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WooCommerce Payment Gateway Integration

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Trigger Your WooCommerce Store Sales Performance with WooCommerce Payment Gateway Integration.

Have a WooCommerce store? Worried about your falling sales figures? Not sure what’s the cause?

Setting up an online store could have been an easy process but as the demands and expectations of the customers expand, there arises the need to enhance and optimize the site functionality.

It is proven that one of three buyers abandon their cart if the website lacks a significant payment option. In case, your store performance is falling beyond the expected figure, maybe it’s time you should check with the payment process embedded within the site.

Why Do You Need Payment Gateway?

While security could one of the reasons customers prefer purchasing through a standard gateway, a promising description could be the presence of various options. What this suggests is that payment gateways come with loads of payment options.

Starting with the debit card payment to credit cards, in-app payment, and third-party apps, payment gateway gives users the ease to make payments as per their convenience. Even though the WooCommerce plugin has its own gateway it doesn’t allow users to pay using different options.

Wondering which one is right for your store? Well, that’s why we are here

WPCustomify - Your WooCommerce Support Partner

WPCustomify is a reliable support partner helping organizations expand the capabilities of their payment portal, in a way optimizing end to end business offerings.

While picking the right one could be tough for you, we have experts that excel in the WooCommerce storefront and keen enough to help and guide enterprises.

How Do We Work?

We adopt a comprehensive methodology when it comes to finding the right payment gateway for your WooCommerce store. There are plenty of WooCommerce payment gateway plugins available for you to consider. All that you need to do is download the plugin, install it and finally activate the same to embed a flawless payment experience for the buyers.

  • Step One: Assess the Situation.
    After the organization shares its requirements with us, we connect with them and schedule a meeting for detailed information. After knowing the in and outs, an expert team navigates through the store to find out the loopholes. Once done, we analyze the problem and come up with different plugin options that the customer can consider.
  • Step Two: Installing the Plugin.
    After the client is convinced on setting up of a particular plugin, we hail on the journey of installing and activating the same. We offer total support to our clients during the integration process, guiding and directing them.
  • Step Three: Testing and Conformation
    After the plugin has been successfully installed within the store, we execute several tests to be sure that the solution is working as desired.And that’s not the end. Our support services extend beyond the integration process and are always active to help customers solve their issues, in case there prevail any.Get in touch with us for expert support and guidance.