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How to Setup and Configure Amazon Pay on WooCommerce?

Setting up the right payment gateway is crucial for your online store. It is often noted that the inability to pay with the choice of their method accounts for customers quitting the site without making a purchase. With more and more people shifting to online channels of payment, Amazon Pay emerges to be an excellent gateway for online payments.

If you are setting up your online store, Amazon for WooCommerce allows you to take payments through a special checkout page, one that is powered by Amazon.

How to Setup Amazon Pay for your WooCommerce Store?

Step 1: Download the plugin for Amazon Pay

The first thing to do is download the free Amazon Pay plugin for WooCommerce. Visit here to download the application.

Once you have the plugin downloaded, all you need to do is upload the file within your site and the job.

How to set up the Amazon pay?

Considering that you have downloaded the plugin, now see how we can set up the same in your WooCommerce store.

Step 1: Login into the WP-admin dashboard

Use the valid credentials to login to your WooCommerce store’s admin side i.n. WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Go to: Plugin > Add new

Now move down to the dashboard and click on plugins. Select add new. Choose the plugin to upload and then click on activate.

Step 3: Setup and configuration

After the plugin has been activated, move to WooCommerce. Click on Settings, then Payments, and select Amazon pay. Click on enable and then manage.

Enter the payment region and click on “CONFIGURE/REGISTER NOW” to sign in to Amazon.

Step 4: How to Find the API of Amazon pay?

Now, the screen that opens will ask you to enter the details and all your business information to complete the setup process. Starting with your business info, to the tax info, and payment, everything needs to be filled in. To be specific, enter your business name, the website URL, business type, business address, tax mailing address, and tax ID along with payment info.

Under the Tech Integration tab, enter the domain(s) (live site address and the test site URL) and the Privacy policy URL.

Setup Amazon Pay on WooCommerce

Click next to complete the process.

The screen will display the access keys. Click on “Transfer access keys” to finally integrate your merchant account to the WooCommerce store.

Setup Amazon Pay on WooCommerce

Go to your WooCommerce site and move to Amazon Pay in the admin dashboard. Here, you would be requested to enter the following fields:

  • Seller ID
  • MWS Access Key
  • MWS Secret Key
  • App Client ID
  • App Client Secret

Setup Amazon Pay on WooCommerce

Enter the details and then, check “Enable Amazon Pay & Login with Amazon”.

Click on the ‘Save changes’ button to complete the process.

What Setting is Needed for Recurring Payment?

In case you wish to set a recurring Payment Method, move to Amazon Pay. Here, click on Sign in, and select sign in with your Amazon account. Enter your Amazon credentials to do the same.

  • Click on Merchant Agreements.
  • The page will display the option of recurring payment along with subscription arrangements to be made with the merchants. Click on details, to view the name of the specific agreement of the merchant, or the payment history.

Change the payment method for a recurring payment

Move to the details page, and click on Change. Now you have two options:

  • Use the existing Payment Method: Click on the radio button to select the appropriate method.
  • Add a new one: click on the ‘add new payment method’ option and enter the details as required.

Finally, click on use this payment method.

You are now all set to use Amazon Pay with your WooCommerce store.

The Final Word

For the people selling with Amazon so long, it definitely is one of the most trusted sources of payment. When you have your own WooCommerce store, configuring Amazon Pay is still justifiable. This Amazon-powered payment gateway will help you receive payments from customers without any trouble. The above guide will help you throughout the process. However, if you need experts’ assistance, WPCustomify team is just one click away.