Integrate PayPal Pro

What is PayPal Pro and How to integrate it With WooCommerce Store?

PayPal pro is a highly customizable payment management web application which is easy to configure for an enhanced online transaction experience. It lets you play with almost all available brand debit and credit cards. Being a PayPal initiative, it also accepts PayPal and PayPal Credit.

PayPal pro lets you experience the trustworthy look and feel to front end as well as back end. Configuration is just easy enough for any type of business needs as well it works on all the available devices. And since it’s from PayPal and powered by the PayPal secured server, you already have millions of customers’ trust on your store.

Benefits of PayPal Pro

Customizing the look of the checkout page.

By logging into a PayPal account and navigating to the Profile > Selling Tools > Customize your payment page, you can add or edit template appearance. Clicking on Options tab will lead you to some additional modifications settings such as displaying the customer service contact details.

On page Checkout

With PayPal pro, customers will never be required to leave the website payment page to complete the transaction with their credit card.

No PayPal account required

Although PayPal pro is PayPal driven, customers don’t need a PayPal account to perform a checkout. Customers can normally checkout using their credit card.

Transaction authorization in real-time

Transaction authorization in real time simply means that the merchant asks the bank to transact a certain amount from the customer’s card in real time. Authorization involves validation of card, accessing the transaction risk and if approved, reserving the sales amount.

What Plugin Used to Set Up PayPal Pro?

Installing WooCommerce Plugin

Setting up PayPal pro will require a SSL secured web hosting and the steps provided below:

Step 1: Signup on the WooCommerce account and download the WooCommerce ZIP file.
Step 2: Log in to the WordPress admin and navigate to the Plugins.
Step 3: Click on add new and navigate the downloaded WooCommerce ZIP file.
Step 4: Click on upload. Once uploaded, activate the plugin.

Note: If you don’t have a SSL, you can tick the Force secure Checkout option available at: WooCommerce> Setting>Advanced.

Setting up PayPal Pro

Like any other payment gateway integration, a PayPal pro business account is a must thing before you begin with setting up PayPal pro. You can perform a free sign up at the PayPal website and proceed with choosing the monthly plan. Once you have your business account set up, you can set up the payment method. Here is the quick and successful navigation through the required steps.

  • Enter WooCommerce > Settings > Payments
  • Select Manage at the PayPal pro option.
  • Make required changes in the box displayed:
    1. Enable/Disable – Enabling it will initiate the PayPal pro as the payment gateway in the ‘Live’ mode.
    2. Title – Enter your preferred title to be displayed on the checkout screen.
    3. Description – Enter the description to be displayed on the checkout screen
    4. Test Mode – You can enable it to linger in the test mode. Don’t forget to disable it whenever you want to enter live mode.
    5. API Username – Enter the API Username as obtained from PayPal.
    6. API Password- Enter the API Password as obtained from PayPal.
    7. API Signature – Enter the API Signature as obtained from PayPal.
    8. Payment Action – You can choose to capture the payment even before authorization. However, to avoid complication, you should choose to obtain fun after authorization.
    9. 3D Secure 2 and 3D Secure 1 – If you are a UK based merchant, you will need to tick this option to allow Maestro Credit Cards. Read more at PayPal UK security.
    10. Send Item details – You can cheek this option if you want to associate item details during the entire checkout process.
    11. Debug Log – For Troubleshooting purposes, you can enable or disable it accordingly.
  • Save and close.

How to Get the API credentials from PayPal?

In the above steps of setting up PayPal pro, you might have seen that I have filled some credentials. Those credentials can be obtained by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Log in into PayPal account by navigating to PayPal official site address.
Step 2: Under the Account access, select Update.
Step 3: Find NVP/SOAP API integration and select Manage API credentials.
Step 4: Show or hide API Username, API Password, API Signature.
Step 5: Copy and paste them in the required fields while setting up the PayPal pro.

What is The Difference between PayPal & PayPal Pro?

PayPal is an internet based payment processing system that processes digital cards and lets you quickly send and receive money from the comfort of your home. You can transfer money to any corner of the world or make a purchase on many online shops including websites like eBay.

On the other hand, PayPal pro is a sort of extension to PayPal that facilitates the integration of PayPal merchant accounts on your local online shops to let the customer make a checkout to their selected items. You can think of it like a payment gateway.


We just concluded setting up a PayPal pro payment system is quite convenient. You have most of the customizations in your hand. Also at the same time, it is one of the trustworthy payment based engines and works with all digital credit and debit cards available as the medium of money exchange. Setting it up requires no more than WooCommerce establishment. If still facing a problem, you can always visit WPCustomify for the best solution.