WooCommerce Membership Packages

WooCommerce Membership Packages

When you first plan to start an online store, you might think that all you need is a website, hosting package, few products, and customers.

But that’s just one side of the coin. Acknowledging that there are plenty of other entrepreneurs trying their luck in the online spectrum, a basic WooCommerce site would do no good.

Do you know what the most fascinating thing about a WooCommerce store is?

It is easily customizable.

The fact that one can decorate the store in a manner that is both easy to use and product-rich, WooCommerce accounts for one of the best eCommerce plugins.

In case, you too have started with a WooCommerce site and there isn’t a thing that makes your website stand out, you are in trouble.

What next?

Don’t worry. WPCustomify is at your service. As a dedicated WooCommerce support service company, we help our customers embed measures that not just attract customers but also retain them.

One such way is to create membership plans.

Does Your Store Need Membership Plans?

Today, every website is bounded by the need to offer something better and different. Membership plans act like marketing tokens. Each of these are created keeping in mind the diverse segment of users and are rich in offers, luring customers to be part of the same.

We at, WPCustomify help clients understand the need and requirements of different customer groups and then create customized plans for each. This in a way catalyzes the traffic to the store where the first-timers are thrilled to be a member and the existing customers switch to plans to grab offers, discounts, and deals.

Membership plans could be different based on the perks given by the same. Customers can purchase any of these depending on what satisfies them best.

If you ask us whether you need such plans for your store, the answer is yes.

How Do We Help?

WPCustomify has a team of nerds that aren’t just engineers but WooCommerce experts. They are well versed in the ideology of the plugin and know how to embed the right plan.

We adopt the policy of think before you ink. Our experts connect with the potential customer to understand their needs and their requirements. We further hold sessions where our consultants put forward the idea of different plans, offerings, and inclusion.

Based on the discussion, we further aid the process of creating such plans. It could either be through:

  • WooCommerce settings
  • Plugin help
  • Shortcodes integration

Either of the above facilitates the creation of membership plans and packages within the WooCommerce store. All of the work is done keeping the client within the loop. We also extend our support for email customization to back the process of offering membership plans to the existing customers. In a way, we offer all-round support and assistance for all the membership needs.

In case, you have been planning to integrate such plans within your store, reach us. Our experts would connect back with you at the earliest.