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WooCommerce Google feed error on Google Console

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Creating a WooCommerce store, the sole purpose is to drive traffic, initiate sales and earn a profit. While you might have numerous strategies to market your product, the one that relates to the Google search console seems the best investment.

Google Product Feed Set up is all about uploading the entire product catalog in the Google Merchant Center Account. As products are optimized using keywords, the above setup tends to increase the visibility of the product and also shoots up the same, further high.

One thing to note here is that the product setup has to be done carefully. Often, users complain about the feed error. As a WooCommerce support service company, we have had many requests and so we added this service in our list of offerings.

Google Search Console

GSC is a smart search console that is lined up with the products added to the Google account. What it does is, displays all of the information pertaining to each of the product. Starting with which of the products are visible to the ones that are active, the GSC renders information on all.

What our team does is extracting this piece of information. Thereafter, we study the report and then located for the products that aren’t displayed on the ads. There could be multiple issues and each has to be dealt with in a specific way. There is no one-size-that-fits-all solution for Google feed.

Wondering why choose us?

WPCustomify is one of the reliable and trusted names in the sector of WooCommerce support services. We offer 24/7/365 support and assistance services and also, that all our services have been nominally priced. Furthermore, we are just one call away.

Fixing Errors: WPCustomify at Work

  • Locating Source

As mentioned, there isn’t any certified way of fixing the Google Console error and all can be done is a manual search. Though the search console provides significant information on the error, it doesn’t specify the cause. Experts at WPCustomify are skilled in the WooCommerce store and have the knack to trace the reason behind the error. Often, there are configurations or settings that have been overlooked by the store owner.

This is where we stand out. We offer in-depth scanning of the website to find all plausible causes of the error. We also extend our support in fixing and resolving the error so that the user can continue with the site.

  • Plugin Updates

The Google Product Feed configuration is done with the help of a plugin. Often, it so happens that there has been an update released for the plugin.

If the WooCommerce store has been using the outdated version of the plugin, there is a possibility of the older one behaving differently. So, irrespective of whether the error has been fixed or not, we run checks on the plugin. In case, there is an update available, we offer comprehensive support in backing up the data and updating the plugin for the effective operation of the store.