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When you start an online WooCommerce store, you are worried about a lot of things. Starting with the design and layout of the website to the products you add within the store, everything needs to be pixel perfect. The fact that there are plenty other offering exactly the same product and service, you need to be smart enough to lead the charge, right?

Amidst all of the customizations you embed to optimize your store, there is one thing that might have skipped your mind and that’s email customization.

Increase Customer Engagement Rate with Customized Emails

Why Pitch Customized Emails?

Sending emails to customers is part of the buying process. Whether it is about the confirmation of a placed order or a notification on the shipment of the product or a simple newsletter to your customer, emails are part and parcel of WooCommerce site.

Apparently, all of these intersections are generic and the same for all the customers. However, it is seen that customers today prefer personalized buying experience and similar are their expectations with emails.

When the messages sent to them are directed specifically to the reader, they show greater interest and are more likely to engage with the brand. In case, you are wondering how to customize your email list, don’t worry, WPCustomify will be of help.

Staffed with WooCommerce experts, WPCustomify offers extensive support services to customers looking for email customization.

How Do We Work at WPCustomify?

WPCustomify has a dedicated program when it comes to serving clients with email customization services. A team of experts connects with clients to know about their needs and requirements. Starting with the product orders, purchases, delivery, and promotional offers, we render customization support for all.

Once the requirements have been clearly communicated, we then set up a remote connection with the client’s website to have a run down at their website. Significant measures are undertaken to modify the settings of the store, create templates and embed customized messages that can be sent directly to the customers.

Additionally, there is a range of WooCommerce/WordPress plugins available that ease the task of email customization. WPCustomify extends support towards the installation and the activation of such plugins to further optimize emails. These plugins have built-in templates that can be extracted and integrated within the store, facilitating the delivery of personalized emails.

With WPCustomify, you will never have to worry about the WooCommerce support services. We are one of the leading agencies that offer end to end WooCommerce services. Whether you have just started with the online venture or have been running the store for long, and it is now that you are facing problems with the email customizer, connect with us.

We are available throughout the day and at all hours. We offer comprehensive support solutions to our clients with the added benefit of live support and assistance. All you need to do is drop us a message or give a call. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours.