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How to Setup and Integrate WooCommerce USAePay Payment Gateway?

USAePay is one of the most popular online payment portals that accept credit card payments across various websites and mediums. A few services provided by USA ePay include EMV, Payment Engine, Flexible Integration, and various other Merchant Tools.

WooCommerce is an open-source commercial platform that helps many e-commerce businesses to build and operate their stores online. The goal of WooCommerce is to make the democratizing e-commerce and giving entrepreneurs the complete power to

In this article, we are going to share with you the complete process of setting up and integrating your USAePay gateway on WooCommerce.

What Plugin Used to Setup USA ePAY?

The Plugin used for setting up your USAePay account can be easily downloaded from the WooCommerce dashboard. Here is the complete process of installing and configuring the same:

To simplify the process we have divided this complete process into two parts. The first part focuses on the process of installation of the plugin. Whereas the next process helps in setting up an USAePay Account.

Installation of the Plugin:

  1. Go to the WooCommerce dashboard and find the extension under the download options.
  2. Now go to Plugins, select Add New. Here Upload the ZIP file that you downloaded above.
  3. Now click on the Install Now option and select Activate.
  4. For the next step go to WooCommerce and find the settings option.
  5. Under Settings, select Payment, and then click on USAePay Credit Card. The installation process is now complete.

Setting up and Configuration

  1. To obtain your credentials login to your USAePay Merchant dashboard.
  2. Select the Settings tab that can be found on the left of your screen.
  3. Below that, you will find an API Keys option, click on that.
  4. Now you will see an option that reads Add API Keys. Please select that to proceed further.
  5. Now you will arrive on an API Keys Editor page, where you will need to enter the following details:
  • Name of your website.
  • A PIN.
  • For the command options, select all modes other than Cash Sale and Cash Credit.
  • For payment methods, select the options you want to allow on your site except for E-Check.
  • Don’t forget to add your store’s email id to the Email Merchant Receipt To area.
  • After filling in all the other necessary fields save the details by selecting Apply.
  • The Key for your USAePay will be visible on the screen. Copy and Paste the same to your WooCommerce USAePay settings.


What are the Minimum Requirements to Integrate USAePay in WooCommerce?

As previously mentioned the process of integrating USA ePay to WooCommerce is quite simple. Here are the two basic prerequisites one requires for integrating their USA ePay account in WooCommerce:

  1. The first requirement is a USA ePay account.
  2. The only other requirement is that users have PHP 5.3.0 or its updated version installed on their computer.

Why WooCommerce USAePay?

WooCommerce USAePay is loaded with so many amazing features and benefits for its users. Some of the reasons why you should choose WooCommerce USAePay:

  • Payments and Refunds can be directly processed on your WooCommerce store, without going to a third-party website or app.
  • You can easily access previously authorized transactions from the WooCommerce order database.
  • Directly charge an amount for virtual products available on your site without you having to authorize them.
  • On payment of an order automatically transfer the data related to the order to the database.
  • Accepts all the major Credit and Debit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc.
  • Doesn’t allow the customer to leave your store during the checkout process.
  • Displays you a complete decline message at checkout rather than a generic error.

What does the Checkout Process look like?

As we mentioned the customer stays on your website until checkout is finished. This gives you more control of the transaction. You as a business owner get to customize the process, to make it a hassle-free and faster experience for your customers.

Users viewing your site on their mobile devices can also enjoy an upgraded experience. With features like automated formatting and easier input fields make the process easier and faster. In case of a decline message, you can now share the reason for the decline instead of a generalized error message.

How Does Support Work for Automatic Refunds & Voids in USA ePay?

When it comes to issuing refunds on your site, the process for that is made easier as well. Now you need not log into your merchant account to issue refunds. You now get the option to issue both, partial or full refunds. To do that go to the Edit Order screen, and send the transaction amount to the USA ePay amount. You can select the Refund via Credit Card option to reverse any payment.

In some cases, transactions that have not been recorded or settled can become void. Refunds for such transactions can’t be issued. So when you void such a sale transaction the order will get canceled. Depending on the gateway, an unsettled transaction can either be either fully voided or partially voided.

How to Create a USA ePay account?

The process of creating a USAePay account is explained below. By following all the steps you can create your own USAePay account. Then you can continue as explained above to integrate your USAePay Account with WooCommerce.

  1. In case you have login details for a USAePay developer portal, log into the account.
  2. In case you don’t have a Developers account, register on the portal using this link.
  3. The registration can be done by entering details such as Email, Password, with you and your company’s name.
  4. Once you have registered successfully, the next important step is to request a Sandbox Account.
  5. To set up a SandBox, click on the tab that reads Request Test Account.
  6. Now fill the form that asks for details such as your requested Username, Contact Name, name of your Company, and Email id and click on the Submit Request tab.
  7. You should now see a successful submission message on your screen. Depending on your time zone the processing time can vary.
  8. You will receive your login details in your email once your sandbox account is successfully set up. Now you can log into your Sandbox account.
  9. The last step is to switch from development to production. To do this change to the key that was generated from your live account in place of the previous source key.
  10. You also need to change the processing URL to


Having a safe and protected payment gateway for your online business is highly essential. It’s important for protecting your buyers and their privacy while shopping at your store. But also from the store owner’s perspective to identify and validate the details of the customers. By installing the USAePay WooCommerce payment gateway, you can achieve all the above functions with minimal effort.

By following all the above steps, you can easily set up your USAePay Payment account and integrate the same with WooCommerce. We are sure that you found all of the above information helpful and easy to follow. At any stage, you can also contact WPCustomify. Our experts are available around the clock to help solve all your problems related to WooCommerce and payment gateways.