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How to Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway in Your Website?

The Stripe Payment Gateway allows the merchants to accept easy payments onsite. It can be used for both mobile and web transactions.

This plugin lets the customers stay on the online platform and eliminates the needs of redirecting them to a third-party host page during the process of checkout in WooCommerce.

In other words, you’ll be benefitted improved conversion rates. With Stripe, you can add Payment Request buttons to your site (including Google Pay and Apple Pay). And this article guides you to deploy this gateway properly for your buyers. Alternatively, you can take help of the best WooCommerce support service providers.

How to Setup Stripe?


    • An SSL certificate is needed as a proof of the merchant’s credit card detail. Note that this plugin has the power of Stripe JS for tokenizing credit card details for data security.
    • Stripe abides by the Strong Customer Authentication standards crucial for safe and secure transactions that come under European Economic Area.

What Plugin is used to Setup Stripe?

Stripe plugin for WooCommerce is available for downloading here.

Installation and Setting up Stripe Plugin

Follow the steps listed below after downloading the plugin from the link given above.

      • Sign in into WordPress site as an Admin
      • Now click on ‘Plugin’, then ‘Add new’. Once the plugin is installed, click on ‘Activate’.
      • Here you need to setup and configure the plugin as directed below –
        1. Go to WooCommerce then click on ‘Settings’, then ‘Payments’ and then on ‘World pay’
        2. Now select ‘Enable’ > ‘Manage’
        • Type in the API keys for Stripe relevant to live mode or test mode

        • Check the ‘Force Secure Checkout’ box to enable the feature and then select ‘Save’

        • Fill in all the details on the checkout Page and click on ‘Place Order’.

Finding API on Stripe

Simply follow the following steps –

        • Sign in into your Stripe account using this link and then select ‘Setting’ followed by ‘Connect Settings.’

        • Get your Stripe API keys by clicking on ‘Developers’ > ‘API Keys’

        • Enable ‘Viewing Test Data’ or ‘Viewing Test API keys’ as per your requirement.

        • Now go to the Publishable Key and you’ll find a value in the Token column – pk_live_somelongrandomvaluelikeVqFze9etc. Copy it.

        • After saving the Publisher key click on ‘Reveal live key token’ which is in the secret key row.

      • Copy the secret key. It will be used in the website’s stripe setting.

Payment Request Buttons and Subscriptions Extension

Payment Request buttons support Variable and Simple products in cases when the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension is used. WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Stripe extension use allow merchants to have a good number of subscriptions in their online store.

How to Find a Webhook in Stripe?

Step 1 – Extract the signatures and timestamp from Stripe header

Start with splitting the header by using the character “,” (comma) as your separator. This step is crucial to get the elements list. Next, split all the elements with “=” (equal to) sign. You’ll get a value and prefix pair.

Step 2 – Creating the signed_payload string

It can be easily prepared by linking character, timestamp and JSON payload all together.

Step 3 – Finding the signature

HMAC computing with the hash function SHA256 is required for the purpose. Signing secret of the endpoint can be used as your key, while the signed_payload string will serve the purpose of the message.

Step 4 – Comparing the signatures

You need to compare and mark the difference between the header and expected signatures. Consider how different is the current timestamp from the received timestamp and then map the difference with your tolerance.

How to Set Up Recurring Payment in Stripe?


Setting up a recurring payment becomes easier if you have all the things available with you. Here is all you need to arrange to begin the process –

      • Stripe account with Subscription plans
      • Qwilr integration with Stripe account
      • Qwilr Page should have the payments enabled

Setting up Recurring Payments

After collecting payment through your Qwilr Page the merchant’s Stripe account gets a new customer record. Here are the steps to set up recurring payments –

      • Once you reach your Stripe account, find the record page of the customer where the recurring subscription is to be added.
      • Now go to your Active Subscriptions and select ‘Add Subscription’ button which will be on top of the page.

Now you’ll be redirected to ‘Create a Subscription’ page. After you are done adding a product, click on ‘Start subscription’ and you are done.

Concluding Word

Stripe is one of the exceptional ways of accepting online payments. It allows the merchants to accept Diners Club, Visa, American Express, JCB, MasterCard, and Discover cards. You can even accept Bitcoin on your online store with this plugin in use. The best part is that you won’t have to bear any setup or monthly charges. Also, you won’t have to face the hassle of hidden costs. Users are charged only when they get earnings which are transferred to the registered bank account within a week’s time.