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Create a full-fledged WooCommerce marketplace with WPCustomify’s end to end support solution

WPCustomify helps entrepreneurs build a customizable marketplace and drive success.

Do you have a WooCommerce site and plan to route your revenue from different streams? Or, are you planning to get started with your online journey with the WooCommerce marketplace? Wondering how to start a WooCommerce business with zero investment?

With WPCustomify’s WooCommerce marketplace solutions, you can start a multi-vendor WooCommerce business in a matter of minutes. We help you convert your existing store in a marketplace and maximize your revenue. Connect with hordes of other vendors and allow them to sell through your website where you can charge a commission for every sale.

Why WooCommerce Marketplace?

One place for all

WooCommerce marketplace is like an eCommerce store that sells all kinds of products. With this, you can not only connect and collaborate with diverse vendors but also attract huge traffic towards the website, monetizing it.


Be the owner as well as the vendor

With a WooCommerce marketplace, you can be the owner and the vendor at the same time. What this means is you can keep selling your products and allow others to do the same.


Maximize profits

Migrating your existing store to a marketplace gives you the ease to incentive your website and add to the profits earned. You can set commission rates and mark your share of profit for every sale made via the website.


How Do We Work?

There are multiple solutions to the above. We adopt the Product vendor integration process to facilitate the creation of the WooCommerce marketplace. The integration ensures total customization of the woo-commerce store so as to turn it into a marketplace and host products from different vendors.

What sets this apart from other solutions is that it has solutions both for the marketplace owner as well as the vendor. They are separate profiles of both which further helps track the performance of the vendor and the store on a whole. With Product Vendors, you need not address issues of the vendor, instead, give them the ease to manage and monitor their own products. The tool also supports payouts via PayPal for direct commission and also facilitates the delay of commission in case there has been a return.

Why Us?

WPCustomify is one of the revered WooCommerce support partners and offers extensive solutions with respect to the creation, management, and monitoring of the marketplace. What makes us the top choice of WooCommerce owners is the quality service provided by us. Additionally, we

  • Help design attractive as well as user-friendly marketplace
  • We automate the disbursement process for the automated commission
  • We help your vendors optimize their sales with more and better features


All in all, we alleviate the efforts to be put up by you or your vendor while promoting better sales.