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A quick way to do MailerLite WooCommerce integration

MailerLite is a magnificent marketing tool that can help you to create aesthetic newsletters. You can easily boost your business using automated e-Commerce campaigns.

This tool allows you to win back the deals that are lost.

Why MailerLite?

You need to consider MailerLite because you can:-

  • Sync the account of MailerLite with newsletter customers and subscribers.
  • Store the details like the information related to orders, Name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Build segments automatically to the subscriber group of MailerLite.
  • Monitor the revenues and emails and understand how it affects sales. Using this, you can optimize the content of email for better business.
  • Import the order information within seconds from an eCommerce store.
  • Integrate images, links, and text directly into the MailerLiter newsletter builder.
  • Send abandoned cart emails.
  • Send automated messages and offers.
  • Generate landing pages and pop-ups.

How to do MailerLite WooCommerce integration?

1. Hit the option “Integrations” from the menu of the dropdown for MailerLite WooCommerce integration. This you will find under the section MailerSupport.


2. Hit “WooCommerce” and click the option “Use”.

Select Woocommerce

3. Browse the section E-commerce Integration and click the option “ON”.

On E-commerce Integration

4. Go to “Your account API key”. Hit “Copy” for MailerLite WooCommerce integration.

Account API Key

5. Visit the WP dashboard.

6. Hit “Plugins” for MailerLite WooCommerce integration and click “Add New”.

Install Plugin

7. On the search field type, “WooCommerce-MailerLite”.

8. Hit “Install” and then “Activate” to integrate MailerLite with WooCommerce.

Mailerlite Plugin

9. Hit “WooCommerce” and click “Settings”.

10. Click “Integrations”.
11. On the Mailer Lite API field, paste the API from 4 Step to integrate MailerLite with WooCommerce.
12. On the MailerLite API field, paste the API. Paste the details from Step No. 4. Click “Validate Key”.

Woocommerce settings

Mailerlite API key

13. Pick the subscribers group for the checkout process.
14. Implement “Consumer Key” as well as “Consumer Secret” to integrate MailerLite with WooCommerce.

Go to “WooCommerce” to get Consumer Key or Consumer Secret.

Hit “Settings” to integrate MailerLite with WooCommerce and then click “Advanced”. Choose “REST API” and navigate to “Key”.

Hit “Generate API key”. Copy as well as paste it.

15. Finally, click “Save changes”.

You are done with MailerLite WooCommerce integration.

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