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What is Pin Payments Gateway & How to set up in WooCommerce?

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Pin Payments Gateway

The Pin Payments Gateway plugin allows the users to reap the benefit of credit card processors through Pin Payments even if they don’t have a bank account (registered in the name of their business).

Using this safe and protected payment gateway form empowers the merchants to process the amount in multiple currencies (Pin.js supported). Plus, card re-use and subscriptions will be also supported by this extension. Once the customer pays for the online purchase, Pin Payments records the details for future use. Pin Payment Gateway can be purchased using this link.

Also, you can take WooCommerce Payment Gateway integration services from WPCustomify regarding Pin or other similar gateway.

WooCommerce Pin Payments offers the following benefits –

  • With Pin Payments merchants can enable reuse of card features. This means if customers pay the amount online their card details are recorded in Pin Payments (as Customer Token) for future transactions.
  • If the customer returns to your website and makes a purchase then they can use Customer Token at Checkout. This means they aren’t required to fill in all the details again.
  • Pin Payments offers the added advantage of Multi-Currency.
  • Merchants need to have a business account necessarily for receiving their sale proceeds as the extension works according to the bank account of the users.
  • Your customers need not leave the site for when paying with the cards.
  • Sale proceeds are credited to the merchant’s bank account automatically.
  • Pin Payment Gateway works with Xero.

Difference between Payment Gateways and Pin Payments Gateway

Online payment gateway is a technology that allows consumers to make their payments online using any payment card. It is easier for both customers and small businesses to make and receive the amount. However, in case of payment gateway businesses need to manage multiple accounts with different service providers.

On the other hand, Pin Payments Gateway serves as a single account combining both online business owner’s account and payment gateway. It can be easily set up and maintained as it’s an ideal solution for accepting customer’s payment online.

What are the Requirements for Pin Payment Gateway Enabling for WooCommerce?

  • Pin Payments account
  • Pin Payments supported online store
  • A valid SSL certificate

Steps to Pin Payments Gateway Installation

  1. Get started with downloading the WooCommerce account’s .zip file.
  2. Now go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Choose File. You can now Upload Plugin using the downloaded file.
  3. Next, proceed to extension installation and activation.
  4. Update settings in Pin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce.

Setting up and Configuring Pin Payments Gateway

  • Sign in to Pin Payments admin board and select ‘Account’.
  • Find the API Keys of your account (both Secret and Publishable). These keys will be used for calls (server based) and Pin.js.

Note – After completing the process of account activation users get live and test API keys. In case you don’t have the necessary details repeat the process using activated API keys.

  • Now sign in to your WordPress account.
    Select WooCommerce > Settings (located towards the left side of the page) > Payment Gateways.
  • Select “Pin Payments” from the option list.
  • Account holders may find “Pin Payments” link towards the page’s top corner. Select the link for plugin configuration. Plus, you’ll find the following option list which can be customized according to your requirements –
    1. Select “Enable this payment method” for activating this feature on your WooCommerce.
    2. “Title” sandbox – where you can fill in the payment option title that you want to be seen by your website users on the checkout page. Merchants may choose “Credit card”, “Pin Payments” or anything similar.
    3. “Enable Test mode” checkbox – On activating this feature you may test multiple transactions through the pin payment gateway.
    4. Sandbox for entering “Secret API Key” and “Publishable API Key”.
  • Select “Save changes” to complete the process.


WordPress account features two different keys – “Secret API Key” and “Publishable API Key”. The former is used for API settings. It is important to keep Secret API key details confidential as it allows users to set refunds and charges. On the other hand, a publishable key is used for creating cards. This key is used for creating payment forms.

Pin Payment Gateway is indeed one of the best options receiving payments. Advanced features like seamless integration, fast reconciliation, detailed reporting, etc. makes it one of a kind option for processing the payments.