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How to Setup WorldPay as a Payment Gateway to Online Store?

Worldpay gateway plugin allows the users to multiple payment options including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and more. If you own a WooCommerce store and are willing to set up this payment gateway, you have made the right choice.

When the customers fill in their card details on checkout they are redirected to the payments page automatically where they can enter the necessary details. Worldpay gateway processes the payment and authorization is sent back to the site.

Now, let us tell you how to set up WorldPay as your online store’s payment gateway. If at any point, you feel like the process is tough and you might mess it up, just come back to this section and hire professionals for this purpose.


  • A WooCommerce version 3.0.0 website
  • A Worldpay account. Users who haven’t already signed up can create their account here.
  • An SSL certificate

Which plugin is used for the WorldPay Payment Gateway?

‘Online Worldpay for WooCommerce’ is the best plugin for World Pay Payment Gateway. You may download it using this link. In this tutorial, we are going to use the same.

World Pay Plugin Installation

Follow the steps below to install the plugin –

  • Sign in to your WP account.
  • Next, select ‘Plugin’ and then ‘Add new’.
  • Install the plugin and then ‘activate’

World pay Set up and Configuration – How to setup and configure World pay?

  • Click on WooCommerce, and then select Settings, Payments, and then World pay
  • Enable ‘Online Worldpay CC Gateway’ and ‘Online Worldpay PayPal’ plugins and select ‘Manage’.

API Settings and How to Find API of World Pay?

  • Select ‘API Settings’
  • Now got to Environment and choose ‘live’ from the given Drop Down menu
  • Next, complete the API Settings
  • Last, ‘Save Changes’.

Credit Card Gateway

  • Once you are done with the API settings click on ‘Credit Card Gateway’ tab
  • Check the ‘Enable Credit Card Gateway’ box
  • Select ‘iFrame Form’ in Form Type sandbox
  • Fill in ‘Worldpay’ in the Title sandbox. Check other settings of the form similarly.
  • Now ‘Save Changes’.

PayPal Gateway

  • Click on ‘PayPal Gateway’ tab
  • Check ‘Enable PayPal’ box
  • Complete the ‘General Settings’
  • Select ‘Save Changes’

Webhook Settings – How to Setup Webhook in Worldpay?

Follow the steps below to Setup Webhook in Worldpay –

  • Select ‘Webhook Settings’
  • Go to Webhook Url sandbox and select the given link.

  • Now sign in to World pay
  • Next, go to Dashboard, then Setting, and then Webhook
  • Paste the website url
  • Select ‘Save’

Setup WorldPay Payment Gateway

Find the checkout page of your WooCommerce website and check PayPal and Credit Card Worldpay.

Setup WorldPay Payment Gateway

Finding WorldPay API

  • Sign in to your Worldpay account using this link.
  • Click on Dashboard > Setting > live > API Keys
  • Copy both Service key and Client key

Setup WorldPay Payment Gateway

Worldpay Online Setting Details

Enable/Disable – Allows enabling or disabling the payment gateway. Checking the box means you have enabled the feature and the customers are allowed to pay using Worldpay Online.

Checkout Form – This in-built checkout form in WooCommerce ensures an integrated and seamless experience to your customer on checkout. Merchants with no an SSL certificate can untick the Checkout Form option.

Testing – Merchants need to check the Testing option in the initial stage of setting up their website. You may uncheck the option once live orders can be processed for money.

Payment Action – This option allows immediate capturing of the payment or authorizing the card instantly/ capturing the payments later. All your orders with Authorized marking can be easily captured from site.

Title – The title you fill in the sandbox is displayed on the checkout page.

3DS Enabled – It facilitates an extra step on checkout which is for additional safety and security of customer data. Enabling 3DS shows whether the buyer’s bank leverages the 3D secure Solution.

Card-on-file Payment / Tokens – Facilitate your customers with easy and secure storing of their payment method and card details. This ensures quick checkouts in the future. The entire card details are stored at Worldpay and not in the database. Though the site’s database has a token for saving the cards that can be automatically charged on checkout. Note that Tokens are best suited for Authorized orders, Subscription orders, and Pre-Orders.

Live Service Key – Use live service key for processing live orders. You can find it in your Worldpay account.

Live Client Key – This key is also needed for processing live orders. Like the Live Service key it can be also found in the Worldpay account.

Settlement Currency – Merchants can select their preferred currency using this option Worldpay will pay you in the selected currency only.

Test Service Key and Test Client Key – Merchants who have both these keys can reap the benefits of test orders. It can be found in your Worldpay account.

Transaction manager – Using this option you can process the payments from your online shop’s back-end.

Dedicated Support Worldpay Team

Worldpay has a team of dedicated support teams accessible 24/7. You may reach out to them whenever you need any help related to your Worldpay account.

Migration/Deactivating World Pay Form

Users with a Worldpay account can add the keys to their account’s settings to deactivate the Form. Note that migrating Subscription payment amounts from your Worldpay Form to Online Worldpay account is a complex process. Your customers’ cache will be cleared – even the cards saved with your store’s account will get removed. So, in case you reactivate it again, they will have to fill in all details again. However, you have one facility here – all the outstanding payments will still be collected through Future Pay service by WorldPay.


WorldPay WooCommerce Payment Gateway Extension is indeed a great thing as it allows merchants to collect payments on their store automatically, eliminating the need for redirecting buyers to a third party website.

Moreover, WorldPay enables merchants to take payments anytime, anywhere, through mobile/desktop. The entire process takes place on the site. Hence, you can receive info about your order status in real-time. Plus, the platform comes with an Unlimited License Agreement for an online store. Worldpay provides payment solutions meeting merchant demands.