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How to Integrate Payment Gateway in WooCommerce?

When we talk about online payments, the first thing that comes to mind is a payment gateway. Irrespective of the type of business you run, a payment gateway is a must. They act as a connecting bridge that also protects the identity of the customer and the privacy of their data. All of the heavy-lifting is done through the gateway, processing, and validating credentials, making it easier for all. for WooCommerce can simplify the process for you here.

Plugin for Configuring Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Store

Integrating a payment gateway in your WooCommerce store is no longer a heavy process. There are multiple plugins available that help you seamlessly upgrade your payment portal of all the choices, is one gateway that stands out in terms of efficiency and performance. It helps you accept contactless payments on the go. From credit to debit, e-checks, and APIs, the plugin encompasses all.

With, your store can accept payments from customers irrespective of time and place. The plugin has multiple features, each of which vouches for the efficiency and the performance of the same. Some of the vital features offered by the plugin include:

Features of plugins:

  • Quick and simple installation process. Easy to configure.
  • No PCI required
  • Doesn’t require SSL.
  • Offers the ability to add a message that states whether or not the payment has been successful.
  • Uses the MD5 hashing technique to rule out the possibility of fake transactions.

Find below a detailed guide on installing and configuring the plugin to start using it for your online WooCommerce store.

  • Move to the WooCommerce website dashboard > Plugins > Add new. In the search bar, type Payment Gateway for WooCommerce.
  • Download and install the plugin. Once done, click on activate.

Activate the plugin (WordPress -> Plugins).

    • To configure the plugin, visit the WooCommerce settings page. Scroll to WordPress, move to WooCommerce, and then click on Settings. Here, move to the Payments tab and click on it.
    • Under the Payments tab, you will find a variety of payment methods. Search for ‘Authorize.Net’. You will see a link in the list adjacent to the plugin name, click on it.
  • The page will list multiple fields that you need to fill out to configure the plugin. Begin with clicking on the checkbox to enable the gateway for your WooCommerce store.
  • Next, add a Title. Whatever you enter here would be visible to the user when they checkout to complete the payment process.
  • The description field gives you the option to display a message for the user. Something like pay securely via
  • Enter your API login ID in the field of Login ID.
  • The next one you need to add is the transaction key.
  • Two tabs to enter the message for payment successful and payment failure. Enter a customized message for your customers in both of these fields.
  • In case you are a developer and would like to test the gateway, click on Test mode. Else, select live mode to make the gateway live.
  • Finally, click on Save Changes to complete the configuration process and have the plugin integrated into your WooCommerce store. To test the environment, simply add a product to the WooCommerce store and process it through to see whether or not the gateway is working fine.

How to find API of

If you would have noticed carefully, the steps mentioned as 5a and 5b require you to enter the API login ID as well as the transaction key. This section will help you understand how to get hold of the two credentials.

How to Fetch API Login ID & Transaction Key for WooCommerce Setup:

    • Move to the merchant interface of Log into the Merchant Interface.
    • Now move to the main toolbar and here click on Account.
  • On the left side of the menu, click on Settings.
  • As you click on Settings, you will see a list opening. Here, click on API Login ID and Transaction Key.
  • The next page will display the API Login ID that would be used when configuring the store.
  • Click on New Transaction Key/Create New Transaction Key.

Now click on submit to continue. This will ask you to enter the PIN for verification. Once done, you will have the New Transaction Key displayed on the page.

Now that you have the login id as well as the transaction key, you can enter them in the configuration page of the plugin on your website dashboard.

Make sure you have enabled the gateway.

Integrate Payment Gateway

Click on save changes to get started with the plugin.

How to Cancel Subscription from Dashboard?

For cancelling the plugin subscription, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Begin with logging in to the Merchant Interface of the plugin.
    2. Now, move to the left side of the menu and click on Recurring Billing.
    3. Here, click on Search ARB Subscriptions.
    4. Type in the applicable transaction data and click on search.
    5. On the left side of the far column, click the Subscription ID.
    6. Next move to the Transaction Details page, and then click on the link for Edit Subscription. The page of ARB Subscription Detail that opens will have all of the fields that are editable.
    7. Now click on Cancel Subscription on the Edit Subscription page. You will find these in the top right corner of the page. If done successfully, a dialogue box will pop-up with the confirmation message.
    8. Click on Yes to finally confirm the cancellation. If you aren’t sure, you can cancel the process by clicking on Cancel.
    9. Follow the steps one after the other to successfully cancel the subscription of

How to Setup a Silent Post Configuration for a recurring payment?

The given below steps will help you set up a silent post configuration to

  • Move to Account and then click on Settings.
Integrate Payment Gateway
    • Here, click on Silent Post URL. You will find them under the section: Transaction Format Settings > Transaction Response Settings.
Integrate Payment Gateway
  • The page opens up and will ask you to enter the URL of your WooCommerce site.

Alternatively, You can enter the URL in your online store’s main web address, with ?edd-listener=authorize at the end, so it looks like this:

With this, you can easily set up a silent post configuration.

Integrate Payment Gateway

How to check recurring billing in

In order to check recurring billing payments made via the gateway, simply login to their main panel and you will find the option of Recurring Billing in the side menu. Click on it.

Integrate Payment Gateway

How to check a subscription Report in

To check the subscription reports through the gateway, simply log in to their main panel, and under the reports section, click on Subscription status to find a detailed report on the same.

The Final Word

For the people entering in the e-commerce sector to leverage its potential, deploying payment gateways hold a crucial place. Why? Because people i.e. buyers seek for a trustworthy online shop alongside comfort & convenience. As can help you enable an uninterrupted and secured payment process, you must use it. This article will help you in getting started with this plugin without hassles. In case you want professionals’ help in installing the plugin or selecting payment gateway for your online business, talk to experts at WPCustomify.