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How to Setup and Configure ANZ eGate Payment Gateway for WooCommerce?

ANZ eGate is a payment gateway solution, based in Australia. The company has a global appeal today and has a client base scattered all around the world. Primarily, the company offers a wide range of financial services for both personal and business entities. Of course, the payment gateway is a feature which is relatively new compared to its banking services.

Meanwhile, we are here to explore one particular segment today, which is the ANZ eGate WooCommerce extension plugin. However, there are several elements that we will cover first like what is WooCommerce? Why would ANZ like to work with WooCommerce? How to configure the plugin? So, in this article, we will reveal all this information.

Understanding WooCommerce and ANZ eGate

WooCommerce is the default payment solution that you can use while you own a WordPress site. Not that you have to use WooCommerce, but the fact that it is primarily free to use, most WordPress users build the eCommerce functions putting this plugin in the centre. Now, the significant drawback of using only WooCommerce is that the plugin is backdated.

Sellers today want higher conversion rates, which the default modules’ feature would never suffice. That is why WooCommerce tied up with various 3rd-party companies and created paid extensions to fulfil modern-day requirements. That is how they develop the ANZ eGate plugin extension. Using this app, sellers can receive the payment on the ANZ eGate payment gateway. We will discuss how to set it up.

How to find the access keys?

Before you set up the ANZ eGate payment gateway, you need to find the access key from the merchant account. You need that beforehand so that you can seamlessly configure the plugin. So, here are the steps:

  • The first step is to visit the official ANZ site and create a Merchant account. We suggest you check out the details of what you are signing up for.
  • Once the account is ready, go to the settings section, where you should see ‘API’ or “Access Keys.” Click on that.
  • Then, it should ask you to generate a new key. Once you get the new key, copy and save it to a document somewhere.
  • If you face any problem finding or generating the key, contact ANZ support. They will assist with that.

Prerequisites of ANZ eGate

Before we elaborate the steps to install the plugin, there are some elements that you need to take care of first:

  • The first thing is to create the Merchant account, which you already did. Keep the access key safe with you for now.
  • Check out the WordPress theme you are using, whether it is compatible with WooCommerce or not. Nowadays, most WP themes do support
  • WooCommerce, but you still should verify that.
  • One other thing that you should confirm is the PHP version. Please ensure you are using the latest one. If not, we suggest you upgrade that as well.

Installing and Configuring ANZ eGate

Now once everything is set, let us begin the installation process. Here are the steps:

  • As ANZ eGate is a paid WooCommerce extension, you need to subscribe for the service first. To do that, you need to pay $79.00, which is an annual subscription amount.
  • Once you own the extension, you must download the setup .zip file in your computer.
  • Now, go back to the WP Dashboard. Click ‘Plugins,’ and then at the top, you will get the “Add New” button. Click on that.
  • Again, at the top, you should see a button, “Upload Plugin.” Click on that too. Over there, you need to browse and upload the .zip file which you have downloaded earlier. Click ‘Install.’
  • In a few moments, you should see an option called ‘Activate.’ Click on that to activate the ANZ eGate plugin in WordPress.

Assuming you did everything correctly, it is time to configure the plugin and start accepting payments online. So, here are the steps:

  • Hover your mouse pointer over WooCommerce. You should see ‘Settings.’ Click on that.
  • Now, on the current menu, you should see, ‘Checkout’ on there. Click on that.
  • Now, you should see all the listed payment gateways, and of course, ANZ eGate should be there, typically the last option. Click on that.
  • Then, there are some steps that you need to follow. We mean you should provide some inputs to get it done. The first thing is a checkbox to enable the plugin, which, of course, you must do. Then you need to type down a suitable Title and a one-line Description on the respective fields. Check the test mode box to give a test-drive of the payment gateway before you go live. Finally, you need to input the last two options – the Merchant ID, which is the ANZ username that you have used to create your account, and the Access Code, which you have generated before. Put down all the information in the right fields and click on Save Changes.

  • Now, if you have selected the test mode, you need to uncheck it, then save it, and accept payments.

How to set up Auto-Refund?

ANZ eGate does support automated refunds at just one click. For that:

  • Go to Orders from WooCommerce option.
  • Then choose the payment you wish to refund.
  • Now, on the bottom-right, you should see the Refund option.
  • Then choose the amount, and click on “Refund with ANZ eGate.” That’s it the refund will get processed.

The Conclusion

ANZ eGate is an excellent payment gateway, and WooCommerce is a useful WordPress plugin. So, if you are wondering whether to spend $79 every year or not, the price is really worth it. However, there are times when new WooCommerce sellers find it difficult to perform the configuration even after the guidance. If you are worried or troubled too, don’t worry. You can always take WooCommerce support services to perform this deployment for your online shop.