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Wondering how to give your users the ease to track their shipment?

Having an online WooCommerce store, you would need to embed personalization to track customers and retain them. While customers keep quality products as their priority, there are other factors too, that influence the interest of the buyer. Ranging between a seamless user interface to the ease of finding products, payment, and approval, everything adds to the shopping experience.

Having said that, one thing that few entrepreneurs neglect is the ease to track shipments. Some consider their service end with an order placed. However, this only qualifies as a myth and you need to extend your offerings to and beyond the purchase. One way to contribute to this is to provide your users with the flexibility to track the orders and remain updated.

WPCustomify is one of the leading WooCommerce support partner helping professionals make the most out of their WooCommerce arrangements. We help clients embed solutions for seamless shipment tracking. Our experts are very specific in the solutions as rendered to the clients and ensure that quality is maintained.

Why Shipment Tracking?

Often, clients end up questioning the need to track shipments. Nowadays, customers are enthusiastic about anything and everything. Even a small purchase of a diary or a piece of hefty furniture, they have the tendency to wait for the item, until received.

With the ability to track their package, they can be assured that they would receive the same after a specific time period. Also, when they are aware of the date and time of delivery, they can schedule their work to avoid any issues.

It is seen that post-order tracking keeps users engaged with the business, compelling them to visit time and again.

All in all, it benefits both the users and the WooCommerce site owner.

How Do We Help?

Though there are multiple ways to optimize the WooCommerce store for shipment tracking, we promote the use of plugins. They are a range of WooCommerce shipment tracking plugins such as WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro that eases the job of tracing the good right from the shipment to the delivery.

The plugin is pretty easy to install within the website and users can extract all information through the same.

What we do is help the WooCommerce website owner install and configure the plugin so to as benefit from it. Such plugins can easily be customized to offer live UPS and FedEx tracking and even integrate well with different shipping carriers.

All you need to do is modify the plugin as well as the store settings to get started. In case, you aren’t sure about how to do it, don’t worry. WPCustomify has a team of trained staff that excel in streamlining and organizing the plugin settings to get real-time information about the shipment and the product. We further extend our offering to the post-integration issues and plugin problems to our customers. And yes, our services are nominally priced, so you don’t have to worry about the expenses.

Simply call us and leave the rest.