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WooCommerce Xero integration: How to enable it?

People love purchasing online rather than visiting physical stores nowadays. Hence, businesses must focus on investing time and resources in advent strategies. Leading WooCommerce support can provide you with better assistance and the right marketing techniques to rule the market.


It is an accounting software that is purely based on subscription. Xero was listed as the best accounting software by Business News Daily. Any users having access to Xero’s data file can complete their tasks easily.

Xero is a sumptuous platform and a great resource for growing your business online. You can approach different approaches with minimal effort with this indigenous platform. You can identify as well as analyze the drivers that are key financial and non-financial.

For staying abreast and taking benefit of tech-based opportunities, entrepreneurs are experimenting with every option. Most businesses seek cloud-based platforms like Xero.


WooCommerce rules the online market because of customization options, low prices, splendid features, and functionalities, etc.

There are many WooCommerce Xero Integration plugins that can help in effectively managing financial data.

Is it easy to do WooCommerce Xero integration?

Yes, it is easy and quick to integrate WooCommerce with Xero. You can build invoices in Xero. You can share and track the data on shipping, items, tax, and discounts.

Setting up a Xero account is the first thing to integrate WooCommerce with Xero. Download the .zip file. Upload the plugin and hit the options such as “Install Now” and “Activate” for the WooCommerce Xero integration.

Tips to Integrate WooCommerce with Xero.

Choose the WooCommerce Xero integration plugin to integrate WooCommerce with Xero.

Sign into WooCommerce.

Choose Plugins on your WP account. Tap Add New for WooCommerce Xero integration.

Add plugin

Hit Upload Plugin and click the option “Choose File”.

Press the button “Install Now” for activating the extension.

Navigate to your Xero account, log in, and tap “New app”.

On the screen, you will see the “Xero Developer portal”.

New App

Make sure to fulfill all the prerequisites of the Xero app.

Add new app

Complete the form to integrate WooCommerce with Xero:-

  • App Name
  • OAuth 2.0 grant type
  • Application or Company URL
  • OAuth 2.0 redirect URI

Xero For Woocommerce

Hit the option Create app to integrate WooCommerce with Xero.

My Integration app

Copy the Client id and paste it. Browse the Xero app and hit the option Generate a secret. Navigate back to the Xero account and hit the option Save.

Browse to WooCommerce Xero Admin Panel and hit Save.

Activate the command Sign in with Xero!!

Sign in with Xero

You will be directed to the website

Allow Access

Hit Connect for WooCommerce Xero integration.


Here, you will get confirmation of the status.

Woocommerce Xero Aurtrization

You are done with WooCommerce Xero integration.