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How can I do Klaviyo WooCommerce integration?

Marketing is one of the key factors and strategies to run a successful eCommerce business. It is prudent to run email marketing campaigns because it assists you to stay closer to your clients. You can update your potential clients regarding the upcoming discounts, sales, promotions, announcements, etc.

Agree on it or not, email is one of the best marketing channels that can effectively manage the marketing funnel. This includes the post as well as the pre-purchase phase. It is an adhesive way to hold your customers and business together.

This strategy will keep your client informed about every update related to your business. It will allow you to build trust among the common buyers. Further, it will help you to improvise the sale and develop trust with the customers.

Why should you go for email marketing for your business?

For this, let us check some statistics why you should go for email marketing for our eCommerce store:-

  1. DMA Insight shares that over 99% of buyers check their inboxes every single day.
  2. eMarketer reports that 80% of business owners believe email marketing is the best tool to retain customers.
  3. 59% of users shared that email marketing has influenced their decision on the purchase.
  4. Almost 42% of buyers in America have subscribed to email marketing to receive special discounts and offers.

Now, you need to invest significant money and time to market for your eCommerce site. Klaviyo is an amazing platform for email marketing. It allows the companies to attract and interact with their clients.

Klaviyo WooCommerce integration can assist you to run your eCommerce business successfully. The best part is you can send/ forward personalized emails to your clients. All you need to do is analyze their behavioral data and purchase history.

It can even provide personalized features for automation and assist you to maintain the historical data in full sync.

A brief introduction

1. WooCommerce

Since 2011, WooCommerce has served both large-scale and small-scale businesses. It is an amazing WooCommerce plugin that can convert your website to a proper eCommerce website.


Source: WooCommerce

It can assist you to add the basic functionalities to your eCommerce store. This includes order management, payments, shipping, and many more. The best part is that people without any coding knowledge can also maintain their websites.

According to the sources, almost 99% of eCommerce websites in WordPress are using WooCommerce. It is because it is quite easy to set up and maintain. You can even enjoy the user-friendly interface. This platform even supports paid and free extensions.

This can assist you to transform your store using advanced features. WooCommerce also can feature data analytics and reports. It can even give you a holistic view regarding the performance of your eCommerce store.

WooCommerce’s key features

You can call it an ultimate plugin. It can convert your website quickly.

  • Reporting

Your users can analyze and see the best winning products, categories, Sales stats, and many more. This platform can make your data available and thus you can build great insights from it. You can even optimize your eCommerce store.

  • Inventory management

This platform will give updates regarding the low stock. Moreover, you can keep track of your stock level. This platform will even hide the products that are out-of-stock automatically.

  • Pre-built themes

It allows you to use the themes of WordPress and can instantly set up your store. You can manage all sorts of categories based upon your requirements and industries.

2. Klaviyo

It is a cloud-based platform for client growth and email marketing. Klaviyo can assist you to get more clients and retain them to grow your business. It can assist the store owners to give a personalized experience to their clients across numerous channels of marketing tools. This includes web, in-app notifications, SMS, and many more.


You can send automated emails to your clients based on their abandonment carts, purchase history, product recommendations, etc.

Klaviyo’s key features

Klaviyo is the best way to automate your targeted email campaigns.

  • Reporting that is based on RoI

It comes with reporting and analytic tools for the eCommerce website. You can do the tracking of how your SMS/ email is performing. And thus, you will get better insights into marketing.

  • Strong segmentation

One can send their user’s personalized ads and emails. It can develop segments by employing user data to target potential clients.

  • Automation:

It comes with common flows of eCommerce and one can customize it completely. You can use the features such as the Drag-and-drop option. You can develop the clocks to map the experience of your end clients for your message.

Advantages of Klaviyo WooCommerce integration

Let us see some of the benefits of doing Klaviyo WooCommerce integration:-

  • This integration will assist you to integrate the historical data and allow your user for monitoring. The naive data will be synced with the real-time.
  • It will allow your users to forward targeted emails. This will be based upon their purchase history and behavior.
  • So, whenever the user places an order for the new product, they will receive the email. Apart from this, they will be updated with an email regarding the discounts on the other new products.

Steps for Klaviyo WooCommerce integration

Step 1: Installation of Klaviyo WooCommerce integration

1. Firstly, log in to the WordPress account.
2. Click on the options “Plugins” and choose “Add New

Add Plugins

3. On the search bar, tap the word “Klaviyo”.

upload Plugin

4. Tap the button “Install Now”. Next, tap the option “Activate” for Klaviyo WooCommerce integration.


Step 2: Configuration of Klaviyo WooCommerce plugin

  1. Login to the Klaviyo account.
  2. Next, you need to navigate to “Account” and click “Settings”. Browse for the option “API Keys”, click it for Klaviyo WooCommerce integration.

Public api key

3. Visit back to your WordPress site and navigate for the option “Plugins”.
4. Just under the settings of Klaviyo WooCommerce Plugins, you will see an option “Settings. Go for it and open the settings of the Klaviyo WooCommerce plugin.

klaviyo settings

5. Next, you need to paste the copied public API Key. This you can copy from the field of text against “Public API key”. This is also termed as Site ID.

Public api keys

6. Look for the option in the box for “Enable Klaviyo signup forms’.
7. Next, you need to complete your list of preferred IDs in the field of text. For this, you need to enter on “Klaviyo List ID for Email”. It will assist you in the collection of email subscribers.
8. Followed, you must check for the option “Subscribe contacts to email marketing”. Here you need to change the settings as per your business prerequisites.
9. Next, tap on the button “Save Settings”.

Step 3: Enable the Klaviyo WooCommerce integration

1. You need to look for “WooCommerce” in this step and click on the option “Advanced”. Click “Rest API”.

Rest Api

2. You need to develop a new API Key for Klaviyo WooCommerce integration. Next, click on the button “Add key”.

3. In this step, you need to complete the details:-

  • Under the option of Description, you need to enter the details regarding your “Klaviyo WooCommerce”.
  • For the section user, you can choose the option as any other or keep it as default.
  • You need to choose the option between “Read” or “Write” under the option “Permissions”.

Woocommerce settings

4. Tap on the section “Generate API Key”. Here you will get your Customer Secret and Consumer Key.

key details

5. You need to visit your Klaviyo account.
6. Navigate to the options “Integrations” for Klaviyo WooCommerce integration.
7. Tap on the button “Add Integration”.

Add Integration

8. It will get you to settings of “Klaviyo WooCommerce Integration”.
9. In this very step, you need to give the URL of your store. The “Store URL” is the URL that your clients will be using.
10. Next, you need to paste the generated consumer key.
11. Complete all the details as per the prerequisites. Then tap on the option “Connect to WooCommerce”.

Integration Settings

You are done with Klaviyo WooCommerce Integration!!

In a nutshell!!

Klaviyo WooCommerce integration can assist to develop a memorable experience. You can understand listening cues from your clients, subscribers, and visitors. You can turn valuable information into relevant messages.

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