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WooCommerce Shipping Not Showing

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WPCustomify is expanding WooCommerce support offerings to include problems pertaining to the display of shipping options.

True that WooCommerce is one of the easy to use and intuitive plugin that allows WordPress owners to set up their online store in a matter of clicks. Whether you want to buy a product or initiate sales, the WooCommerce plugin comes handy.

While you are on the journey, you might face certain issues and software glitches. One of the highly common bugs is associated with the checkout or the cart page and says, WooCommerce shipping not available.

Though at first, no significant consequences are seen, such an error definitely has series repercussions a little later. It is important to fix the bug as soon as possible and prevent the aftermath on sales

Why the Error?

There could be multiple reasons that lead to such an error. But then that’s nothing very complex. Instead, a series of steps would be a quick fix.

  • Ensure all of the products have the right dimensions: Shipment is applicable to physical products and is detected when the said item has a dimension as well a certain weight. It is desirable that all of the products added within the store have both the above-mentioned aspects.
  • Improper Configuration of Shipping Zone: At times, it so happens that the shipment zones aren’t configured properly. In case, any of the selected regions isn’t configured or added in the list of regions suitable for delivery, they won’t see the shipping option on the checkout page.
  • Shipment Not Allowed In A Certain Region: There are certain regions that do not fall in the delivery areas and if a customer adds an address that belongs to such a region, they might not see the shipping service on the checkout page.
  • Wrong Login Credentials: In case, you are using a shipment carrier or a third-party service, you would have certain login credentials that you need to validate before aiding the shipment process. In case, the added details don’t comply with the actual ones, the shipment service denies access to their services. It is important to be careful when entering the desired details and, check twice before confirming.
  • Address Issues: Often, the store owner isn’t the one at fault. When customers feed in the wrong address or say there is a mismatch in the pin code, the shipment services aren’t displayed on the checkout page. One way to deal with this is to auto-feed pin code or perform validation on the same. There are multiple plugins that aid the above.

In case, you aren’t sure if you can justify the above all by yourself get in touch with us. Experts at WPCustomify hold the technical know-how to detect errors and further, take measures to fix the same. Whether it is a simple setting issue or a technical issue, we will look after all.

With us, you need not worry about your WooCommerce site’s functional errors. Get in touch with WPCustomify team to know more.