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How to do SMS integration in WooCommerce?

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SMS integration in WooCommerce

Have you ever noticed getting notifications on smartphones after you make your purchase? Well, these notifications add convenience related to the order status.

Sending notifications via text message is a growing trend. Nowadays, many eCommerce businesses are opting for this growing trend.

SMS integration in WooCommerce provides enhanced services to customers. This denotes that the customer will be back probably for the second purchase. With SMS notifications, business owners can get in touch with their customers. They can send coupons, notify them to stay abreast.

Do you own an eCommerce website? You must go for SMS integration in WooCommerce then. Why? Let’s read further to find out:-

Why must you go for SMS notifications to WooCommerce?

SMS notifications can connect with your users/ clients in real-time. Usually, people read/ view/ open text messages within seconds of receiving. Hence, businesses are opting for WooCommerce SMS integration.

With WooCommerce SMS integration, you can notify about special coupon codes. You can also encourage your potential users to shop again. It is one of the best creative ways to stay connected with the users.

  • You can send shipping messages and confirmation about the orders.
  • Use this medium to deliver coupon and promo codes.
  • Alert the users that their favorite items are back in the inventory/ stocks.
  • You can notify about flash sales using SMS integration in WooCommerce.

What do you understand about the SMS Gateway API?

You can define it as instructions sets. It enables an app/ website to send messages via SMS Gateway. Majorly, businesses opt for SMS integration in WooCommerce because it has got the capability to add bulk native SMS. It can be done to existing apps and software.

How to get started with SMS Gateway API with WooCommerce?

  1. SDK/ Libraries
  2. API documentation
  3. Hire the best web design and development company for SMS API integration in WooCommerce

Active Campaigns, Podium, Bulk Gate, are some of the best SMS Notifications plugins. Here, as an example, we will understand SMS integration in WooCommerce through Twilio.

A short introduction about Twilio

Twilio is an amazing service that offers SMS services, voice messaging. Twilio is popular because it is easy for SMS integration in WooCommerce.

One can start with a free trial. And can enjoy the benefit of experimenting with the services.

How to integrate SMS API in WooCommerce?

Steps #1: Set up the SMS account of Twilio for WooCommerce SMS integration

First, you need to sign up for the Twilio account for WooCommerce SMS integration.

Once you sign up, ensure to fill in the details asked. When done, you need to do the verification of your phone number as well as your email address. Next, you will be guided to the dashboard of Twilio.

Verify Email

Next, you need to choose the option ‘Alerts & Notifications’ and ‘SMS’.
Tap the option ‘With minimal code’ and then click ‘PHP’.

Welcome to twilio

Fill in all the details and choose; ‘Get Started with Twilio’.

After you sign in, you will be directed to the dashboard of Twilio. Choose the ‘Get your first Twilio number’ and get the phone number to use the account.

You will see a pop with the new phone number.

Twilio Phone number


Tap this option; ‘Choose this Number’. You can choose this option if you like the number.

On this screen, your new number of Twilio, Account SID, and Account SID will be listed.

Note:- Please keep this tab open, you may need it later for WooCommerce SMS integration.

Project Info

Step #2: Installation and activation of Uncanny Automator for WooCommerce SMS integration

You need to use an automation plugin to send SMS from WooCommerce. So far, Uncanny Automator is the finest WordPress automation plugin.

Uncanny Automator

It is user-friendly and comes with different automated workflows. You can manage to set up things easily.

Step#3: Generate SMS notification using Uncanny Automator for WooCommerce SMS integration

Your Uncanny Automator is activated at this step. Next, you must include SMS notifications to your WooCommerce.

Then you must connect your Uncanny Automator with a Twilio account for WooCommerce SMS integration.

Check for “Automator” and tap “Settings”. Make sure to click the option ‘Twilio’.

Next, you need to enter the Twilio Number, Account SID, and Auth Token.

Next, tap ‘Save API Details’ for WooCommerce SMS integration.


Next, you need to set up the notification. Now when a shopper places an order in WooCommerce, it will prompt an SMS automatically.

Go to Automator and click Add new. You will have to choose between ‘Everyone’ or ‘Logged-in users’.

Here we will choose ‘Everyone’. Hence, the shoppers can receive SMS notifications. It does not matter that the shopper has checked in from the guest account.
Next, you must name your recipe.

In the meta box of Trigger, choose ‘WooCommerce’.

Woocommerce to twilio sms

Next, select the trigger.

Here, we will go for the first option.


Next, you need to choose the condition of the trigger.

From the menu of drop-down, pick ‘completes’. So, when the customer makes their purchase it will trigger the automation.

Next, tap ‘Save’.

Trigger Save

Now, you need to choose a product for SMS integration in WooCommerce.

Now, you can select all the products that are available in your inventory/ store. Choose the option ‘Any product’ and tap ‘Save’.

Any products

The trigger will be saved by the Automator. Then check-in for the next section and tap the button ‘Add action’.

Add Action

Choose ‘Automator’ from the integrations list.


From the dropdown options choose the option ‘Call a custom function/method’.


Your screen will display a pop-up that notifies the actions that you must perform. Tap the button ‘Set user data’.

Set user data

Since earlier we chose the recipe as “Everyone”, hence we need to choose between the two actions. They are the “New user” or “Existing user”.

New user

Tap ‘New user’ for WooCommerce SMS integration.

The Automator will set the user data that you want to use. Make sure to choose the corresponding field of WooCommerce.

For instance, for the field ‘First name’ we will use ‘Billing first name’ for SMS integration in WooCommerce.


Next, you will see the setting of the user role. You can set subscribers for the user role. And can opt for the option ‘Do Nothing’ for the existing users.

Tap the ‘Save’ and click the button ‘Add action’. Then go for the ‘Twilio’ for SMS integration in WooCommerce.

Select an Integration

Choose ‘Send an SMS message to a number’ from the dropdown menu.

Billing Phone

You will see a field where you have to fill the Body and “To” address.

send an sms

On to the section ‘To’ field, click the action ‘Asterisk’. Choose ‘Billing phone’. This you can find from the dropdown list.

Next, customize the text messages and click ‘Asterisk’. Hence, can manage to add the data from the orders. This includes the total price, name of the product, city, etc.

Save Twilio

Click “Save” and check the action summary.

Action will be run

Next, you need to make the recipe active.

At the Recipe box, you need to switch the toggle from “Draft” to “Live”. This you will find in the editor section.

Edit recipe

The new recipe is active now. And you have successfully done SMS integration in WooCommerce.

Note:-You must check the workflows and ensure that the recipe is triggered. Also, make sure that the correct actions are performed.

In a conclusion!!

We hope that this blog on WooCommerce SMS integration has given you deeper insight.

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