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Benefits of Teachable WooCommerce integration

Teachable is Avante-Garde coaching creation and online courses. This tool allows businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs of all sizes to develop personalized coaching products and engaging online courses. You can manage these with quizzes, lectures, and videos.

You can collect your payments using Teachable. Hence, you can manage anything around author payments, taxes, and VAT.

You can easily host your course with these incredible tools.

What does Teachable Offers?

  • User Management
  • Course hosting
  • Checkout system
  • Affiliate management
  • Web development suite

WooCommerce is an open-source and flexible e-Commerce plugin with customizable options. It allows you to add features as well as functionalities to your online store. This plugin can help you to handle humungous endeavors like managing merchandise and other store activities.

Benefits of Teachable WooCommerce Integration

  • Usability

With Teachable WooCommerce integration, you can build your website and manage all the admin tasks. People with no technical knowledge can easily check for click navigation.

You get multi-selection options for making huge changes to the courses that you uploaded earlier.

  • Branding and identity

You can display your content uniquely by integrating Teachable with WooCommerce. You can tweak details more aesthetically.

  • Accepts Multiple Currencies

Any business can easily bestow the advantages and profits from Teachable WooCommerce integration. You can implement different types of gateways like Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

How to do Teachable WooCommerce Integration?

WP Customify can help to integrate Teachable with WooCommerce. You can host your online courses effortlessly. We can help to build your online shop easily. We have specialized experts in fixing technical glitches and complex errors.