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How to Set Up PayFast Payment Gateway in WooCommerce?

Pay Fast Payment Gateway is designed specifically for South African online sellers including charities, individuals, and businesses (both small and big market players) to receive the payments through secure sources. It comes with multiple payment options such as debit card, mobicred, credit card, MasterPass, Instant EFT, and SCode. With this, merchants don’t need any bank account, but a PayFast account to process the payment.

The extension benefits both online customers and merchants. Plus, it comes with matchless security features eliminating the possibilities of fraud. Pay Fast can be integrated with more than 70 platforms. PayFast accepts payments from all verified cards such as MasterCard or Visa card. Plus, buyers can also use Maestro and Visa Electron debit cards to make the payment on the platform.

PayFast Payment Gateway Features

  • It allows the users to schedule time and date of product availability.
  • With this extension orders can be charged automatically when it’s available
  • It offers the flexibility of changing product release date
  • Automates the email process (for pre-ordered items)
  • Pre-order cancellation when the item isn’t available

Which plugin is used for the PayFast Payment Gateway?

You may download the plugin using this link. With Pay Fast the customers get the flexibility of scheduling their payments – weekly, annually, or monthly as per their convenience. You can hire WPCustomify experts to configure this gateway in a matter of minutes or read ahead to do it on your own.

Steps to Registering a Payfast account

Step 1 – Sign up on Pay Fast
Step 2 – Register for a PayFast account

Step 3 – Next, proceed with account verification
Step 4 – Click on Pay Fast > Settings > Integration
Step 5 – You’ll get access to Merchant Key and Merchant ID (keep a copy of it as it will be used when setting up your site.

How to Find Merchant ID and Merchant Key?

Merchant Key and Merchant ID are needed to link Pay Fast and online shopping sites during the integration process. To find the Merchant Key and ID go to the PayFast dashboard. You’ll find the details towards the top-left corner of the page.


Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Integration to get a copy of your Merchant Key and ID.


Merchant ID & Merchant Key:-

It is important to configure Merchant ID and Key before using the payment gateway with your online store.

You can find the details with the process mentioned above. After filling in the details select “Activate” button.

How to Setup and configure PayFast?

Follow the steps listed below for PayFast setup

  • Sign in to your PayFast account using your credentials

  • Click on WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Pay Fast
  • Enable “PayFast” method and click on “Setup” option.

  • You will be redirected to the settings page where you can customize the available options.

PayFast Payment Gateway

  1. Check the “Enable PayFast” option.
  2. Fill in the “Title” sandbox. Your customers will see this title on the checkout page.
  3. Now fill in the “Description” sandbox as needed
  4. Check “PayFast Sandbox”
  5. Next, add Merchant ID and Merchant Key. (Source the details using the process mentioned above).
  6. Add Passphrase
  7. Tick Send Debug Emails checkbox.
  8. Add an email address where Debug notifications are to be sent
  9. Check/Uncheck “Enable transaction logging for gateway” box
  10. Finally, click on “Save changes”.

How to test the integration?

Pay Fast offers a sandbox (test) option to the users in order to ensure proper functioning of the integration. Sandbox mode can be activated by ticking on “Enable in sandbox (test) mode” checkbox. You can find the option in the PayFast activation window.

test the integration

How does pre-order work in PayFast Payment gateway?

Setting up pre-orders for your online store

On setting up product pre-orders for online stores your customers will be able to place orders for various products and services far before their availability. The info can be released either manually or automatically. You may take the orders when ready. The extension takes care of the process thereafter.

Pre-order settings can be easily customized. PayFast offers both ‘upon release’ and ‘up front’ charging options.

PayFast Payment Gateway

Customization of Pre-order product settings

Merchants can customize the display look of their pre-order products with the help of in-built tools including product messages, button text, Cart/Checkout Display text, and Staging/text. Set the timer so that customers can keep track of the countdown.

To reach the settings page select Woo commerce > Setting > Pre-orders

Customize the settings accordingly.

PayFast Payment Gateway

Note- You’ll need to set an initial fee amount for the Pre-Orders. There are two methods for charging pre-orders fee –

  • Upon Release – In this case merchants charge a nominal Pre-Order Fee.

PayFast Payment Gateway

  • Upfront – Customers pay full charges of the product when placing the order. In this case charging a Pre-Order Fee isn’t mandatory.

PayFast Payment Gateway


PayFast makes it easier for South African e-commerce businesses to accept online payments from both international and local purchasers. Also, it offers the benefit of invoice and e-ticket sales management.