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Have you been experiencing higher bounce rates or slashing sales numbers, lately? Ever wondered why your WooCommerce store has a higher cart abandonment rate?

It’s time that you do and not just get an answer to why but also find ways to improve the figures.

Integrate credit card payment plugin within the WooCommerce and expand your business offerings with us

Credit Card happens to be one of the widely used forms of online payment. When purchasing goods via a WooCommerce store, they prefer paying online. Often, stores limit the payment option to PayPal or bank transfers, compelling users to abandon their idea of purchasing.

In case, you too have such an infrastructure, it’s time that you rethink your strategies and adopt a flexible payment system.


Installing the Right Payment Gateway

One of the best and probably the easiest way to embed the option of credit card payment within a WooCommerce store is by installing dedicated plugins. There is an array of different integration plugins available, designed and destined to enable your online store drive features and functionalities of credit card payment.

Using the plugin, WooCommerce website owners can straight forward embed the option of credit card payments within their checkout page. This will direct the users to the payment page, easing the entire payment process.

Another instance where the credit card payment system seems beneficiary is in case of refunds. Even though bank transfers are easy, they require a great deal of effort while initiating a refund. Probably, this is the reason users prefer paying through credit cards. Not only does this accelerate the process but it is also convenient in cases of refunds and returns.


We have an extensive team of professionals that cater to the needs and the requirements of every business. Our experts are well versed in the diverse nature of businesses and hence, all of our solutions are customized to meet the constantly changing customer’s expectations.

True that there is a range of options available when it comes to selecting the right plugin for facilitating card payments. Also, it becomes pretty tough to pick the right choice.

Don’t worry, that’s exactly what we have to offer.

WPCustomify is an end to end WooCommerce service and support partner. We perform extensive research, studying the background of the WooCommerce and determining what would be the ideal fit.

We propose multiple solutions, outlining the perks of installing all. Based on the same, we seek our clients to identify the best fit and then move ahead with the integration of the same.

Also, we guide our clients throughout the process of integration. At times, plugins behave differently than expected and it might account for additional problems. Hence, to ensure the seamless integration and activation of the plugin, we have our experts for you.

Get in touch with us, drop a call and our experts would reach out to you at earliest.