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How to Set up Tax rates & Exclude or Hide Tax Calculations based user role in WooCommerce?

Planning to set up tax rates or extend the application of the same to hide or exclude calculations depending upon the user role?

In this tutorial, we are going to use the elex Catalog Mode Wholesale Pricing Role-Based Plugin. You may purchase the plugin by visiting the official site here. Click Here.

The elex Catalog Mode Wholesale Pricing Role-Based Plugin is one of the popularly used tax plugins for WooCommerce. It undertakes the user role as one of the parameters when setting up taxes in the WooCommerce store. Also, the plugin allows you to make changes to four important tax settings in the WooCommerce store:

  • Additional Tax Classes
  • Display Prices in the Shop
  • Display Prices During Cart and Checkout
  • Price Display Suffix

Not sure how to edit or modify them? This article will help you understand how to change the above to improve your store functionality.

Once you have the plugin downloaded within the store, install and activate the same. Move to the WooCommerce admin dashboard and then click on settings. Here, click on taxes. Under the section that says prices entered with tax, select on the radio button that is to enter the prices exclusive of taxes.

  • First, let us configure how the product prices will be entered.

Now that we have selected the option, the next thing to do is set the above to function effectively in the store. To do so, we would need to create a new tax class and configure the same.

    • In the field of Additional Tax Classes, enter a new tax class name. Let’s say we add a new tax class with the name MyTaxClass. Remember that the field allows a single tax class per field.

    • Next, we adjust the manner in which the price is displayed on the shop page. If you wish to display the product price inclusive of taxes, select including the tax. If not, select excluding tax.

  • Thirdly, we have the section that specifies whether to display the price including taxes or excluding taxes on the cart page and the checkout page. Since we chose the option of excluding tax, here again, we need to select the option of excluding tax from the drop-down.

Move down the page and click on save settings. Once done, you will see a new link at the top of the page with the name of the tax class that you just created.

The next thing that we need to do is configure the tax class to act accordingly. Click on the link that appeared at the top. Since this is a new class, you will not have any rows within the page. Click on the add row to get started.

Once you add a row, you will find several fields with blank spaces. Enter the values as you want them to be or to put it this way, as per your tax rule

  1. Country Code – This is the country to which you wish to apply the tax rate or the rule. Enter the two-digit country code for the same. In case you wish to make the rule Universal, simply leave the space blank.
  2. State Code – This is the state to which you wish to apply the tax rate or the rule. Enter the two-digit state code for the same. In case you wish to make the rule Universal, simply leave the space blank.
  3. ZIP/Postcode – Enter the zipcodes of the region within the state for which the rules apply. Separate two or more zip codes with a semicolon.
  4. City – Enter the city within the state for which the rules apply. Separate two or more cities with a semicolon.
  5. Rate % – Specify the tax percentage up to 4 decimal places.
  6. Tax Name – Enter a custom name for the tax created.
  7. Priority – Set priorities for the different tax rates.
  8. Compound – Check this option if you want this rate to take over others.
  9. Shipping – To apply the tax rate on the shipping rates, select the checkbox.

Make sure you click on save changes to reflect the same within the store.

Configuring Tax Options in WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing plugin

Now that we know how to create a tax class and configure the same to set rates, the next thing to do is to set the option based on the user role. Assuming that you already have the plugin downloaded and installed within your WooCommerce store, move to the tax settings option in the plugin. Click on WooCommerce -> Pricing and Discount tab.

Now move down to the Tax options settings.

    • The first thing to do is – enable the tax option. Click on the checkbox to do the same.

  • As soon as you click on it, you will see a tax option displayed below:

As you can see from the above image, the table has three major columns.

  • User Role: The user role can be anything from a Dealer to the Administrator, Wholesaler to the Manager, Editor, and the Member. In this field, what you need to do is select a particular user role. To set priorities when setting taxes, simply drag the icon and drop the same in the ideal position. The user who is listed on the top will have the highest priority.
  • Tax Class: The next column is about the tax class. Here we need to specify the tax class applicable for a certain user role. Say, you want the MyTaxClass to be applied for the Dealers. So, under the dealer’s tax class, select MyTaxClass. Click on the drop-down and select the appropriate tax class.

  • Tax Type: The third column is about the tax type. Whether you want to keep it default or change it to display the same without the tax, you can click on the drop-down and select the appropriate option. In case you remember, the conventional WooCommerce settings also have the provision. What makes this unique is that changing here will override all other selections made by you.

Example of setting a tax rate based on user role

Let’s run down an example to understand how to set tax rates depending upon the user role. Here, we take that for the wholesaler, the tax class should be MyTaxClass and the tax type must show the price excluding tax in the shop.


We already have the MyTaxClass tax class created. To set this for the wholesaler. Move to the tax setting option of the plugin.

  • Under the user role, select Wholesaler.
  • Next, click on the drop-down of the tax class and select MyTaxClass.
  • Lastly, select the option of show price excluding tax in the shop. Click on the save button to implement the changes and you are done.

The Final Word

Using this quick tutorial, you must have learned how to set up taxes for your WooCommerce store, how to exclude or hide it from the tax calculation as per user roles. If confused, it is any day better to hire WooCommerce support professionals to do the job. Alternatively, you may tell us your concern in the comment box below.