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How to Integrate SagePay (Opayo) Direct Payment Gateway with eCommerce Platform?

SagePay Direct Plugin comes with a dual payment gateway system which is clubbed into one. The plugin allows the users to take advantage of two payments by integrating it with WooCommerce. Well, we know that this plugin must be in your to-checkout or to-add-to-store list for long, and the name is hard to forget. But now, Sage Pay is rebranded as Opayo. So, you will have to remember the same name while searching for it.

In this article, we will tell you why this payment gateway is of extreme importance for your WooCommerce and how you can use, integrate, setup, configure and do related operations for your online store.

Note: Sage Pay is now Opayo.

Features of Sage Pay (Opayo)

Top-notch Security

Sage Pay is an advanced payment gateway making it one of the most reliable, safe, and secure options in the market. It offers approx. 98% uptime and best in the class fraud tools for free.

Opayo, or Sage Pay, which is one of the independent gateways of Elavon is trusted by consumers and businesses alike. Over the years the brand has built a reputation for delivering matchless customer support.

Offers Unparalleled Growth opportunities

With this plugin in use merchants can get the amount into their bank account in less than 48 hours. This means they won’t have to wait for a week’s time for receiving their money. Increased cash flow means increased growth opportunities.

Customizable According To the Particular Needs of Individuals

Opayo form and Opayo direct can be accessed using the current merchant account. However, you may look for alternatives suiting your unique needs.


  1. Sage Pay account
  2. SSL Certificate

Two payment gateways –

1. SagePay Form

  • Customers are given access to SagePay for completing the payment
  • No need for a SSL Certificate

2. SagePay Direct

  • The entire checkout process takes place on the site
  • SSL Certificate mandatory
  • WooCommerce Pre-Orders supported
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions recurring payments supported
  • Refunds supported in WooCommerce
  • Tokens supported when used with WooCommerce
  • Capturing WooCommerce transactions (authorized )

Which plugin is used for setting up Sage Pay Payment Gateway?

SagePay Direct Gateway for WooCommerce is popularly used for this purpose. It can be downloaded using this link.

Setting up Sage Pay Payment Gateway

The steps listed below will help you set-up the plugin –

A) Installing SagePay Plugin

    • Login into your WooCommerce account.

  • Find Plugin and then click ‘Add new’

Activate the plugin once installed.

B) Setting up and Configuring

Click on Woo Commerce > Settings > Payments > Sage Pay

  • Enable the plugin and click on manage

Sage Pay Configuration

Follow below listed steps

  • Check ‘ Enable Sage’ box Add vendor’s name in the given sandbox
  • Check ‘test mode’ ( unchecking the box means the settings will be on live mode
  • Fill in the Integration Key and Integration Password
  • Enable ‘Capture Charge Immediately’
  • ‘Enable MOTO’ integration
  • Check ‘Enable CV2 Checks’ box

Take a look at your final checkout Page

Verifying CVV number

Check ‘Enable CV2 Checks’ to verify CVV number.

Steps to Finding Sage Pay API Keys

  • Sign in to your Sage Pay account using this link.
  • Go to settings

Integrate SagePay

  • Click on ‘Create API credentials’

Integrate SagePay

You’ll find the API keys details.

Setting up PayPal for Sage Pay Direct

Here are the steps –

  • Create your PayPal test account
  • Enable Sage Pay
  • Link Live account with your PayPal account

Once PayPal is enabled in your Sage Pay account, add PayPal in the ‘Accepted Cards’ settings.

Integrate SagePay

Now customers get access to PayPal in the dropdown card type list.

Integrate SagePay

NOTE – In cases when the cart includes a subscription product the list won’t show PayPal.

Testing Transactions

To confirm the customized settings are working properly it is important to test the transactions. After you are done completing the tests connect with SagePay customer care to make your account available for the public. You will be notified once the account status is changed to Live. Also, Sage Pay comes with test cards that can be used for testing transactions.

Screening Sage Pay Direct Fraud Transactions

Sage Pay facilitates the merchants with fraud screening which can be done at any step of the process. In case of any discrepancies in the transaction order status is changed to alert the merchants during checkout. In this case you’ll be required to sign in to MySagePay for confirming/canceling the order. After reviewing the fraud notification reasons you may update the transaction at WooCommerce as needed.

Sage Pay Direct Refund

Generally, customers that place refund requests aren’t satisfied with the brand’s services. They either have some issue with the product or dissatisfied with the customer support. All they want is a complete refund of their money without any hassles at the earliest. This is your last chance to maintain goodwill of your brand before the customer. Direct Refund option in Sage Pay allows individuals to make quick refunds at the earliest.

Sage Pay Extension supports GBP, USD, Euro, and various other currencies. It also supports different card types such as Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. This UK based payment gateway is indeed one of the best options to ensure easy business transactions. It makes the checkout process more efficient and easy for both customers and merchants. Furthermore, with two gateway options in hand you can ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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