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How to Integration Bambora Payment Gateway in WooCommerce?

Bambora is a next-level eCommerce payment solution that has gained a lot of fame recently. Prior to its In-store and Enterprise solutions, this payment gateway has tons of robust features when it comes to accepting eCommerce payments. The integration process is simple, and the pricing is transparent. The clean design also contributes to higher conversions.

Even though you can use the payment gateway in several web-platforms, we will only discuss the WordPress platform today. More precisely, WooCommerce. Now, there are several segments we need to discuss here – what is the name of the plugin that will integrate Bambora payment solution to WordPress sites? How to set up this platform with WooCommerce? We will discuss everything in this article today, or you can hire Bambora configuration support experts for its quick deployment.

WooCommerce and the Bambora Plugin

If you run a business and have a website built in WordPress, you can add the eCommerce functionalities in a matter of minutes. You will need a plugin named WooCommerce for that, which simply adds all the features to let you sell your products or service online. It is a WordPress plugin that you can use for free. However, it doesn’t come with the modern-day features to convert more sales.

So, that gives other 3rd-party companies to build add-ons and extensions, which can integrate with the core WooCommerce platform. Now, as we have mentioned about the Bambora payment gateway; they too created a dedicated plugin which you can integrate with the WooCommerce plugin. Its name is Bambora Online Checkout. So, with the help of this plugin, you can accept payments from customers using the Bambora payment gateway integrated into the WordPress site.

How to acquire the access keys?

One of the prerequisites to make Bambora Online Checkout work with WooCommerce module is to find some access keys. These keys are pivotal to make it functional so that you can receive payments. So, here are the steps to get those keys:

  • The first is to open an account with Bambora. Of course, if you already own an account, you simply need to log in instead.
  • Once you are in the Bambora Dashboard, at the top right corner, click on the account dropdown and click on ‘Settings.’
  • Now, on your screen, you should see an option on the left ‘API.’ Click on that.
  • After that, you should see a button named “Generate New.” Click on that.
  • Then, type a desired API key name, and click on “Copy info.”
  • We suggest you save this information to a doc file to use it later. You can paste the API information that you have copied earlier.

Install and Configure Bambora

Now once you have the access keys, keep it safe with you for future use. First, you need to install the plugin. There is an important thing that you need to check before you go on to the installation procedure. Make sure the PHP version is upgraded to the latest one. Now, let us carry on with the steps:

  • It starts with finding the right plugin for installation. So, go to the “Add New” section of Plugins. On the search bar, type in ‘Bambora.”
  • In a few moments, you should see a plugin named “Bambora Online Checkout” has popped-up.
  • On its right-hand side, you will see “Install Now.” Click on that, and then click on ‘Activate.’
  • Once you activate the plugin, go to the WooCommerce Settings section. You should get an option ‘Checkout’ there. Click on that, and you should find a particular “Bambora Online Checkout” option over there. Click on that.
  • Now, the next step is to copy and paste all the access keys that you have acquired from the main Bambora dashboard before.

  • You need to also check the box named, “Activate Module.” After that, Save the changes.
  • We recommend testing a payment before you start accepting payments.

You can also download the plugin .zip file and install the plugin separately. Rest of the procedure remains the same as before. One other thing that you should remember is to upgrade the version of WooCommerce before you install the plugin.

How to add a Subscription Payment module using Bambora Online Checkout?

Sometimes the sellers charge a monthly subscription typically for a service. WooCommerce has an ideal extension by which you can add this feature in a WordPress site. On the other hand, Bambora Online Checkout is an adept platform too where you can seamlessly integrate the subscription feature.

For that, the steps are pretty straight forward. You must install Bambora Online Checkout first, just as we mentioned before. After that, you need to get the WooCommerce Subscription Extension. Please note that this WooCommerce extension requires an annual subscription amount of $199 every year. Once you purchase the license, install the extension.

Now once WooCommerce Subscription and Bambora Online Check is ready as well, go to the Subscription module, and create plans. You will get all the gateway’s features. So, you can tweak it to what you need. Now, you are ready to accept subscription-based payments using the Bambora Online Checkout plugin.


Bambora is one of the most trending payment gateways right now, which has global reach now. So, it is always a worthy choice to use it in your WordPress site. The options the payment gateway is offering backed by its encrypted security level make it a trustworthy option while you accept payments online. So, you can now receive payments from most countries in the world without a hint of worry.