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Product booking is one of the important parts of a WooCommerce store. It is this that gives the user the ease to select products, add them to the cart, and make a purchase. Simply by adding products or their description doesn’t validate a purchase. In order to accept bookings for a certain product, it has to be made bookable.

What is a bookable product?

A bookable product could be anything that has been verified for purchase. It has a host of settings rather features that need to be configured prior to accepting bookings. Even though creating s bookable product isn’t something tough, WooCommerce owners tend to outsource their requirements for hassle creation.

WPCustomify is one such WooCommerce support service company that offers comprehensive support to the WooCommerce store owners looking for the configuration of product bookings within their store.

Product bookings are mainly picked up by the service providers or the event organizers who act as resources and can be hired rather booked through the online store. In order to customize the website settings, it is important to assign the duration of their job, the time of availability, the cost incurred, etc.

All of the above requires extensive knowledge on how to add products and then configure them as bookable.

Top Features of Bookable Products:

Date/Day of Availability

It could be persons booking persons or classes or reserving items that fall under the category of bookable products. Either be the case, it is important to specify their availability in terms of time as well as the date.

Time Period

Next, the buffer period for which a booking lasts is also important. Users cannot reserve a slot for an indefinite time period. It’s important to outline the duration after which the booking stands null and void, no matter if the service has been used or not.


An important factor, it is expected that the price allocated to the booking be notified. You can keep a standard fixed cost for the booking and further, add cost in terms of the products added.


It is important to specify whether or not the bookable product has the option for cancellation. If yes, the duration up to which the same stands effective has to be mentioned.


WPCustomify is the one-stop-shop solution for your WooCommerce needs. Whether you want to add new products or services within your WooCommerce store that are bookable or have been creating a dedicated store for such products, WPCustomify encompasses all.

With trained staff and qualified experts, we provide end-to-end integration, configuration, and support services to the customers. We have the provision of consultation in case the customers aren’t convinced about how they need to move forward with the website.

Get all of this at the least cost prices. Want to know more about WPCustomify & our services, drop a text and let us handle the rest.