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One reason why WooCommerce is an extensively popular plugin is the ease provided by the same. It is not just a perfect eCommerce platform for the physical goods, but digital too.

Even though part of the WordPress community, the WooCommerce plugin is easy to use and above all, encompasses a host of other features accounting for its usage and popularity. One of them is the ease of purchase digital products in a recurring manner. In simple terms, the ease to subscribe for products makes it a convenient shopping site.

But do you actually need such an option?

Why Do You Need to Have Subscription Feature?

WooCommerce websites are mainly focused on products or items that are used frequently by users. Imagine a customer who purchases a certain product on the third week of every month. Since he is a loyal customer, he visits your store and reorders the item every month.

Consider a situation where the product would be automatically sent to the customer and the payment deducted from an early approved method.

Fascinating, right?

This is what the concept of WooCommerce subscription does. In case, you have a WooCommerce store and you haven’t yet introduced the feature of product subscriptions, it’s time that you took charge and made the move.

Using the option of product subscription, customers can opt-in for the service and get the product delivered after a specific time period without having the need to manually place the order. This saves the time of the customer and also, increases the trust one has in a particular brand.

In case, you aren’t sure how to get started or lack the technical knowledge to configure your store for the product subscription feature, get in touch with us.

We, at WPCustomify, offer round the clock support and assistance for WooCommerce services.

What do We do?

Wondering how we aid the above process?

There is a range of plugins that ease the job of adding product subscriptions within a WooCommerce store. Our experts are skilled enough to help you choose the right plugin and then install the same within the store to get started.

We also extend our support towards the configuration and the modifications of product features to embed the option of subscription. Whether you wish to add a new product with the above-mentioned features or modify an existing one to include the feature, we provide assistance for all.

Entire Journey Includes:

  • Consultation: We start by holding meetings and one to one sessions with the client to understand their needs better.
  • Decision and Planning: Once we are aware of the requirements, we outline the manner in which we would operate. The entire operation is graphically shown. Upon approval, we move to the next phase.
  • Integration: Here, our technical staff takes the matter into their hands and starts with modifying the site settings, download and install a plugin if needed and then configure the same to support the cause.
  • In the end, a basic rundown is done to ensure the system behaves exactly as expected

We also have the provision of live support services in case the customer faces problems in the future. To know more, contact us.