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Build a successful business with Printful WooCommerce integration

Customized mugs, t-shirts, shirts, etc., with fun logos and cartoons, are in rage today. Individuals love expressing their individuality through sassy puns, quotes, superheroes, and statements.

Nowadays, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs are launching their eCommerce websites online.

Printful WooCommerce integration is the best solution for fewer investment businesses. You do not want to invest capital in warehouses and machines.


a. Printful

Printful is an effective online app that delivers printed products to clients. It is a dropshipping and service provider of print-on-demand. This superlative app assists online merchants to sell custom designs to their clients.

You can integrate this app with an eCommerce store or online store. Using this, one can deliver printed items like on-demand printed phone cases, posters, etc., to their clients.

You do not require to give any upfront or setup cost for machines or accessories.

Printful is a commercial company that has warehouses worldwide. Hence, the products can get quickly shipped to the customers. It can bypass the duty and shipping fees on items available locally.

This brand provides the best-quality photography, design, and branding service. It will make your product appealing. Printful has set no limits for the minimum orders.

b. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a customizable platform. You can easily build your eCommerce store on WordPress using WooCommerce.

You have to download this plugin in order to use its functionalities and features. You get the basic functionalities of eCommerce like order management, payment, categories, taxes, etc.

“Do you know that more than 90% of businesses with eCommerce websites use WooCommerce?”

You do not have to be a pro in technical or coding to set up a WooCommerce store in WordPress. It is leveraged with tools like drag-and-drop. This will help you to customize and move your store.

You can implement numerous functionalities by using built-in extensions of WooCommerce. You can even get your store’s performance. For this, WooCommerce offers Reporting and Analytic tools.


a. Printful

This magnificent tool provides on-demand services. You as a store owner can save plenty of money. Some features of Printful are shared below:-

1. Complete automation

You can do Printful WooCommerce integration and automatically import products from your store. The process fulfillment is quite easy and quick.

2. Design Tools

This platform has Design Makes. It allows you to build unique designs from shapes and clipart. Through Getty images, you can access 80+ million images.

3. Integration

Printful lends great support for Integration. You can integrate it with most online marketplace and e-commerce platforms. Most businesses go for Printful WooCommerce integration because of this. Printful offers accessible and flexible services to most owners of an e-commerce website.

b. WooCommerce

WooCommerce makes the best platform for online merchants. The store owners can set up e-Commerce websites and sell services and products. Some features of WooCommerce are shared below:-

1. Reporting
The users can keep a track of winning products, sales stats, etc. WooCommerce offers a Reporting tool for this.

2. Secure Payments
This platform provides methods of multiple payments. This includes COD, bank transfers, credit cards, etc. The store owners get the privilege to integrate numerous platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

3. Dynamic Pricing
WooCommerce can calculate the delivery charges and tax rates automatically.


Printful WooCommerce integration allows the clients to make their orders. Further, make them delivered to Printful.

Once you do Printful WooCommerce integration, you can use the online mock-up generator of Printful. Finally, you can develop your products.

You can work on different types of products with Printful WooCommerce integration. It gives you the privilege to be creative with the clothing of children, women, and men. You can even display your creative side on home goods, accessories, and hats with Printful.

This denotes that you do not have to secure any expensive inventory that takes up your working area. You can promote your store by selling the products through Printful WooCommerce integration.

Advantages of Printful WooCommerce integration

  • Printful WooCommerce integration allows the users to get live shipping rates and settings of automated tax. This is available on all the products through Printful.
  • Printful WooCommerce integration is the best solution to the Printful fulfillment system, importing the orders from the WooCommerce store of WooCommerce automatically.
  • Printful WooCommerce integration is great for order initialization.
  • Printful WooCommerce integration allows the user to avoid unsold product storage, inventory hassle, upfront cost, etc.

Steps for Printful WooCommerce integration

For Printful WooCommerce integration, you need to employ the official plugin. This will help to connect your WooCommerce with a Printful account. With customizable features, you can add multiple products.

Here, you also get the option to track and manage your orders from the dashboard of the plugin.

Click “WooCommerce” and then tap “Plugins”. Next, go for the option “Add New”.

Search “Printful” on the search bar. Once done, do the installation and activation of the plugin.

You need to navigate to “Printful” from the dashboard of WordPress. Finally, press the button “Connect”.

Do you know you can restrict shipping to logged-in users? Check this blog.

Click “Approve” for Printful WooCommerce integration.

Make sure to sign up for Printful. You get the privilege to access all that is available on the dashboard of Printful.

Check the left sidebar. From here you can get the details of your profile, statistics, and view orders.

If you are having trouble viewing product pages of WooCommerce, please check here.

Common issues while doing Printful WooCommerce integration

1. Invalid consumer key

It denotes that you have entered your Consumer Keys incorrectly. For this, you must check your Consumer Secret and Consumer Key.
Visit the admin panel of “WooCommerce”. Navigate “Settings” and click “API”.

Then go to “Keys/ Apps”. Match the Token and Identity in the store settings of Printful.

2. WooCommerce synching causes a 404 error

For fixing this issue, visit the “Settings” of WordPress. Click “Permalinks” and choose “Under Common Settings”. Apart from “Plain” select any link structure. Tap “Save Changes” and reconnect the store of WooCommerce.

3. Too long URL- HTTP Error 414 Request

The configuration of the server does not give support for long URLs. The APIs of WooCommerce use long URLs exceptionally. You need to have a word with the system administrator and raise a request for maximum URL length.

Now, this issue may even arise because of WordPress plugins. For instance, the plugin “iThemes Security” can cause this issue if you have enabled “Filter Long URL Strings”.

4. Invalid signature

This error denotes that the signature you provided is not a great match. Hence, make sure to check the Consumer Secret. If it is the same, please reach out to for troubleshooting.

5. Not enabled REST API and Invalid WooCommerce URL

It causes your page to be returned due to an invalid API. Check the URL to fix the issue. Make sure that URL must not end with /shop/ or /wc-api/v1/.

Final Note

Printful WooCommerce integration is beneficial and simple. Printful provides solutions to shipping and inventory problems. Contrary, WooCommerce offers a robust e-Commerce platform.

WP Customify is an established WordPress development company with immense years of experience. We are known in the market for distinguished WordPress support. If you are having any troubleshooting or have doubts regarding Printful WooCommerce integration, please reach us.