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How to Set Up eWAY Payment Gateway in WooCommerce?

The WooCommerce eWAY extension is an ideal option for the merchants to accept card payments from their store without. It eliminates the need to redirect the customers to the partner sites for making the payment. The payment gateway easily integrates with Refunds API and Subscriptions for WooCommerce. Additionally, merchants can also receive token payments through this extension.

The WooCommerce eWAY payment gateway uses version 3.1 API of eWAY which is not only PCI compliant but also offers the benefit of 3D security. It processes the payments much faster and allows purchasers to save their card details for future reference.

Buyers with billing addresses in Singapore, Australia, Macau, and Hong Kong can reap the benefits of eWAY. So, your WooCommerce store must have it configured. Want WooCommerce support services to set up? Use this link. Otherwise, learn How to set up an eWAY payment gateway in WooCommerce by reading ahead.


  1. A WooCommerce version 3.5.0 website
  2. A verified SSL certificate
  3. eWAY account
  4. The currency in the account should be MYR, AUD, SGD, NZD, or HKD (corresponding to the nation an individual signs up for) so that you can easily receive the payment.

How eWAY Payment Gateway is a better option?

  • Quick setup – eWAY can be set up in a single day (for the merchant accounts that are approved).
  • Matchless data security – With this payment gateway in use the data of customers’ is completely safe as eWAY is PCI-DSS compliant.
  • Customer support – The customer representatives of the platform are available 24/7 to handle relevant issues.
  • No chance of fraudulent activities – eWAY has high-end fraud protection capabilities. You need not to worry about any kind of theft.

eWAY Payment Gateway Features

  • It is capable of hosting flash sales instantaneously.
  • Helps in generating discount coupons so that customers can get the best deals.
  • Allows customers to publish product reviews on site.
  • Allows Cross-Selling and Up-Selling of the products.

Which plugin is used for the eWAY Payment Gateway?

You may download using this link – .

Setting up and Configuration of eWAY Gateway

eWAY Plugin Installation

  • Sign in to your WordPress account.

  • Select WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and then click on “Upload Plugin” and then “Choose File” buttons. Use the downloaded file for uploading on the site.
  • Now click on “Install Now” and “Activate”.

Setting up and configuration process

  • Select WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > eWay
  • Disable/Enable the eWAY plugin
  • Select “Manage”

Setting up eWAY on the website

  • Click on WooCommerce > Settings > Payments
  • Select eWAY.
  • Click on “Set Up/Manage” and you’ll be redirected to the settings page.

Configure the settings

  • Check/Uncheck to Enable/Disable use of eWAY.
  • Add “Title” in the given sandbox. Keep in mind this title will be displayed before your customers on the checkout page.
  • Next add “Description” – here you can add detailed information for your purchasers.
  • Now enter the “eWay Customer Password” and “eWay Customer API Key” in the given space.
  • Deselect or Select the different “Allowed Card Types” – JCB, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, Diners, AmEx, Laser, Maestro, and UnionPay.
  • Check the “Enable Saved Cards” box.
  • Check “Enable eWay Sandbox” to test the settings before making your site available for public.
  • If you want to enable troubleshooting then turn on the “Debug Mode”.
  • Click on “Save changes”.

After entering the credentials the checkout gateway page will feature the credit card form where the customers can add their details for making the payment.

How many Payment methods are there in eWAY?

eWAY facilitates both customers and merchants with Direct Debit through Credit Card and Bank Account. Plus, Direct Deposit is another payment method featured on eWAY that allows customers to pay directly through their bank account.

Where can the users check eWay transaction history?

eWAY Transaction history allows the individuals to filter transaction dates ranging from a year. Run the report for every particular year if you need transaction data for multiple years. Use export option for obtaining the data in a spreadsheet. Read on to know how you can access the report –

  • Sign in to your MYeWAY account
  • Go to Reporting > Transaction Report

Now you can view all the transactions that have been processed on the platform. You can enhance the scope of your search using “Search Transactions”. Personalize the Duration, Start Date, End Date, Currency, and Transaction ID to filter your search. After entering all the details click on the “Search” button.

Once you are done with the above step you’ll find a detailed list of payments. You may now review and compare the details. Note that the reports can be exported in the file type of your choice. Use the “Export/Print Report” option for the same.


WooCommerce eWAY extension offers countless benefits to both customers as well as merchants. From easy checkout to secure data storing the extension can meet all your unique requirements efficiently. The best part is that it’s accessible through any device. It’s one of the top online payments solution providers indeed. Now you can accept payments anytime, anywhere.

What Types of Payment Methods Elavon Support?

Elavon which was founded in 1991 has gone on to achieve huge success in the last three decades. Elavon which is currently a subsidiary of the U.S. Bancorp is a convenient payment integrating technology that is easy to use and manage. It has the best security implementations so far.

Thousands of businesses are already powered with Elavon Converge and Fusebox, the two major payment gateway solutions provided. However, Converge is a leading gateway used by major big firms. Either of them is capable of doing major transactions in any environment including mail/telephone, Shop, mobile app, and eCommerce. But Converge can be integrated with more than 50 popular shopping carts.

Security Features

  1. The payment is bound with end to end encryption.
  2. No payment data is recorded or stored anywhere in the server unless you specify.
  3. In the case of device damage or being lost or stolen, your payment date is safe with Elavon.

Payment Methods that Elavon Supports

Elavon agrees with the following payment methods:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Mobile Wallets including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and others

How to Integrate Elavon Payment Methods with an Online Store?

Before we get into the process of integrating Elavon with the eCommerce Platform, having a few pre-requirements will surge a quick workflow. Here is a list of things you will require to integrate Elavon with an eCommerce site.

  • An Elavon merchant account is necessary. If you don’t have it, you can contact the Elavon sales team for assistance while creating an account on Elavon.
  • Hosting with SSL certificate to ensure the safety of customer’s payment information.
  • Stores should have a one-Page checkout enabled.
  • The store country should be either the United Kingdom or Ireland. If you are a citizen of none of them, you can still use Elavon through the MyVirtualMerchant payment gateway.

Once you have all the above things finished, you can easily integrate either of Elavon’s offered payment gateways.

Here are the steps elaborated for Elavon Converge integration.

Step 1: But the extension, download and install it.

Step 2: Create an account on Elavon if you don’t have any.

Step 3: Save the credential information and the PIN on the setting page.

That’s it. Now let the payment process.

What Plugin Used for Setup ELAVON?

Talking about the plugin, Elavon converge requires you to install Elavon Converge for WooCommerce gateway plugin which is capable of taking debit and credit cards and eCheck payments on the WooCommerce store and includes the best support of WooCommerce subscription.

Debit and Credit Card Processing

No matter where you go, the most common cashless methods of payment would include debit card payments, credit card payments and digital payments. Elavon Converge can be a great tool to simplify acceptance of these payments anywhere and anytime. We have listed below few cons of using Elavon Converge card processing:

  • It provides features to fit in your customers with all the popular mobile wallets from apple pay to google pay.
  • You can choose the industry-first fraud services of elavon which ensures security from any kind of online card payments.
  • Elavon provides three funding options for businesses with a lot of flexibility and the customers can choose the best suited for their requirements.

How to Make a Refund with Elavon?

Elavon supports automatic refunds. Customers can process refunds directly within WooCommerce. It will save you from logging in to the merchant’s account.

However, there are two options provided for a refund. You can choose either to refund manually or via Elavon Converge Credit card. In any case, the auto refund fails, which is less likely to happen, you can choose to refund it manually.

Why choose Elavon Converge?

  • Elavon Converge seamlessly operates with debit and credit card transactions.
  • It displays authorization messages to customers on your preference.
  • It has an option for the customers to securely store payment information for easier checkout.
  • In the one-time payment, you get a WooCommerce subscription and pre-orders.
  • It accepts all the major credit and debit cards, including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

More Features

Seamless Checkout

The Elavon converge provides you with maximum control by limiting the user to a few clicks and a simple checkout process. That means you have a lot of customizations in your hand as a business owner.

Automatic refund

Employees can make refunds directly from the WooCommerce interface rather than the traditional way of logging into the merchants’ account. Employees can make full or partial refunds as well by editing orders. If the transaction finds an issue, a transaction void will be performed as a first measure before proceeding with order cancellation.

Saving Payment Methods

Customers are provided to save multiple credit card details safely on the server for faster checkout. Taking in-depth about the servers, these are Elavon’s secure servers. Customers also have the option to mark active payment methods for even a more enhanced checkout.

Multi-Currency Support

Multi-currency support allows the merchant to make transactions in a currency other than their local one. The merchant will have to purchase a currency switcher to let the customers make choices.


Elavon is a master safe payment integration channel. Converge is its right hand. Although the Fusebox is equally powerful and safe, Converge is leading. Be it the refund or the checkout, eCheck processing, or tokenization, you need not worry about anything.

Want to set it up for your store but not sure about doing it on your own? No worries; leave it to experts. Talk to WPCustomify to get it done, or any Elavon/WooCommerce related support.