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WooCommerce Use an Alternate Payment Method and Error on the Checkout Page

Bugs and errors are part of the online journey and WooCommerce is no exception. While some might be irrelevant not wanting much attention, there are a few errors, if not solved, could hamper the entire site performance.

Of all the possible errors, the one related to the checkout page or the payment method is a threat. It takes tons of effort to market the store, attract prospects, showcase products and convince them to make a purchase. Now after all of this, if your store fails to generate the revenue, the thought itself is painstaking.

Hence, it’s important to keep an eye on the overall functionality of the online store, detect errors (if any) and then employ measures to fix the same.

Meet Us: WPCustomify The Payment Support Partner

We, at WPCustomify, have been serving the online industry for years. Excelling at the support services front, we help organizations fix website issues and payment problems. The checkout page is definitely the most important phase. However, at times the page doesn’t respond properly giving rise to a

*Use an Alternate Payment Method Error* or *Error on the checkout page*

Such an error prevents users from entering the checkout page and making a payment

Reasons Behind the Error

There could be multiple reasons that lead to the payment page error. Some of the common ones include:

  • Issues in the payment gateway: Often, it is not the WooCommerce core features but the third party payment gateway that is at fault. Using outdated plugins or the ones that aren’t compatible with the store, restrict access to the same, hindering the payment process.
  • Another possible reason that accounts for checkout page error is the technical mishap or the server issue, not supporting the checkout page.
  • It might so happen that the chosen payment method isn’t working properly or the customer has added irrelevant information blocking further access.

Either be the case, WPCustomify offers extensive support services to help you fix the issues. We deploy both a dedicated as well as live support services for enterprises experiencing checkout page issues.

Our live support team runs throughout the day and 24/7 to adhere to the requests of the customers and address the issues, at the earliest. A separate technical team works on identifying the software glitches or plugin issues. Based on the reports, we further take significant measures to fix the problem.

Why Choose Us?

True that there are thousands of companies offering the same set of services, promising to be the best. Yet, we at WPCustomify stand out in the sense that we offer live support and assistance to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Also, we perform extensive troubleshooting routines to ensure that the store doesn’t face the issue again in the future. We offer continuous support, maintenance and monitoring services ensuring seamless website performance.

Drop a message to get in touch with us and hand over all your problems for quick resolution and better customer experience.