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Mailjet integration WooCommerce: Complete process

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Mailjet integration WooCommerce

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with purchasers. You can term it as the right adrenaline that can fuel your business adequately. The developers of Mailjet innovate and upgrades their service regularly.

This tool is the right suit for your enterprise needs. You can relish effective services in the WP Dashboard. It will help to maintain the reputation of your brand and is GDPR-consistent. Therefore, best suitable to integrate with any type of platform and CMSs. Most businesses are doing Mailjet integration WooCommerce.

Julien Tartarin and Wilfried Durand are the developers of Mailjet. With it, you can design and track emails easily. You will never think of jumping from this platform because of its superlative functionalities. It was introduced in 2010 and is highly acclaimed as the best email delivery system. Mailjet is a cloud-based email tracker.

Features that you can enjoy with Mailjet integration WooCommerce

  1. You can manage as well as create transactional/ marketing campaigns via email. This can be easily managed through the Admin panel.
  2. With Mailjet WooCommerce integration, you can craft and develop subscription widgets.
  3. You can employ HTML builder/ email manager to craft alluring and engaging emails. Things can be managed from the Admin panel of your WordPress site.

The complete process of Mailjet integration WooCommerce

Log in to WordPress. In the Administrator Profile, hit “Plugins” and then “Add New” for Mailjet WooCommerce integration.

Add new plugin

Click “Install Now” for installing the marketing plugin.


Hit “Activate” for Mailjet.

Activate Mailjet

Set up your account by tapping the option “Setup account”.

Maijet for wordpress

Press “Mailjet” go to “Mailjet settings”. Hit “API key” and add “Secret key.”

Tap the option “Connect”. This step allows you to make the connection with the account of Mailjet.

Mailjet Plugin

Select the email list from the dropdown that you plan to synchronize. If the default list does not suit your business you can create it. For this, hit the option “Create a new list” for Mailjet integration WooCommerce.

Wordpress users

Do not forget to miss the checkbox. Press “Create a new list” for Mailjet integration WooCommerce. Browse to “Apply and Continue”.

Apply and Continue

Navigate to the setting of Mailjet. Hit “Configure” under “Configure WordPress email sending”.

Configure wordpress email sending

Click “Settings” under “Update settings” for Mailjet integration WooCommerce.

Update Settings

Browse to “Sending Settings” for Mailjet integration WooCommerce.

Next, on the option “Enable Sending through Mailjet”, check it. You can forward the email via Mailjet SMTP relay. With this step, you can mark the activities in real-time.

Sending settings

Check the test mail to check if the settings are properly configured.

Browse to “Subscription settings” to integrate Mailjet with WooCommerce. Check the boxes if it is aligned according to your business goals. Go to “User Access” and hit “Save.”

Navigate to “Integrations” and you will see the options like:-

  • “Display ‘Subscribe to our newsletter”
  • “Add subscribers to this list”
  • “Enable WooCommerce Integration”

Click these options and will only work for those who have WordPress or WooCommerce stores.


You can add new people to the new list.

In a conclusion

Mailjet integration is the best way for building efficient email campaigns. Our tech-mavericks are seasoned at solving your technical challenges.

Whether you are looking for any support to set up a new shop or to fix your broken website, we are right behind your back with our WooCommerce support. Connect with us!