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Started with an online venture, invested in WooCommerce store but failed to gain the desired traction? Having problems with the WooCommerce checkout page?

Well, don’t worry. Nearly every website owner experiences a situation when their website isn’t working properly or, as desired. One of the common issues faced is the checkout page not working.

Now imagine a customer who is about to make a payment, the website stops functioning. Would you find this situation ok?

Of course not.

It is important that you take significant measures to get your website on track, let alone reinvigorate the checkout or the cart page.

And how will you do that? Visit WPCustomify!

Quick Support

One of the reliable and the most popular WooCommerce support services companies, we at WPCustomify extend our support to all the bugs and errors you detect on your website. Our expert panel has the job of managing and monitoring the errors detected in the checkout page and then incorporate steps to rectify the same.

Common Checkout Page Problems - How We Work

Though errors see no light and can occur due to many reasons, there are four common instances where the checkout page stops working. We have a separate team that works on identifying the potential causes of the bug and then embed measures to fix the same.

Steps taken by us include:

  • We start by thinking backward. What this means is we assess the way the website has been functioning prior and post the error. We further see what changes were observed in-between.
  • Next, we do a check on the hosting solution to be sure that it isn’t the web hosting service that is at fault. Often, when everything seems to be perfect form the client end, issues arise from the hosting company. Hence, to be on the safe side, we deploy measures to detect and identify if the services rendered by the hosting company is as expected.
  • The next thing that needs to be assessed is the payment gateway. It is these that have direct integration with the checkout page and hence, a problem there could lead to issues and bugs in the checkout page or the cart page. Authentication errors are one reason where the payment gateway refuses connecting with the checkout page. We assure you that the payment gateway is working as desired.
  • Further, websites that use PayPal as their payment gateway tend to face issues with the checkout process. Our team performs significant tests to ensure if the PayPal instant payment notification works well.


Apart from the above, regular checks done on the entire system. Detects are identified and a troubleshooting routine is performed to get the system back on track. Disabling and then enabling the entire system helps get things right and restart the system afresh.

WPCustomify is one of the leading names and experts here work 24/7/365 to detect bugs and find solutions for the same.

Get in touch with our team to know more.