and hats with Printful.

This denotes that you do not have to secure any expensive inventory that takes up your working area. You can promote your store by selling the products through Printful WooCommerce integration.

Advantages of Printful WooCommerce integration

  • Printful WooCommerce integration allows the users to get live shipping rates and settings of automated tax. This is available on all the products through Printful.
  • Printful WooCommerce integration is the best solution to the Printful fulfillment system, importing the orders from the WooCommerce store of WooCommerce automatically.
  • Printful WooCommerce integration is great for order initialization.
  • Printful WooCommerce integration allows the user to avoid unsold product storage, inventory hassle, upfront cost, etc.

Steps for Printful WooCommerce integration

For Printful WooCommerce integration, you need to employ the official plugin. This will help to connect your WooCommerce with a Printful account. With customizable features, you can add multiple products.

Here, you also get the option to track and manage your orders from the dashboard of the plugin.

Click “WooCommerce” and then tap “Plugins”. Next, go for the option “Add New”.

Search “Printful” on the search bar. Once done, do the installation and activation of the plugin.

You need to navigate to “Printful” from the dashboard of WordPress. Finally, press the button “Connect”.

Do you know you can restrict shipping to logged-in users? Check this blog.

Click “Approve” for Printful WooCommerce integration.

Make sure to sign up for Printful. You get the privilege to access all that is available on the dashboard of Printful.

Check the left sidebar. From here you can get the details of your profile, statistics, and view orders.

If you are having trouble viewing product pages of WooCommerce, please check here.

Common issues while doing Printful WooCommerce integration

1. Invalid consumer key

It denotes that you have entered your Consumer Keys incorrectly. For this, you must check your Consumer Secret and Consumer Key.
Visit the admin panel of “WooCommerce”. Navigate “Settings” and click “API”.

Then go to “Keys/ Apps”. Match the Token and Identity in the store settings of Printful.

2. WooCommerce synching causes a 404 error

For fixing this issue, visit the “Settings” of WordPress. Click “Permalinks” and choose “Under Common Settings”. Apart from “Plain” select any link structure. Tap “Save Changes” and reconnect the store of WooCommerce.

3. Too long URL- HTTP Error 414 Request

The configuration of the server does not give support for long URLs. The APIs of WooCommerce use long URLs exceptionally. You need to have a word with the system administrator and raise a request for maximum URL length.

Now, this issue may even arise because of WordPress plugins. For instance, the plugin “iThemes Security” can cause this issue if you have enabled “Filter Long URL Strings”.

4. Invalid signature

This error denotes that the signature you provided is not a great match. Hence, make sure to check the Consumer Secret. If it is the same, please reach out to for troubleshooting.

5. Not enabled REST API and Invalid WooCommerce URL

It causes your page to be returned due to an invalid API. Check the URL to fix the issue. Make sure that URL must not end with /shop/ or /wc-api/v1/.

Final Note

Printful WooCommerce integration is beneficial and simple. Printful provides solutions to shipping and inventory problems. Contrary, WooCommerce offers a robust e-Commerce platform.

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How can you do WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration?

Nowadays, most businesses have a physical store with a WooCommerce store. Businesses do this generally to tap different kinds of customers.

However, things become quite messy when it comes to inventory management. You need to synchronize all the time. WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration is one apparent solution to this problem.

For instance, if you run out of stock in your physical store. It will be modified on your online store as well. You will be sorted for the back-orders.

How can you do WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration?

There are different types of tools that can assist you in WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration.

Most of the WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration plugins use the REST API of WooCommerce.

For your physical store, you can develop a front-end interface with it. It will be connected to your store’s other data, orders, and inventory. The cashier at your physical store can check out a client using this interface.

This will reflect in the store data as well. They can apply discounts, scan the barcodes of products, and print invoices.

Steps for WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) integration

Fundamentally, all the processes are similar. But some steps may be different as per the plugin you choose.

  • Step 1: Installation and activation of the prominent WooCommerce POS integration plugin.
  • Step 2: You have to develop the frontend interface and add the items. You can choose the item from a definite class.
  • Step 3: Use API credentials to connect the POS system to the online store data.

Now, the steps of testing may slightly vary. However, you can assign the store’s capabilities to your store cashier. They can do the checkout using card payment or cash.

They can even offer discounts and add special fees before checkout.

There is many WooCommerce Point of Sale integration that allows card processors. They can even support external devices like barcode scanners or printers.

Some WooCommerce Point Of Sale integration plugins

  • WooPOS
  • POSPro
  • WePOS
  • Hike POS
  • Square

Final Note

In a competitive scenario of eCommerce, it is essential to integrate many sales channels. Hence, it is a valuable prospect to connect your WooCommerce store with 1/ more physical stores.

You get many options to achieve this. One option is to do WooCommerce POS integration. There are many prominent systems such as Square or Lightspeed for this.

There is even an alternate option. You can develop an interface on your WooCommerce store. Both options are great but they have their own sets of challenges. Live Chat Support

Best ways to do Google calendar Woocommerce integration

Nowadays, business landscapes are continually evolving. To maximize profit and achieve extra growth, you must inherit new techniques for sales management. One such technique is Google Calendar Woocommerce integration.

A detailed introduction to:-

1. Google Calendars

Google Calendars are the best tool that can change the most unorganized person into an efficient one. It is especially helpful for those who are facing a hard time streamlining their bookings with their daily work.

Google Calendars are a great support for large hotel chains and such domains. One can easily manage to mark the dates for booking, manage the staff, or next booking.

Similarly, it will update the appointment schedules to connect people all across the globe. You can manage/ schedule the remote meetings via video links. One can even coordinate multiple calendars at once to figure out the best time.

But have you ever analyzed what happens if you have to manage more than 100 bookings/ month?

2. WooCommerce Appointments and Bookings

WooCommerce has a bunch of amazing features. This plugin is the most powerful tool to manage reservations, bookings, events, etc. You can provide or initiate the booking based on months, days, hours, and even days. One can even restrict the booking to a certain locking period.

From a musical concert organizer to a hotel business owner, one can efficiently use and manage this plugin.

How can you set up Google Calendar WooCommerce integration?

1. WooCommerce

  • Visit “WooCommerce” and tap the option “Bookings”. Next, click “Settings”.
  • Choose the tab “Calendar Connection”.


  • Click on the option “Connect” using Google. This you can find under the section of Calendar Connection. Next, choose a Google account.

Signin from Google

  • You must choose an account here.
  • Make sure to confirm to the Google account or Gmail. Review your Permission to Allow.

Confirm your choice

  • Choose “Allow” to gain access to the calendar.

Woocommerce Permission

  • Do the verification of the URL and tap “Continue”.


You will see a message that displays for successful connection.


  • You will see a new section along with the settings of the calendar because of successful connection is set up.
  • From the dropdown choose the calendar and sync the Bookings.
  • Next, you must set the preference of the sync. Check below to learn about the sync preferences. Lastly, click the option “Save Changes”.

Calender Connection

The Set up is complete!!

2. Google Developers Console

Visit “WooCommerce” and click “Settings”. Next, tap the option “Integration”.

Google Calender

You can take the help of Google Developers Console to develop the project. For this, click Google Developers Console you will see your screen:-


You can choose any option “New Project” or “Use existing project”.


Browse for “G Suite APIs” and click the option “Calendar API”.

Calendar API

Next, hit the “Enable”.

Enable google calendar API

a. You need to create the credentials. For this, choose the option “Go to credentials”.

Check Details

You can even try an alternate method. Directly go to the API Manager. Next, click the option “Project” and “Credentials” page.

Choose the option “Create Credentials” and click “OAuth Client ID”.

API manager

b. Next, you need to do the setup of the OAuth Consent Screen. For this, you need to complete the details for the consent screen.

Please Note:-

You can only see the consent screen when you tap the option “Connect from your site”. This you can find on the WP-Admin.

On the WP-Admin, click the option “Bookings”. Then tap “Settings” and tap “Calendar Integration”.

It will by default select the email address. You need to type your application name. If you are planning to add any application logo then you need to do the verification from Google. This may take four to six weeks.

This application is internally used to connect the website to the calendar. Hence, we will recommend you to not add any Logo.

“SAVE AND CONTINUE”, Click this!!

You can skip the step “Scopes” as it is optional.

To set the OAuth Client ID screen, visit API Manager. Click Project and tap the option Credentials page.

You have to choose “Create credentials” and tap OAuth Client ID. Next, Redo the Step (a).

Add the credentials to your site. Please make sure to add the credential to your website.

You can check this by visiting the API and tapping on the Credential page after you have created them.

  • To open the credential, you need to click on the name.
  • Next, copy the Client Secret as well as the Client ID.

At your store, you must visit Bookings and click Settings. Finally, tap the option Calendar Connection. Under ‘Connect with your own Google App’ enter the Client ID and Secret ID. Once done, click ‘Save the settings’.

c. For the authorization of the calendar and account with Google, you need to enter your credentials.                                    Then save the settings. Lastly, tap on the button “Connect with Google”.

Google calendar WooCommerce integration

Google calendar WooCommerce integration

Next, select your Google account on your screen.

Google calendar WooCommerce integration

You will be notified regarding the warning of your app not getting verified. Tap ‘Advanced’.

Google calendar WooCommerce integration

Once you tap, please ensure to click on the link you see on your screen.

You will see a notification that will ask you to grant access. Click Allow.

Google calendar WooCommerce integration

To confirm the Access, tap” Allow”.

2 Way Google Calendar Sync

This sync is best if you have to manage bookings or reservations for your business. To do this, enable the Google Calendar Sync.

  • Install and download the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Next, for the activation of the plugin, tap “Settings”.
  • Under the tab “Google Calendar” tap the option “Start Two-Way Sync”.

Once you tap on this button, it will sync all the events that you have developed on Google Calendar.

Google calendar WooCommerce integration

To sync an event as Booking on the site, you must:-

  1. Give the name of the Bookable product or “Bookable Product ID” as the “Calendar Event Title”.
  2. You need to set the booking time and date as per the availability of the product.
  3. If you have any guests, list them in the event description with the following command “<guest name as mentioned in the product>:<number of guests>”.

For instance,

If you have the option for guests (Adults +Children) in the bookable product, you can list them as:-

  • Children: 3
  • Adults: 4

Google calendar WooCommerce integration

  • You can make sure that all the bookings are automatically synced. The plugins will sync the events by default every 60 seconds to your site. You can even customize the timings but we will recommend and tap “Save Interval”.
  • You can even set your site up to date for booking availability for emergency situations. Now if you cannot wait that long to sync the calendar events, you can sync the calendar events manually. For this, click on the “Manual Sync”.

Google calendar WooCommerce integration

Once the sync (related to the event) is complete, you can see this on your site as “New Booking”. This you will see under the tab “Booking” and the Order Page. On the order page, you will see this as “New Order”.

It is quite a struggle to streamline the bookings with the daily work. For instance, managing the staff, marking the dates next booking, etc. It is strenuous to manage.

You need an automated calendar system in this case so that you are updated with the booking. Using the features of Google sync, you can navigate the bookings from your smartphones from any location.

The plugin -WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments have got you covered.

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