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Setting up the WooCommerce site, embedding tax rules and regulations, importing the tax in the CSV file and all set to make the first order, fascinating right?

Seeing your WooCommerce store go-live is surely a great feeling only when things turn out to be as expected. Spending hours and days of your week to get the website running and active is a gruesome and even after doing all of this, the website fails to give the desired results it is heart-wrenching.

This is where comes into the picture. WPCustomify is a supportive partner and performs an in-depth analysis of WooCommerce website ensuring the effective functioning of the same

Fix Tax Not Showing Errors with Us

Often, organizations face the issue related to tax calculation during the checkout process. Even though the rates have been effectively integrated and the panels are set, the checkout page adds products without including the tax rates. The product price is considered the final price.

In case, your site is having similar issues, you need not worry. WPCustomify will be of help. Equipped with WooCommerce experts, technical staff and engineers, we deal with all sorts of WooCommerce checkout page issues.

How Do We Fix Issues?

There isn’t any one-size-that-fits-all solution and a manual check at all settings is desirable.

  • We start with the basic settings of the WooCommerce plugin and see whether:
  • The location of the Base store has been properly filled?
  • The option of “enable taxes” selected in the tax, tab?
  • The field that says I want prices exclusive of tax is selected.
  • Customers shipping address is used for tax calculation.
  • The shipping tax class is to be selected depending upon the cart items.
  • The prices displayed during the checkout process excludes tax.
  • Check the product status to see if it is selected to be taxable.

Once all of the above settings have been checked and modified, we then deactivate all of the themes and settings to restore the site to the default settings. If the problem still persists, the job is passed over to the technical team.

The IT staff scans the database of the website to see whether the problem originated from there. It might so happen that the tax rate calculation table is missing that the site failed to execute the command. In case, this was the reason, we perform the backup of the entire database and then take measures to have the table placed in the database.

It might even require us to manually create the table, check the functionality and solve the problem.

Whatever be the cause, it is we who need to undergo the process. Meanwhile, you could be assured that your website is in safe hands.

Why WPCustomify?

Offering round the clock assistance, we have dedicated professionals that work towards fixing bugs and WooCommerce errors. We also offer live assistance services at nominal rates.

In case you have such a situation, connect with us and allow us to help you rectify the WooCommerce tax rate errors.