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Are you looking for ways to customize your WooCommerce store? Or, is it that you are planning to introduce conditional discounts within the site to attract customers and increase your sales?

Either be the case, connect with us. WPCustomify is an all-round WooCommerce support partner offering a range of support services.

Conditional Discounts for You

Conditional discounts or the discount rules specific to the quantity of the purchase is what we tend to offer to our customers that seek to optimize sales of their products.

WooCommerce quantity-based discounts are one of the most successful deals used to increase sales and get better returns. Also, it helps to increase the average size of an order which further increases the total amount of the order.

Setting up a discounting rule is an excellent way to implement product quantity-based discounts


Why Product Quantity Based Discounts?

Product-based discounts vary in terms of categories, offers and specifically the quantity. There are instances where buyers order goods in small quantities. This is not acceptable as it lowers the overall sales figure of the store, reducing profits.

Surprisingly, it is noted that if customers are given discounts to purchase a significant quantity of products, they happily add more items to the cart. This is what product quantity based pricing does for your store.

Put simply, product quantity based discounts compel users to add as many products as possible to qualify the minimum requirements of the rule. All in all, this triggers greater sales with increased cart value. Also, the fact that users benefit from buying products from your store, they are more likely to revisit your store for a repurchase.

Switch to conditional rules mainly the quantity based pricing for greater and better sales.

How To Reach Us?

Connecting with us is very easy. All you need to do is drop a message or give us a call. Our experts would connect back to you at the earliest.


Wondering why to collaborate with us and not adopt the DIY method?

Embedding rules for WooCommerce product pricing seems easy yet it mandates the need for certain expertise. Starting with the choice of plugin to the integration and then the customization, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of and be cautious about.

With us, you get access to all of the above.


  • Our consultation team works closely with you to help decide which of the plugins would be best for your online store.
  • The technical team looks after the integration of the plugin and the issues associated with compatibility and performance.
  • We further extend our services towards the configuration of the plugin so as to embed significant rules within the checkout page for conditional pricing.
  • Our customer support team works day and night to adhere to the requests of the customers and assist them throughout their journey.


What’s more?
We also offer after-sale support and pledge to assist you in all your store problems